"Don’t tell them the results here for the time being until I find out that they sent the money to the place, and then tell them it’s not too late." Sit by the window and look at the harmony outside the window. Who knows if this harmony is undercurrent?

"Well," Ning Xiaoyue thought it was feasible. Although she didn’t know what Yan Liang was going to investigate, it was mysterious, but she didn’t say anything and she didn’t ask.
As night fell, Yan Liang left the restaurant, while Ning Xiaoyue got everything ready and then lay in bed and slept, waiting for the day to start.
In the dark Gancheng, teams of chariots and horses slowly left the city gate with big wooden tanks filled with oil. The officers and men checked symbolically and then successfully left the city.
Out of the city, the road is heavy and the speed is not fast because the big wooden pot is filled with oil
In front of each car, there is a rider holding a torch to illuminate the road ahead. There is this light in this dark night.
In the distance, a dark shadow flashed by the Woods beside the road, and it was almost impossible to see her shadow. It was more like a ghost in the dark night.
Yan Liang followed her to ensure that these big wooden pots were filled with silver instead of oil.
The speed of the team is really slow, and it’s easy for Yan Liang to trace it, leaving a mark for Ning Xiaoyue all the way, and then the team keeps not far from close range.
I’ve done this kind of thing before, and I’m very confident that I won’t let them feel anything.
The line of bright roads marched past the winding rocks and crossed the rushing river to the east.
Although I don’t know where their destination is in this direction, Yan Liang can’t help but have a bottom in his heart. They seem to be heading for Qicheng.
The mystery of Chicheng is still being investigated by Weiyuan, but she doesn’t know if there is any progress. She has no emperor and no one knows if she is in the punishments department, so even if he sent her news, she didn’t receive it.
It’s been more than two months since she and Weiyuan joined together. It seems that these two months are as long as two years. Yan Liang has never felt so hard.
It was getting brighter, and Daning Xiao Yue, the gate of Gancheng, rode out of the city.
From time to time, there will be a handful of obvious gravel on the roadside. It is a stone that has been crushed into powder and thrown into the roadside. This is the mark Yan Liang left for her.
Just like her, leaving marks is simple and rude.
Ning Xiaoyue’s speed is not fast, but it is not slow.
After three days’ journey, she passed through several villages and towns, and finally she came to Qiqi City.
From a distance, I saw the mighty atmosphere of the gate of Qicheng. Ning Xiaoyue’s long outlet gas turned out to be in Qicheng.
It’s different from imagination to enter Qicheng by beating a horse. Qicheng Street is not very lively. Looking around, there is no street and then seeing any signs. Ning Xiaoyue thought about this situation. She needs to go directly to the inn and wait. Yan Liang always has a way to find her.
Looking for an inn in the street, but I didn’t expect to see an incredible scene when I walked. A large group of beggars actually lined up in the street.
There are several buckets of hot porridge at the gate of a pub in the street. The rice smells like a beggar’s body.
Ning Xiaoyue can’t help but raise her hand to cover her nose, but she can’t help but be curious and move on, hoping to see clearly that there will still be such good people giving porridge to beggars in this world.
Get closer and look at the porridge giver. They are all guys. They seem to have a good attitude
However, there are so many beggars that the emperor has never seen so many beggars. Qi City is supposed to be a rich city. How can there be so many beggars?
Looking at NingXiaoYue, I couldn’t help looking around. It doesn’t matter, but I saw a familiar person at the door of a teahouse diagonally opposite the porridge pub, where I was also looking at the team of porridge beggars.
Take Ma Ning Xiao Yu he through the beggar team and walk towards the man.
"Mr. Yue, why are you here?" It was none other than Yueshan.
I was obviously surprised to see Ning Xiaoyue Yueshan. "How did you come here, Miss Ning?"
"I followed Yan Liang to you didn’t see her? And why are you here? Yourself? Or the king of Weijun? " Yueshan never leaves Weiyuan’s side. It is very likely that Weiyuan is here.
YueShan frowning slightly "yan catching head is here? Then where is she? " Looked at NingXiaoYue road when there is no Yan Liangying.
"She should have arrived early to probably handle affairs" NingXiaoYue looked into the teahouse and didn’t see Weiyuan.
YueShan nodded "miss ning now also don’t know where is yan catching head? In that case, Miss Ning will rest here first. "This teahouse has been temporarily packed.
"Well, I’m looking for a place to rest. By the way, where’s the king of Weijun?" I happened to meet her and save her from walking around. What’s more, if she had been at the beginning of the grain, she would have been able to eat this little hand-cooked meal for a long time. She missed it very much.
"Report also went to handle affairs" YueShan smiled but didn’t elaborate.
"Well, please bother Mr. Yue." I glanced back at those beggars who were dirty and so many were really disgusting.
The beggar who gives porridge here in Qiqi City is very noisy. A street in the west of the city is as lively as this one, but it is lively here.
This lane is very long, but at this moment it is full of carriages, and each carriage is filled with big wooden tanks, which are the ones transported from Gancheng.
At a back door in carriage lane, a strong man unloaded the big wooden pot from the car and carried it into the slightly wide back door.
When a car is unloaded, it is a car. Everything is in order, as if it has been done several times.
In the clear sky, this lane is long and dark, and it seems that there are not many people hiding in it.
However, just behind a courtyard wall in the lane, a person can see everything outside clearly by just poking a small hole against the wall.
There is still a local dog lying in the yard. Although it is not dead, it is obvious that it will not wake up for a while, let alone bark.
A few yards apart, another figure also hid behind the courtyard wall. He did the same thing as Yan Liang, although they didn’t find each other in their attention.
Watching the constant unloading from the carriage, they are doing it, and the monitoring here is also 111, sad
According to the way those guys had a little trouble carrying the big wooden pot, it was full of silver.
These dozens of cars are full and have a lot of handwriting.