"My brother Hao, his basketball player, and Han Rong, that bitch, are so hateful that I have to see her every day," Mann said with a face of harshness.

Is he a basketball player with your brother Hao? Good reality …
"Let’s think about it … let’s talk about 88 days later." Zine said and turned back to class.
"Let’s just go back after school at 88 and supervise your brother Hao," Ling joked.
"Of course it’s 88." Mann is very proud.
Banzine communicated with Ling so that no one could hear what he said.
Why don’t you directly bring down the asaps group? With you should be very simple …’
No, it’s a piece of cake, but I want to play with her slowly.’
I want them to taste the pain I tasted at the beginning. I want to die, but I can’t suffer. Let them taste it. The edge of death is terrible.’
That won’t take too long? And … have you thought about the first step?’
Think about it. It’s not time yet.’
If you nee my help, just let me know, because I don’t like people who don’t cut corners.’
Ah … we’ll see’
Ling smiled at the azine after reading it.
Chapter 11-Chen Youmei
"Hello, everyone, I’m your new teacher. My name is Chen Fei. Please call me Miss Fei …" The new teacher introduced herself.
The new teacher is a standard mature beauty with big eyes, long eyelashes, red hair, brown curly hair and a plump S-shaped figure, as beautiful as an angel.
"Please give me your advice." Mr. Phil smiled kindly.
Zine always feels something is wrong. There seems to be an intangible feeling in her smile.
"Beauty teacher ~"
"teacher! Look here! "
"The teacher is so young ~! ! !”
"I wonder if I have a boyfriend."
The boys are all noisy.
"Students, please be quiet." Teacher Phil said elegantly.
All the troops are quiet.
Cut! Isn’t it just a beauty? I’ve never seen you so good … Ling was angry and despised the male students.
"We have a transfer student coming to our class today to welcome Chen Youmei," the teacher said to the door.
Caracalla …
The door pulled and a girl with a blue ponytail came in from the outside.
She wears a long ponytail from the top of her head to her waist, with dark black eyes and attractive red mouth. She is plump and tall, and she is suspected to be a beautiful woman.
"Hello, everyone. My name is Chen Youmei, so I’m here for class. Please give me more advice." Youmei said politely, "By the way, I’m Lengying’s childhood friend."
Show off what? So what if you shadow your childhood friends! ? Ling feels bad about beauty.
She feels a little familiar. Have you seen her before? This is that reaction of azine to grace.
"Graceful, go and find a seat by yourself." Teacher Phil said to Graceful.