Thanks to the experience of the severe ideological education baptism of Gange, 612 people ate it quickly. Compared with the little witch, it was really something, but it was not finished before six o’clock. The squad leader arranged the team and stood by.

Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and looked at it at exactly six o’clock. He said to Zhang Dabiao, "Instructor Zhang, let’s go!"
Zhang Dabiao rushed to Taiwan after receiving the order, and the 612 brothers ordered, "Listen to the order to dress! Then the squad leader leads the car. Twelve teams, twelve cars, one team and one car, all of them cheer up! Don’t let people laugh at our loyalty hall! I’m telling you, I won’t ask anyone to be ashamed of loyalty hall! Give me the car if you don’t talk nonsense! "
Before leaving, Huang Hao gave a lecture to 612 recruits. Looking at the unyielding eyes of 612 people, Huang Hao turned around and smiled and said to Brother Gan, "Xiao Gan, I now find the pleasure of training those recruits 20 years ago. It’s so fucking cool, but I just observed a group of recruits. It’s good to beat a top one!"
"Ha ha Huang Shu, then you give me a good beating. After three months, I will wait for you to give me back 612 tough guys!" Dry elder brother also replied with a smile
"Ha ha, you just wait and see, Xiao Gan. Don’t be afraid to guarantee that after three months, no one will recognize the bear. I will pay you back 612 deaths and you will die!" Hao Huang replied.
At this time, Huang Hao waist did not hear the voice on the phone, "Report that a small team of Huang instructors has boarded the bus!"
"The second squad boarded the bus!"
"Twelve teams have boarded the bus!"
Little Hao Hao looked up at the dry elder brother and nodded at him. Little Hao Hao picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered, "All teams listen to orders! Set out now! "
"Roger that!"
"Roger that!"
"Grandpa, let’s go and drive!" Dry elder brother said with a smile
"Good car! At this time, a journey is endless, and I don’t know the ending. I wonder whether I will be successful or ruined … "Hu Debiao looked at the long motorcade, and the 612 Han people looked at the rolling mountain road ahead and said with emotion that Hu Debiao was going to retire, but the idea of the red-topped gang was too great and attractive. He really hoped that he could see that day coming, so he took out all his possessions.
"Oh, don’t worry, Tiger, whether you are successful or ruined. I believe that if we keep going this way and stick to our beliefs, after a hundred years, someone will always remember that we remembered the loyalty hall, or a college orphan who was saved by us, or a lonely old man who gave her several barrels of landscape, or our loyalty hall brothers. At that time, they were no longer ashamed to see people because their father and grandfather were gangsters. They could proudly say to their playmates,’ My father is loyalty hall, he is a great hero!’ If so, it’s worth it if we die! "Dry elder brother looked at Hu Debiao field several people said affectionately.
"yes! Worth it! Take the brothers’ car! " Hu Debiao felt deeply after listening to Brother Gan’s words, which made him more determined. He walked this road with great pride and said to several people.
When I came to the city, there were not many pedestrians and vehicles. Otherwise, what else would people do with such a long queue? Brother Gan looked out of the window and more and more pedestrians said to Zhang Dabiao, "Brother Zhang told all the teams to pull the curtains, and people wanted to see a group of strong men in camouflage and riot! When the high-profile is high-profile, the low-profile should be low-key! "
"Each team attention! Attention all teams! Draw all the curtains! Speed through downtown as soon as possible! " Hao Huang picked up the walkie-talkie after listening to the words of dry elder brother and ordered
At this time, I saw twelve luxury buses quickly pull the curtains to death, but I couldn’t see the situation inside except the driver. After seeing it in the rearview mirror, Brother Gan turned to Hu Debiao and asked, "Mr. Biao, what do you think of the Harbor University of Science and Technology? I won’t go to them this time. Don’t be a terrorist and call the police! "
"Ha ha won’t I said to him, company security training to ideological education class to borrow a classroom, their principal high horse to our old professor! Besides, even if they call the police, the port city can’t beat us! " Hu Debiao replied that he and Qin Zhonghao couldn’t be more iron. They once wore a pair of pants, which was a life-threatening brother. He is the boss of the harbor police. It’s nothing if he doesn’t make any big things!
"Ha ha to our professor? Good thing! I didn’t expect this tall horse to be quite good at doing things! " Dry elder brother said with a smile
"Ha ha, that person is ok. Officialdom is mixed. Which one can’t handle affairs? It seems that the level is not low. CPC! Professor Yu, you can pick whatever you want. If it’s not a special academician, it’s not a big problem! " Hu Debiao replied
Harbour University of Science and Technology can be called the second highest institution in the harbour. The first institution in the harbour is Harbour University. However, Harbour University has a poor reputation. Because the harbour city wants to promote its image as a city, it has invested heavily in the construction of Harbour University as a propaganda film for harbour education. However, Harbour University of Science and Technology is not so lucky, just like a stepmother who has developed by her own hard work, but now it has become a certain climate.
