Ye Ping heard that he was busy stopping, but he didn’t look back. He turned his back on Ye Han and said faintly, "Brother Han, you’d better let me go. I don’t want to make it difficult for someone I love deeply. I know that you are married now and you love your wife very much, don’t you?"

Heard Ye Ping this Ye Han immediately one leng for a long time don’t know what to say, but at the moment his eyes have already lost the figure of Ye Ping, so he couldn’t help thinking, "what? What emotional pain will never get rid of? Is it my Ye Han who is too delusional? Do you have to punish me like this? "
After a while, he couldn’t help but hum, "No, I can’t leave Ye Han’s fate to the sky. I can’t let myself suffer, let alone those who love me deeply. Since everything is necessary, there must be a happy ending."
Ye Han suddenly seems to have lost everything. This is better than when he first realized Yuan Dao. Before that, he knew that he was shouldering a century-old destiny, and he always believed that his destiny could not be changed. But now he knows that his destiny can be in his own hands.
"Pinger, don’t worry, I Ye Han will never be sorry for your infatuation with me. Since you have chosen to love me for ten years, you will do so all your life!" Want to understand all this Ye Han heart suddenly gave birth to a theory of ideas, such as oneself can’t live up to Ye Ping’s mind to himself.
"Pinger, if you wait for me, I will definitely let you stay with me and wait for me. I will go to your house to find you. I must tell you everything. I will make you white. You will not be white!" Ye Han soon made up his mind to tell sleep that he couldn’t let Ye Ping feel heartache at the moment.
From all the previous things, he has been able to know that although Ye Ping walked with a smile on her face, her heart was full of grievances. After all, it would be a great pain for a person to endure hard for ten years and eventually everything fell.
Just then, Xiaoli, who has been watching things change behind him, suddenly said, "Cold brother, there is something I don’t know if I should tell you …"
"Well, don’t say anything now. I have to find Pinger quickly!" Now Ye Han where there is mind to listen to Xiaoli? When even the interruption was turned to the exhibition, the figure suddenly ran towards the end of the alley …
[51] 【 Night Break into Leaves 】
At the gate of a mansion in starry night city, a girl dressed in white walked in from the gate. When the guard at the gate saw it, he didn’t dare to stop her. Instead, he let her go with his head down, and the gate just showed two big characters, Ye Zhai.
There is also a Ye family in the starry night city, which is not surprising. After all, there are many Ye family names in the sky, but it is unusual because most people in this city know that this Ye family is a branch of Ye family in Xingyuan City, and the owner is Ye Huai, the head of Ye family and Ye Hong’s younger brother.
Ye’s family, Xingyuan City, is famous, and this starry night city, Yejia, is not a famous family in the whole city. Many people still know this family naturally, and they all know that this is a branch of Xingyuan City, Yejia.
"I don’t know if this second uncle is getting along here. I’d better take this opportunity to visit him!" Ye Han’s figure stands at the top of a house not far from Yejia Mansion. Looking at that white shadow flashing into Yejia Mansion, he immediately knew that it was his pursuit of Ye Ping.
It’s been a while since I saw Ye Ping go in. Ye Han slowly fell to the ground from the wall. Then I looked at my arms with my child in my arms and looked up. I found that it was already deep at night. I just sighed and went to the door of the house.
Ye Han behind Xiaoli at any time with the moment is followed by today’s nature is no exception to see Ye Han toward the door, she is also busy with!
However, when Ye Han came to the door, he suddenly stopped, but Xiaoli went in independently, and immediately attracted the attention of two guards at the door. However, Xiaoli was too fast. Although you found the two guards, you didn’t stop seeing a small fox breaking into your home. The two guards were busy chasing them in.
Ye Han stupefied at the door and saw that he had been completely ignored by the two guards. Even if there was a wry smile, he would save some things if he looked at the door already guarded, so he went in.
"live!" Ye Han looked at everyone and walked slowly, but as far as he felt relieved, there was a sound behind him to stop him.
"How dare you dare to break into our Ye family at night!" The bearer is a two-person speaker, a tall young man with a three-foot long knife dressed like a peerless master, and there is another middle-aged man with a similar dress but a shorter stature beside him!
Ye Han looked at it carefully. The two men felt that they had never seen it before. They just smiled and laughed. "Who are you two? Do we still need you to manage our own turf? "
"Damn it, not only pretending to be the Ye family, but also daring to talk to the two of us. I think you are tired of living and I don’t tidy up you today!" Hearing this, the tall man was so angry that he took out his broadsword and cut it sharply toward Ye Han.
Ye Han looked at it and was in no hurry. He hummed a "carving skills" and the palm of his hand gathered a star to see the tall knife and machete in front of him. Then he flung a palm at the tall man and fought back.
When the tall man saw it, he didn’t dare to withdraw his broadsword carelessly. However, as soon as he drew the knife, he found that the figure in front of him flashed, and at the same time there was a strong Gangfeng coming behind him.
The tall man just turned around and didn’t see clearly what was attacking him, so he felt a surge of qi and blood in his body and opened his mouth. "Wow!" He spit out one mouthful blood, but when he turned around and wanted to see clearly who was attacking him, he was behind him.
The tall man didn’t see clearly who hit himself, but the short man saw clearly that the palm that attacked his brother was obviously displayed by Ye Han, but he also didn’t understand how this Ye Han really made moves.
"Dare to hurt my brother, I will fight with you today!" Short temper is not bad. Seeing that his brother was bullied, he took revenge and took out his long knife again, so he rushed at Ye Han.
"Idiot!" Ye Han looked at his heart and suddenly complained that he was not afraid of anything. This is the most terrible thing. He wanted to chase Ye Ping, but now he didn’t expect to be caught by these two brothers.
Seeing that the man’s broadsword was cut toward himself, Ye Han sent out a palm to strike the broadsword in his hand, and then he gave him a seal, which will be decided on the spot, and then he turned around and continued to walk toward Oyakebe without looking back.
Although the layout of this mansion is different from that of the Ye family in Xingyuan City, Ye Han can guess the approximate location of the meeting hall. At this time, he still knows about this house and goes to the meeting hall first. He wants to meet with his second grandfather first and then pursue Ye Ping.
However, Ye Han, who had just arrived outside the courtyard of the discussion hall, was surrounded by a group of Ye family members. Those people were all holding wooden sticks, and there was another person outside the Ye family. Looking at that person, he was about 30 years old and dressed carefully. Obviously, he was a powerful person in this family!
"How dare you dare to run wild and hurt our Ye family? Come on, arrest him quickly!" The man glanced at Ye Han briefly and then snorted.
The words sound just fell and the people around Ye Han suddenly had a move. One by one, they lit up the sticks in their hands and rushed around Ye Han. He was busy showing the protective vitality barrier to protect himself, and then he continued to rush to the hall regardless of the containment of those Ye Family members.
Those people looked at each other busy picking up the sticks in their hands and jerked them toward Ye Han. Ye Han looked at them and stopped, but those sticks fell in front of him but had already been countered.