Wu Yu’s physique with black flame is different from that of ordinary people, and it is already very fast to break through the realm, while Zhang Yang’s physique is just incomplete, but it breaks through faster than her, which makes Wu Yu have to be surprised!

When fighters break through the realm, if someone disturbs the heaven and earth, it is easy for fighters to be possessed and their tendons are broken.
Wu Yu got up and kept retreating. He was afraid that his absorption of fire yuan would disrupt Zhang Yang’s breakthrough rhythm. He was more than 20 meters away from the latter and watched quietly by the cave wall.
Zhang quickly adjusted his mind to reach the peak, then closed his eyes and crossed his legs, sitting with his hands flat on his knees and entering the visual stage.
Master Cheng Wu has stopped printing. It turns out that the samurai’s ability to absorb yuan energy is very weak. It needs printing to stimulate the influx of heaven and earth yuan energy.
Now he has a strong body and a high level of understanding of the devouring ability of the spirit-eating tactic. Whether the seal has already affected the strength of his absorbing energy.
Zhang Yang’s body keeps making a muffled sound, and his abdomen is expanding, and black droplets are constantly falling from the square into Yuanneng Lake and the sea is filled with thick black Yuanneng silk thread.
It’s very different for a martial artist to break through a star warrior’s breakthrough, because a martial artist warms up the five zang-organs and every breakthrough is a baptism of the five zang-organs, which is especially suitable for a warrior. It will benefit a lot if he can correspond to the dirty.
Around Zhang Yang, the number of fire elements can increase and keep pouring into other bodies. It’s just that the fire red element can turn black with the passage of time. It’s a negative fire element!
Because of Zhang Yang’s operation, the sucking force of his body is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more yin fire elements can penetrate from gas, and soon it will turn from gaseous to liquid black ribbons!
Thousands of Daoyuan NengHua black ribbon keeps pouring into Zhang Yangti Chapter 113 Break through Samsung Martial Arts.
Chapter 113 Break through Samsung jack
Half an hour after the breakthrough, Zhang Yang’s body has been submerged by the fire energy of Yin, turning into a black whirlpool like a black hole that devours everything crazily!
"Gurgling …"
The fire element around Zhang Yang can be coarsened, and the black liquid ribbon of fingers can be coarsened. Thousands of ribbons flow in the semi-environment, making a strange and mysterious sound of water flow []
At this time, the vast caves are also full of light black fire elements, which can make Wu Yu, who is far away from Zhang Yang, feel refreshed by absorbing a lot of fire elements.
Wu Yu was surprised by Zhang’s breakthrough scene. "What is the achievement method for a fool to practice? This kind of yuan can absorb more than the same level of martial artists! I said that the more star-rated he is, the simpler it is to kill a martial artist. It turns out that when he breaks through, he needs yuan energy more than ten times that of an ordinary martial artist with the same star level! "
Zhangyang dantian slowly expands the black droplets, like rain, and the sound is loud, so that the lake and the sea can boil! The area is constantly expanding …
At the same time, his five zang-organs also emit bright black light, and the black impurities are squeezed out by the five zang-organs and flow through the meridians, and discharged from his pores.
In particular, the black light at the heart is the brightest, which makes Zhang Yang feel a little dazzling and the heart belongs to fire!
At present, he is the fire energy, Mushatokoro’s five zang-organs and one heart, which is the strongest when it is nourished and baptized by the fire energy, but the impurity in the heart is also the most exaggerated, which makes Zhang Yangyou feel heartbroken!
Zhang endured the pain and the teeth creaked. "Shit! It’ s terrible, it’ s like a knife in the heart. If it takes a long time and I don’ t break through to two stars, I’ ll hang up first! "
Suddenly, a black flame emerged from the depths of Zhang Yang’s heart and burst into a cold breath, which then spread and became bigger and flooded his heart!
Black fire tempered his heart, just like when he broke through the martial arts master that day
On that day, Zhang Yang’s heart was the strongest and his qi and blood were more than ten times smoother than before, and his body’s self-healing ability was naturally much higher, so he would be worried about the war in the future.
Although Zhang Yang did not break through the martial arts realm when he broke through the second star, the scene was big at that time, but this time it was different because he had determined his own fire energy attribute, and the breakthrough was very accurate and fast
The master of martial arts does not absorb the complicated energy of heaven and earth, but focuses on the energy of fire.
This time, Zhang Yang broke through the star rating quickly, and most of the time he baptized the five internal organs.
After about two hours, his abdomen stopped expanding, and the black yuanneng lake and sea stopped boiling. Thanks to the calm outside world, Yuanneng slowly disappeared …
At this time, Zhang’s momentum is even better than before, and the cold breath has also increased a little, which has changed his whole temperament!
"Two-star warrior!" See Zhang Yangxin excited.
After breaking through the two-star warrior, Zhang Yang’s black flame has not finished refining his heart, but it burns more vigorously and accelerates the refining speed!
Suddenly, the black hair burst into flames, and the meridians of Zhang Yang’s body burst into black flames, and his five internal organs were even more black!
"What’s the matter?" See Zhang Yangxin frightened and don’t know why.
At this time, his body was full of black fire and cold breath, and small black sparks were drilled in his pores, which instantly burned his clothes to ashes!
"Ghost flame! How can it still appear? " In the distance, Zhang Yang broke through Wu Yu’s exclamation exit.
Seeing that heaven and earth can weaken, Wu Yu thinks that Zhang Yang’s breakthrough is near the end, but he doesn’t want to break through. Heaven and earth can become more and more again! But Zhang Yang rushed out of the flame contained in her body outside!
At this time, Wu Yu’s mind remembered the charm sound of Magic Ji. "Xiao Yu, I am very energetic. It is not a small amount. The more he fights, the more vital energy he will be more quickly integrated into his veins, which will make him repair sharply. The more two-star breakthrough this time is, the better it will be!" You can thank me! "
"Give me back my tenth soul, and I will thank you." Wu Yubai Zhang suddenly broke through the reason again, and the cold voice sounded from his mind.
"That’s forget it. Soon you are me. I am your lunar remnant and I am shota! Hee hee … "Magic JiYin disappeared in the depths of Wu Yu’s mind.
See Zhang once again break through Wu Yu some joy, but think of the magic Kyi words uncertain future, she showed concern.
Just as Moji said, her ten-one essence is quite huge. On that day, she entered Zhang Yang’s body, but some of it melted into his blood, but it was enough for the samurai to break through the martial arts.
This time, a part of the essence of Zhang Yang’s demon Ji once again penetrated from the hidden place of his veins and bones, and his blood rose, and the remnants of Taiyin became more complete and the purity of Yin was higher.
As soon as the blood vessels get huge and pure black fire energy, Zhangyang Dantian expands again. Yuanneng Lake and the sea have not subsided yet, but it seems to be boiling again. The meridians of Zhangyang body are ready to move, which is a sign of a breakthrough to Samsung Martial Arts!
When the situation broke through the second star, there was a hole again to calm the heavens and the earth, and the fire element could explode more powerfully than before and flood into Zhangyang body …