In the eyes, it seems that they are still holding a bit of disdain, and the two just passed by a tent. Hector even Jinse suddenly turned around and faced Su Ling’s eyelids slightly lifted, and Su Ling turned around.

When Su Ling also looked at each other sadly, Hector even Jinse pulled one side of the mouth slightly contemptuously and said, "Su Ling, should you not fight because you love you in recent years?"
I didn’t say anything, but you pointed the finger at Gulan directly. If you still have fear in your heart, why did you emphasize it?
Haven’t you heard that Gulan did so many wrong things, but the third brother still didn’t kill her and even let her go back to Lou Yue … "
"Oh?" Su Ling Hector even jinse was chattering and suddenly raised her eyebrows. Then she suddenly asked in some obscure look, "How do you know that Gulan went back to the country?" Didn’t Gu Lan appear in Qi Chu as an orphan?
It seems that there are some things you know that seem to be more than us! As you said, Lao San didn’t kill Gulan, but you know what? "
Even if she hears the news, she will feel relieved and don’t blame herself. She is too eager for quick success!
But Su Ling’s words also succeeded in arousing Hean Jinse’s curiosity. She saw Su Ling’s red lips squirming for a while and heard Su Ling smile like a silver bell without asking. "Ha ha ha how dare he kill Gulan!
I haven’t settled the account with Gulan yet. If he kills Gulan so easily, who shall I settle the account with? Is it hard to find you? "
Su Ling said, he deliberately leaned close to Hector even jinse fundus metamorphoses, flash across the dangerous essence of mans let Hector even jinse was guilty to take a step back.
Be careful to stare at Su Ling’s eyes. Even Su Ling’s eyes are as afraid as she is. She refuses to look at them.
If this situation is not a guilty conscience, it must be a plot.
Hector even at this time seems to be some trepidation sample see Su Ling and she can’t help but slowly back.
She was so nervous that even the soles of her feet staggered for a moment.
Suddenly see Hector even Jinse so panicked Su Ling the in the mind is also a little curious!
She can’t be like this for no reason!
Then it’s probably something in the dark!
Speaking of it, it seems that she is really alive after returning to the mainland from Pearl Island!
This time, it seems that Hector even Jinse has to just hold it again. What do you think?
However, Su Ling was thinking about Hector even Jinse to see her, and she staggered against the tent wall around her.
Then she looked at Su Ling’s heavy eyebrows and gasped, and she couldn’t help being heavy.
It’s very uncomfortable. It doesn’t look like a fake, and even a cold sweat pours from her forehead.
When Su Ling looked at her, she was a little uncomfortable. He even trembled and said, "I’m … I’m sorry. Can you help me get a rest?"
Su Ling has never seen such a gesture as Hector even Jinse, especially her pale face looks as if she is very ill.
But out of vigilance Su Ling gently raised his eyebrows and then nodded noncommittally.
After all, Su Ling seems that the gap between Hector even before and after Jinse is so big, even if it is madness, this speed is too fast!
As Su Ling thought, she still kept a distance from Hector even Jinse in her alert look.
Even if she looks very sad, Su Ling just stretches out her arm to let her drag!
Good two people are surrounded by a tent, and Hector even Jinse spins and walks in disorder.
And Su Ling followed her carefully!
There’s nothing special about this tent, and it’s almost the same as him around!
But even Hector even Jinse shook hands and pulled the tent for an instant, and a smell of blood came to the nose.