"In the blink of an eye, Ringo is so big." Big Liu looked at Su Lin and laughed.

"Yeah, I’m getting old." Jane sighed.
"Mother is not old and young." Big Liu smiled. "Is the old lady still young and a mother?"
"It’s a talking game! It’s hard to take care of the children when you leave, so you won’t see me off, "Jane said."
"Don’t work hard, mother and brother walk slowly." Big Liu said.
"You don’t have to make yourself nervous. Just eat and drink well. Don’t you know that you have lost weight these days?" Jane clap big Liu hand way
Big Liu should be sent away Jane’s mother is still not at ease to see the children, so don’t say it’s emperors, that is, ordinary relatives have to raise their own children carefully sometimes. No, 786.
Su Lin was about to meet him as soon as he got out of Lingfeng Mansion. Jane said, "Mother, let’s ride together. It’s a cold day, and riding a horse blows your face."
Su Lin went to help her carriage as soon as she sighed.
Jane, the carriage, said sadly, "You’ve been running around a lot these days and people have lost weight."
"This should be our family boys less. I am the only one in this room. Although Gao Feng and Feng Ling are also two brothers, they are busy and have many things in their own homes. They still want me to run. After this year, I will be fifteen. There is no fatigue. I am an adult and my mother will be at ease." Surin said.
"You are really big. You will be as big as your father. After that, your mother and I will depend on you." Jane laughed.
"That’s natural. It’s a pity that there’s nothing to share with my sister, but I’m sure I can take care of my mother." Su Lin picked his eyebrows and smiled with a sense of confidence and a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.
"It’s so good that you don’t have to worry about your sister’s place. No one in Su’s family can share her worries. She usually solves everything, and you can’t help me. Sometimes I wonder if I have a baby in my stomach, but I can’t understand it." Jane shook her head.
"Elder sister is a true chicken! Mother in the afterlife’s belly is also blessed. Let’s Sue home is also blessed. "Surin laughed.
"Your mouth is getting sweeter." Jane laughed.
The mother and the handmaiden reached the door laughing and holding Jane’s car. Surin had already jumped by herself.
After returning to the office, Jane said, "Go back for dinner and take a rest early. It is inevitable that the day after tomorrow will be your grandmother’s birthday. Now it is no less than the people who come to congratulate you. You and a brother are both tired." Jane said.
"Send mother back to say again" Su Lindao.
The next morning, Sue’s family got busy. There were many things to prepare new clothes for Mrs. Su to try on.
The old lady Sue gets angry at Su Wen when she is impatient, and it’s also a shame when she is old.
"Have a good life? I don’t know what is the situation in Sue’s house now. Are you afraid of nothing? "
"Mother’s seventieth birthday even son don’t give you hold empress can allow? Look at this, but the empress sent a letter a few days earlier saying that the whole life this year was neglected by the empress, or she wouldn’t go to the North Desert and must give you a birthday. "Su Wen took out a channel.
Speaking of Su Miansu, the old lady snorted, but she no longer said anything.
She usually has a white hair, and Mammy Wang is busy dressing her. It’s good for her to wear indigo Shou Ziwen’s beige embroidered with a peach skirt. The belt is a blessing and green double pattern with indigo wishful forehead. It’s very rich for an old lady to wear jewelry in a regular bun.
"Looking at the old lady is ten years younger in this dress!" Youshi laughed
"Yes," Jane echoed.
"You can talk! But this dress is good! " Sue the old lady laughed
"The old lady has such a good eye that she didn’t think about where this dress came from?" Suman asked with a smile
Mrs. Su paused, "Is it a cotton girl?"
"It is the empress you cotton wench called palace needle and thread out delicate? Can you wear ordinary clothes for your birthday? Out of the three bodies, your son just changed his clothes. "Suman laughed.