When I came to the entrance of the Harbor University of Science and Technology, the security guard saw that such a long motorcade didn’t receive any reception activities, so he stopped the car. The security guard just wanted to give the security guard some color. Can’t you see the license plate number? People will know that this is the harbor boss Biao Ye’s car without this wink. How can you be a security guard? However, let the dry brother stop it and say with a smile, "Don’t be rude and win the battle with one soldier at a time. That’s a true story!" Then turned to Hu Debiao and said, "Mr. Biao called the headmaster Gao Ma and said that I was stopped at the school gate … Chapter seventy-five Loyalty Hall Junwei."
Chapter seventy-five Hu Debiao, the military power of Loyalty Hall, dialed the phone for a while and then a middle-aged man came over there. "How did Mr. Biao arrive?"
"Ha ha, President Gao, I’m at the school gate. The security guard said not to let me in …" Hu Debiao said with a smile.
"ah? It’s all at the door. I was just about to make a phone call to ask you. Wait, I’m coming! " Shi Gaoma has never been to school so early. Last night, he specifically told the driver to pick himself up at six o’clock this morning. Although one of his university presidents has nothing to do with Hu Debiao, it’s best for people on the road not to mess with Hu Debiao. Sometimes he speaks better than the mayor of the harbor. He still doesn’t offend the saying,’ Kid is difficult’. If he entangles himself, it will be in trouble! Besides, it’s not a big deal, even if there are so many classrooms in the school, it’s better to sell him a favor. Besides, people donated 1 million to the school. In any case, they have to borrow it!
Gao Ma hurried to the school gate and saw a security guard blocking the front of the Hood Puma car. Suddenly, he was so angry that the little security guard didn’t look at him, so he quickly went over and glared at the little security guard and scolded, "Don’t let this be my treat!"
Then ignore him. When Hu Debiao got into the car, he walked over to shake hands with Hu Debiao and apologized. "Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Biao. I’m sorry. You don’t mind if this little security guard doesn’t know Taishan soon after he arrived!"
"Ha ha, you, President Gao, have come to meet me personally. Thank you for coming! How can I mind! " Hu Debiao said with a smile
"Ha ha, that’s good … that’s good. You see, let them go in first. Let’s stop here and talk in my office …" Gao Ma suggested with a smile.
"Ha ha, President Gao, I won’t go in the past. When this thing is over, I’ll set a table for you to talk about. I still have things to do now …" Hu Debiao refused to talk to you as a mixed society and a university president.
"good! Ok! Then you are busy with Mr. Biao’s big classroom. I have already prepared it for you for a while. Let the Director of Education take you there … "Gao Ma knew that Hu Debiao wouldn’t go, so he greeted me.
"Ha ha, that will trouble you. President Gao and I will talk back …" Hu Debiao said the car and then took the whole team to the playground of Harbour University of Science and Technology.
Gao Ma watched the long motorcade passing by and then turned to look at the little security guard with his head down and asked, "What’s the matter with you, young man? Don’t you know that car?"
"Principal, I didn’t receive the notice that there would be any important guests visiting. I also thought they were making trouble …" The little security guard said that he had just arrived for a few days and wanted to behave well, but he didn’t expect to do something wrong with his kindness.
"Hey, you are still too young. Remember that the team behind this car came and let it go directly!" High horse staring at this just 19 years old naive simple guy also don’t have the heart to scold him finally ordered
"I know the headmaster …" The little security guard replied in a low voice like a child who did something wrong.
The motorcade stopped at the playground of Harbor University of Science and Technology. Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and saw that it was not seven o’clock. The normal class hour was exactly seven o’clock, so he said to Huang Hao, "Tell them to queue up in an hour and run twenty laps around the playground for me!"
Hao Huang took out the walkie-talkie after listening to the words of dry elder brother and ordered, "Each team has a car close immediately! The squad leader led the team to run around the playground for twenty laps! "
Huang Haogang said twelve luxury bus doors at the same time and came to see a lively young man jumping out of the car to form a square, where Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao commanded the speed!
Not long after, the twelve parades were all ready, and the podium of the Huang Hao playground ordered, "The children all buckled the camouflage and gave me spirit! Don’t fucking run away like a puppet army! Did you see the face? All college students are arrogant. Don’t let them look down on you. Your masculinity tells them that you also have strengths! If anyone’s mother loses face in front of this group of students in Zhongyitang, see how I can clean him up! " Xiao Hao said and pointed to the college students watching the scene of bustle on Taiwan Road.
"yes! Never discredit Zhongyitang! " Six hundred and twelve people shouted together.