The waves felt like a soup pill, and it was very comfortable to be rubbed in the palm of your hand.

It’s as if the Gloeggler sound of the skeleton came from deep underground. Although it’s a mess, it seems that the crooked and broken bones have been magically rearranged, and the tired muscles after two wars have been ironed and smoothed by Ayu’s magical feet.
At this moment, Ayu’s feet are irons!
Charlie can’t get out either. It seems that Amirou steel made him enjoy himself. His soul seems to be floating with his eyes half open!
The waves and Charlie both quieted down. Ayu and Ami grabbed the crossbar with both hands on their backs and tried their best to lean towards them. The lightness skill and footboard flexibility they exerted have reached a perfect level.
At this moment, the waves forgot that there was not a person but an understanding machine moving on their backs. The comfort was like a slow stream flowing through every vein and blood vessel in the body. At this moment, the waves wanted to sleep.
When the waves looked up with their eyes half open, there was a table in front of him. The desktop was a big fish tank …
The hair on the body of the waves suddenly stood up in an instant, and it felt like a sharp bayonet stimulated every nerve in his body. In less than a second, his mind recovered his keen judgment and all parts of his body recovered his agility!
He saw from the glass of the fish tank that she was holding a sharp dagger in her hand and stabbed him hard!
Although it’s not true from the aquarium glass, the sharp dagger in the glass reflection is flashing blue light-this can’t be wrong!
-If he didn’t look up at this time, if the table in front of him didn’t reflect the fish tank glass …
The waves dare not think about it or not-a cold and cruel force suddenly broke out!
He drank a lot, supported himself with both hands and suddenly went to the top.
She is absolutely sure to succeed in this blow, and she is immersed in the joy of victory. She can’t stand being lifted by the waves without preventing the waves from suddenly leaping.
However, she is a specially trained killer. Although she was shocked, she reached out and grabbed the overhead crossbar. Her legs shrank and she was not lifted by the waves. She jumped nimbly and steadily and calmly stared at the waves opposite.
The waves rolled over the bed quickly and steadily, and the opposite side of Ayu was not in a hurry. It was a kind of cold and firm eyes staring at Ayu.
-although these moves are slow, it takes no more than five seconds from the discovery of the waves being killed to the steady cold confrontation with Ayu!
Charlie is also a master of the masters. As soon as he heard the waves binge drinking and warning, he immediately reacted and turned over like the waves. Ami’s assassination was also unsuccessful.
However, Charlie was still slow and was scratched by Ami’s dagger neck. Bright red blood flowed from his dark skin.
Charlie stretched out his hand and touched his neck and saw that his hands were bloody. "Who are they?"
Ami’s chubby cheeks and a pair of small eyes stared at him with cold and cruel light. Less than three steps ago, Charlie coldly scolded "Ge!"
The waves suddenly smiled and stared at Ayu in front of them with cold eyes. "They are Japanese!"
The waves didn’t understand why Ami didn’t speak until now. It turned out that she was Japanese and couldn’t speak Chinese, so Ayu always said it.
Judging from her expression and skill, Ayu is also a Japanese and a master of Chinese Ninjutsu!
-the waves learned a lot from the old A body. You can judge the kung fu that the other person has learned from one stroke and a half, even a look and movement!
She also smiled, still smiling, still smiling like a flower, still raising a thin eyebrow with a smile. "Mr. Waves is really amazing, no wonder he can kill several masters of our Black Dragon Club!"
The waves stared sideways at Ayu with no smile in her eyes, but her face was full of smiles and said, "It turns out that the Japanese Black Dragon will send assassins to be the two of you?" Disrespect! Disrespectful! "
She laughed. "A master is not worthy, but it is more than enough to kill you!"
The waves suddenly stopped talking and meditated.
She laughed. "Is Mr. Waves afraid of death? Still have something to explain? "
The waves shook their heads seriously and said, "No! I was thinking about whether to rape you two Japanese women first, then kill them and then rape them, or to invite all the brothers to come over and let everyone have fun together for three days and three nights before sending you back to Tokyo! "
A Yu’s face suddenly turned pale as a paper smile and became stiff, saying, "You really deserve your name, your heart is cold and cruel!" "
The waves sneered, "Who is cruel and cruel?"! When a friend comes, there is good wine. If the enemy comes, he will be greeted with a shotgun! "
She clapped her hands and called Ami to stop the massage.
At the sight of Amy climbing into Charlie’s bed, the side eye of the waves got up with both hands and went to the ceiling bar. As soon as she grabbed her feet, she got up and stepped on Charlie’s feet one after another.