Ye Mu just opened his eyes as soon as he left Ye Han. He didn’t want to sleep, but wanted Yuzryha’s mother to leave quickly and didn’t want him to worry about himself.

Seeing that my mother had left Ye Han, I got up from the bed, then the bed locked the door, and then I went to the window and jumped out of the room.
"Sister Rou, wait for me and I’ll come to you. You must wait for me!" Looked around and found no one else Ye Han this just heaved a sigh of relief and then glanced at the day muttered to himself.
At the moment, the night has passed, but it seems like a day in the Ye family mansion, with a moon hanging high in the sky under the stars. Occasionally, a cold wind blows and Ye Han can’t help shivering.
With the help of flowers and trees in the courtyard as a cover, Ye Han soon came to a corner of the fence, and the silent body just jumped up and instantly came to the outside of the fence.
The night of hesitation has passed, although the lights are still on in the Yejia mansion, the street has fallen into silence and the street is crowded again.
Going all the way along the street, I soon came to the city gate. At this moment, the city gate is closed and the wall is too high, which makes Ye Han very nai. Although he has the vitality now, he has been practicing for ten years a little, but his vitality base is gone.
It is impossible for him to cross such a high wall, but he is bent on going out of the city to find Ye Rouluo.
The feeling be nasty Ye Han accidentally saw a big tree just above the city wall not far away. Although it can’t directly cross the city wall through the big tree, it can be at the top of the big tree and then fall obliquely outside the city wall.
It is impossible for him to cross the city wall now, but it is not difficult to stabilize the top of the tree. If the top of the tree jumps out of the city wall, it will definitely be able to cross the city wall and come outside the city.
However, when Ye Han was about to climb the top of the tree, a white shadow flashed not far away, and soon he came to Ye Han’s side. A dozen palms also instantly buckled Ye Han’s wrist so that he could not move.
[6] [Strange symptoms]
"Father, please let me go. Now that Sister Rou has left me, I must go and get her back. Even if I can’t get her back, I will see her again. When she leaves, she and I will probably never see each other again!" Looking back, I saw my father appear beside me and buckle his wrist. Ye Han’s face was bitter and he shook his head and said to Ye Hong ≧▽≦/fe.
Ye Hong smell speech no longer buckle Ye Han wrist but looked at Ye Han cheek immediately shook his head and sighed bitterly "alas! Cold son, your mind is white, but what can you do if you go out of town now? Do you know which direction they are going? "
After being said by Ye Hong, Ye Han suddenly fell silent. He wanted to go out of the city to pursue the soft leaves, but he didn’t think of it. Even if he went out now, he really didn’t know which direction to chase.
If you just choose a direction to chase, it’s a good thing that once you chase in the wrong direction, you will not only find Ye Rou, but will get farther and farther away from him, and then you will make a trip in vain.
"Father, don’t you really can’t tell me what soft sister family is like? I always feel that he and we are not from the same world. Why is that? What are you not willing to tell Han Er? " Ye Han knows that he can’t ask his father even if he doesn’t know where Ye Rou is going. After all, even his great-grandfather refused to tell himself the truth. The seriousness of this matter can be imagined.
"Cold son, there are some things that we don’t want to say, but we can’t say, or even if we say it, it doesn’t make sense. What if you really know? As you said, you two are not from the same world!" See Ye Han a face of sad sample Ye Hong don’t want to stimulate him, but also know that they can’t tell Ye Han the truth to comfort to wry smile way
Ye Han smiled and smiled, which contained thousands of kinds of pain. Ye Hong could vaguely see that Ye Han was really having a hard time this time. No, maybe he never really felt it.
After returning from Ye Han, Ye Hong could feel that there was melancholy from Ye Han’s body. It seemed that the heart was a very strange thing to him, and even when he saw Ye Rou, he still had no real heart.
Or if he knew that there would be such a situation, he wouldn’t be able to get up. Now that it really happened, he would be more worried.
"Ha ha, if I had known that there would be such a result today, I shouldn’t have lived in such pain at the beginning. I might as well have died. Maybe this way I won’t endure this lovesickness again." With a wry smile, Ye Han’s face fell into depression again and I couldn’t help but look up at you every day. A few stars and a moon are still hanging high as if it had never changed.
The stars have not changed, but Ye Han feels that everything is not what it used to be. Ye Rou’s departure makes his last comfort disappear, and only staying will make him suffer.
Looking at Ye Han so sad, Ye Hong’s heart suddenly moved and there was a faint impulse to tell Ye Han the truth, only to find that Ye Han had passed out in a coma and quietly poured down trees and grass.
"Cold son!" Ye Hong looked at him and rushed forward to pick Ye Han up from the grass, then looked at his face with a worried face and found that his face had no symptoms except some melancholy. Ye Hong was relieved.
Less Ye Han won’t be in any danger, at best, it’s just a sad coma, which makes Ye Hong feel at ease a lot, but he dare not continue here, so he held Ye Han and fled towards Ye’s mansion.
Ye Hong soon came to the gate of Ye Jia, while Ye Mu was running out of the gate with a face of worry and looking around. Only then did she look at Ye Hong’s arms.
Ye Han is still in a coma at the moment. Ye Mu is very worried when she sees it, but listening to Ye Hong is a bitter sigh. "Madam, don’t worry about Han Er’s temporary coma. There won’t be any danger!"
After listening to Ye Hong’s words, Ye Mu nodded at ease, but her heart was still very anxious. Her son had just escaped from the brink of death and now she was in a coma again. If Ye Hong hadn’t woken up, she would have had Ye Han’s old injury relapse.
"Let’s talk about it if there’s anything in it. It’s best not to let others in the family know about it!" See Ye Mu awkward Ye Hong suddenly looked around and saw swinging around this just to Ye Mu nodded his head a way
Leaf mother smell speech also immediately took one look around and found nothing unusual. This just nodded and walked in the direction of Ye Hanfang with Ye Hong behind them.
After returning to Ye Han’s room, Ye Hong was busy putting Ye Han in his arms, and then holding Ye Han’s little hand and putting himself into his body.
"Hey? Why is the ban on cold children’s physical strength gone? And his cold seems to have disappeared. What’s going on? " Ye Hongyun vitality to detect the leaf cold body suddenly found that the leaf cold body has vitality, but it should have a strong chill but it has disappeared. Suddenly, my heart was frightened and said to one side, Ye Mu said
Leaf mother smell speech immediately one leng immediately glanced at Ye Hong feeling that he doesn’t like lying and there is no need to lie. This just came to Ye Hong with a face of joy and grabbed Ye Han’s little hand.
Injecting her own vitality into the leaf cold body, Ye Mu also quietly explored the leaf cold body like Ye Hong and found that everything was the same as Ye Hong said.
"It seems that there must have been a master before, otherwise Han Er could not have escaped from the dead so soon. The ancestors must have found a master to save our cold son!"
After some joy, Ye Mu put Ye Han’s little hand and turned to a face of surprise. Looking at Ye Hong’s unbearable surprise in his heart, he shouted excitedly.