But do you know what I think of you when I know that you are the queen of Nanxia? "

"I don’t want to know!"
Yue Qin Song squinted at Su Ling, but he kept flashing the corner of his eyes, and Su Ling caught it accurately!
Even though Yueqin Song said so, he didn’t say anything else!
Seeing this, Su Ling took one look at Shinohara Snow and then said, "Yue Tai, if you are an ordinary people, then you can do it today, and everyone here, including me, will definitely sit up and take notice of you!
But as you said, you were born too noble in the previous dynasty. Even if you endured humiliation, don’t you feel sick yourself? "
"Su Ling, don’t challenge the palace bottom line!"
On hearing Su Ling’s words before she came to China, Yueqin Song attacked him, and suddenly his blurred eyes were radiant with dangerous light!
However, it’s no use crying over spilt milk, but instead of worrying, Su Ling chuckled, "Yue Tai, if you want to kill me, you have several chances to do it in the chaotic scene just now!
But you didn’t! I know you are more concerned about the treasure of the former Phoenix family! But if you have a little patience, you might as well hear me out!
It’s not wrong that you want to recover the former dynasty. It’s not wrong that you want Li Xia Fei Mian! But you never seem to think about why you did it.
Your former dynasty was destroyed. Were you caused by the ambitions of various governors? Haven’t you ever considered that the real reason why your former power will be attacked by groups is that your life is running out!
Including yourself, you are too, but you are alive! You want to continue to recover the former dynasty, but you haven’t worked harder than you tried to protect yourself for a while!
There’s nothing wrong with living, but you’ve let yourself live or live better. You don’t hesitate to send your own son away to separate your flesh and blood!
Finally, I returned the throne of Nanxia Kingdom and completely rewritten Shinohara’s life!
In your eyes, wealth and status are far more important than your family!
You are afraid that you will be displaced after your country is destroyed! All of you, your excellent appearance attracted Xia Fei Mian!
That’s why you keep stressing that you don’t owe Shinohara the glory days after so many years!
But what about the moon? Just now you heard about his experience and past, and you kept saying that you were his real father, but did you really have any pity or love for him?
No, you didn’t! In your eyes, all the people here and Yubo trapped by you are just you!
You tried to achieve your own ambition in the name of recovering the former dynasty, but you know how to enjoy it but don’t know how to pay!
You are ambitious, but your means and your efforts can’t support your ambition!
I think you should have made a few promises to Yubo and them a long time ago, which will make them more desperate than clinging to you!
But in the end, I’m afraid even Yubo himself didn’t expect to be trapped by his Lord himself!
Yuetai, your real purpose is not to recover the former dynasty, otherwise you wouldn’t have waited for so many years!
What you really want is to exhaust your wealth and status, otherwise how could you come to the ghost town alone without preparation? !
I believe you have long known that many people in the former dynasty have become officials in various counties through hard work, ranging from the humerus of the court to the sesame nine!
You want to benefit these people, but before you achieve your goal, these people should all be nominal to you!
But it doesn’t matter whether you want the treasure today or whether you want to continue to use the banner of recovering the former dynasty, we people will definitely not let you get what you want!
All your officials who went deep into the hall and those who were ordered by Yubo to build cities and shops must have been safely laid on the list by now!
Similarly, you came alone, but his four countries have sent troops here!