After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, Xiaoli suddenly nodded, "Yes, if we can have that kind of array protection, this Ye family can defend against all enemy attacks from the outside world. From then on, it will be difficult for outsiders to get in unless there is something in the Yuanxin realm, and the strong may be able to break through with great strength!"

Ye Hanwen nodded his head hastily, but then said with a wry smile, "But I can’t arrange this array now by pruning roots. I think we’d better forget about those imaginary things first, and let’s talk about it after I achieve my goal!"
Smell speech Xiaoli or nod Ye Han thought fierce law he naturally white but that kind of law, though fierce, can be arranged at the rear of the Yuan Shadow realm, but now Ye Hanxiu has not reached that realm and it is impossible to arrange that kind of law root.
Naturally, Xiaoli can decorate that kind of law. Unfortunately, Xiaoli can’t understand the essence of this law, even if it is decorated, it has no power, which is no different from ordinary law. She is also inconvenient to reinvent the wheel.
After the law was put on hold, Ye Han thought about how to arrange it. After such a long time, many experts brought here from the cold forest family rushed to see that there were only three or four days before the Singapore Festival, so he had to make good arrangements.
At this moment, several figures suddenly poured in the direction of the entrance to the square. Look closely at these people. It is obviously Ye Hongshou’s four elders. Ye Jiazhong’s master saw that they suddenly had an idea in Ye Han’s heart to arrange things for everyone to be done by their father. Isn’t it better?
"Cold son ….." Ye Honggang entered the square and saw Ye Han coming towards him not far away. He called out and stepped up his steps to blunt him.
"Father …" Ye Han is no exception to meet others. He has no rules, but now he is in front of so many people. If his father has no rules, it will be somewhat difficult.
However, as soon as he was about to salute, he saw Ye Hong busy blocking it. He just wanted to talk to Ye Hongxiao and laughed. "You and my father don’t stick to these. Didn’t you bring a lot of friends? Let’s talk about how to arrange them first! "
Ye Han is worried about this. Now he is not hesitant to hear his father take the initiative. He nodded, "Yes, I am worried about this, too. I didn’t expect my father to come here. I think it is most suitable for you to arrange them!"
Ye Hongwen was immediately speechless for a while and then went to Lin Fu and others and bowed their hands and smiled. "You are welcome to guess that Han Er will do something before coming. I didn’t expect him to invite you all so soon!"
"It’s very kind of the head of the clan, Ye Shaoxia. He has saved us many times from the cold forest and sent us to the fire and water. Now it’s a matter of course that we come together to help Ye Shaoxia fight a piece of heaven and earth!" Listen to Ye Hong’s words. Lin Fu is busy. He is polite.
These Ye Han looked in the eye but didn’t say anything. At this time, Lengao also smiled and walked over to Ye Hong and smiled at him. "Don’t be polite to us in-laws. Let’s arrange all these people first. We are going to stay here for a long time!"
After listening to Lengao’s words, Ye Hong suddenly turned to look at Ye Han. At this moment, Ye Han suddenly smiled and laughed. "Father, don’t worry about these things. You should arrange them simply first, and then we won’t live here after the Singapore Festival. I’m afraid our Ye family will leave here temporarily!"
"ah? This is? " Ye Han said a Ye Hong was surprised when he just wanted to ask more questions, but then he felt that he didn’t have to ask more questions. Ye Han invited so many masters and moved his family and sects. It must not be as simple as attending the Singapore Festival. Besides, he had previously decided that Ye Han wanted to do something big. In this case, this small leaf home naturally could not be his permanent residence!
Ye Han heard that he would have asked more questions, but he didn’t expect him to do so. For a moment, his father realized something and nodded at him. "Since my father knows nothing, just do as I said. Find a spacious place to put them in so that they can have a good rest. Let’s talk about it in detail after the Singapore Festival!"
Ye Hongwen nodded and then said to Lin Fu coldly, "In that case, I’ll simply arrange it and look outside."
"Hehe, since we won’t stay here for a long time, please bother the patriarch to arrange it simply!" Lin Fuwen was busy nodding and promising, but he was cold and arrogant. Ye Hong was in-laws, so he didn’t mention anything to him.
Then Ye Hongshou cold ao Lin Fu followed, and then led the cold family cold Lin sent experts to leave the square together. At this moment, Ye Han suddenly looked up and looked at it, but turned to the side and looked very special. Xiaoli smiled and smiled. "Beaver, should you come and do me a favor?"
Xiaoli smell speech immediately to the interest rushed over and smiled at Ye Han jiao dia and asked, "Brother Han, do you have something to do with Xiaoli again?"
Smell speech Ye Han couldn’t help but wry smile way "I said can you say don’t be so charming dia? What am I asking you to do? Don’t you really know? Again, you are the only person who can help me arrange the array here. Are you willing to help or not? "
"giggle giggle! Brother Han should tell Beaver what’s the good of helping you first, and what if he doesn’t help you? This way, the raccoon can know how to choose! " Hearing Ye Han’s remarks, Xiaoli smiled and laughed.
"Skin itch again, right? Hurry up and don’t make me angry or the consequences will be very serious! " Feel Xiaoli this show is * * naked threat Ye Han immediately nasty when I was in the ice forest because I accidentally caught her way and finally almost let her chastity!
Now Xiaoli’s words show that the original deeds are likely to repeat themselves, but at this time Ye Han doesn’t want to be forced by Xiaoli’s threat. Even if the situation is repeated on that day, it’s not a big deal … If it’s a big deal, he will sacrifice himself to accept her. Anyway, this is his home.
Lengling, I’m afraid, came over at this moment and smiled at Xiaoli. "Okay, you two have to flirt. Let’s get the business done first. You can play whatever you want tonight, whether you are a room or a bed!"
"Uh …" Hearing Lengling’s words, Ye Han suddenly stood on the spot. Is this Lengling an exhortation or a disturbance? Xiaoli’s threat is direct enough. I didn’t expect her words to be more direct. No problem has become a problem bed fight? How to fight? Do you still say this?
And although Xiaoli is full of playful ideas, she can’t help but feel shy after listening to Lengling’s words at this moment. How can she not know the direct meaning in Lengling’s words? Although there was almost a fight in the misty river and she was interested in it, after Ye Han got along with her, she also knew that fighting was not fun in many things that impressed her deeply!
"Ahem … okay, okay, Xiaoli, stop that now. If you want to have a rest later, hurry up and I’ll arrange the law together. Otherwise, you will come to watch the vigil tonight. Don’t say I bullied you as a girl!" The awkward atmosphere arises spontaneously, and Ye Han can only break everything with a gentle cough, which in turn threatens Xiaoli.
Xiaoli, who was threatened by Ye Han, was suddenly soft. Now it belongs to her to fix the highest here. If anyone really comes to make trouble at Ye Jia at night, then she must have to deal with Ye Han. Even she herself agrees with this and believes that it is even more difficult.
However, even so, Xiaoli couldn’t help but be dissatisfied with the light hum and pursed mouth to protest. At this moment, Ye Han felt that Xiaoli was deliberately seducing himself and felt that he had no reason to refuse her seduction. She went straight to meet her and pursed her lips and kissed her fiercely.