"Almost." Yang Ye nodded and looked at Nan Rong with curiosity. "What’s your hurry?"

"It’s not that Lu Yiping!" Nan Rong Phantom said angrily, "Yang Ye can never marry a wife like that!
"Are you trying to persuade me not to marry your sister?" Yang Ye smiled, smiled and became silent again, muttering to himself in a low voice, "Yes, if it is finished, we can go back."
"Are you unhappy?" Nan Rong is fantastic and strange.
"You are worried about my side … mom! I really don’t know what to do! " Yang night said angrily waved a fist.
South glory illusion see Yang night this sample simply pulled over to the side of the road with both hands on the steering wheel twist a head to ask Yang night "what’s the matter? Tell me? "
Yang night didn’t speak bowed their heads and gasped.
Nan Rong fantasized and asked in a low voice, "Is it because of that Ruyan?"
Yang night one leng raised his head to look at the south glory illusion and then slowly have a low expression to gently replied "yes".
Yang night sighed and bowed their heads and was silent for a while. Suddenly, they looked up and said, "I want to bring Ruyan back to Nanrong Magic."
"Take it back?" Nan Rong-huan exclaimed in surprise, "Can you?"
"Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are not the ones I brought back" Yang Ye nodded.
"But Yang Ye, now you … can’t afford it, but you can’t take care of it!" Nan Rong Huan hesitated and persuaded excitedly that "including my sister, Yun Xin, and Xi Shi Zheng Dan, I heard that you and your maid are not ordinary, so you are bound to favor one over the other! Which heart are you going to hurt? "
"Then what shall I do? I can leave her alone in this chaotic world. Watching her turn into a prostitute? Or died accidentally because of the war? " Yang night also excited turned and looked at south glory magic cried out.
Nan Rong Magic bowed his head for a long time and gently said, "I can really feel it. After all, after so many days, I am also a little reluctant to leave that bitch."
"Ah?" This Yang night surprised "in accordance with the ping lu? You won’t be … "
South glory magic leng for a while fiercely start the car move very vigorously "let’s go! Let’s go to Fengmingxuan first. We sometimes discuss these things! I haven’t seen Ruyan yet. "
Yang night silently looked at Nan Rong Phantom and almost violently moved the car, thinking that this Nan Rong Phantom was indifferent to men and women. Now it seems not.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven "prostitutes idols"
Fengmingxuan street south glory illusion was frightened by the way in front of him. Fengmingxuan was located in the middle of this street, and the backstreet also counted people coming and going. South glory illusion slowed down and drove. I don’t know which eagle-eyed prostitute took one look at the car and cried, "It’s Mr. Lu! !”
So all the way, I watched every brothel passing by, whether it was soliciting guests at the door or the balcony on the second floor. Prostitutes were coquettish and dancing with scarves, winking and kissing, and screaming at Yang night. At that time, the whole street was full of colorful towels and fragrant, and the ears were full of seductive voices shouting the name "Mr. Lu"
Hundreds of prostitutes in the whole street all shout a spectacular person at the same time!
Driving around, Nanrong Illusion looked around. Although there has never been a shortage of women since the development, Nanrong Illusion has never seen such a scene. For men, it gently stroked and scratched men’s nerves and bodies like a few gentle teasing hands. Nanrong Illusion is no exception.
Yang night can’t hide from rolling the window and waving to prostitutes on both sides of the street with a smile.
Nan Rong took a glance at the co-pilot sitting in Yang Ye with a little jealousy and said, "Yang Ye, your prostitute world is very popular, just like a prostitute idol."
Yang Yegang just wanted to smile smugly. Suddenly, he felt a little bored. How can this sound awkward? How can it sound like swearing silence? I turned my head and glared at Nan Rong. I smiled and replied, "Brother Nan Rong is very kind. You have a high reputation as a beggar!"
In a word, Nan Rong turned over his eyes and couldn’t think of anything to fight back. He pressed the horn a few times to speed up the car and threw the couple of Yang Ye Jiao calls outside the car to the back.
The car stopped outside Fengmingxuan, Yang night and Nan Rong dreamed of the car. The madam had already got the news and greeted it respectfully outside Fengmingxuan.
"oh! Mr. Lu! Now the whole street here regards you as the God of Wealth! " Madam saw Yang burning the midnight oil coming to the door, smiling and greeted him. She glanced at Nan Rong Magic and turned to several prostitutes behind her and shouted, "Don’t be leng, girls! Treat Mr. Yilu’s driver well! "
Several prostitutes, horse twisting waist and hips, came over with smiles appealed, and Nan Rong’s magic arm, Nan Rong’s magic leng, gently broke away from his mouth and said, "Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! " Talking for help, looking at Yang Ye.
Yang Ye smiled at a madam and said, "There is a mistake. He is not my driver!" "
Madam became nervous and lowered her voice. "This is …"
Yang Ye smiled and reached out and introduced Lang. "This is Mr. Huan, the leader of the Beggars’ Sect!"
South glory illusion is smiling at madam. When he heard this, Ma turned his head and gave Yang night a hard stare.
Don’t be called a madam. Remember the words "government official". Besides, you must be a powerful man to walk side by side with Mr. Lu. Ma changed his smiling face to be more attentive. "It turned out to be Mr.! Ha, ha, ha, ha. I was joking with you just now. Don’t mind! "
Nan Rong Phantom smiled and gently waved his hand and followed Yang Ye to Fengmingxuan Gate. The girls in the brothels on both sides of Fengmingxuan also shouted "Mr. Lu". Yang Ye turned around and waved his hand as a greeting. Those prostitutes jumped up and screamed. The madam left and right eyes staring at Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom and walked into the gate. After that, she coldly shouted, "Want to be close to Mr. Lu?" Job-hopping to Fengmingxuan? " Say that finish swinging arm quickly to go in.
As usual, Yang night is not Fengmingxuan to stay on the first floor and say hello to prostitutes who are talking and laughing in the lobby on the first floor. Yang night goes straight to the third floor with Nan Rong illusion.
When passing by the second floor, a warbler song * * came out from those offices from time to time and put Nan Rong’s auditory hallucinations straight and close to Xiao Wenyang’s night. "Didn’t you hear that? This is really exciting! "
Yang night filled with silly ears listened to the two a face of strange looking at south glory illusion said, "what did you hear? Nothing? " Suddenly he shook his head. "Maybe I’m too simple. There’s no way to compare with people with complicated thoughts like you."
Nan Rong’s magic gas pursed her lips and stared without saying a word. Even the madam followed by her secretly covered her mouth and smiled.
On the third floor, Cui Hua would have heard footsteps greeted by the stairs and saw Yang Yema smiling and saying, "Sir, you’re here? Our young lady is still dressed up, saying that she must see you beautifully! "
On the third floor, in Ruyan’s room, a horse screamed, "Cui Hua, you are a dead girl!"