Yo-hee was not a harem woman, but a prince’s wife and little wife were jealous!

At first glance, the woman who spoke is a sharp and provocative type, and she looks very colorful. Her figure is also full and plump, and her original appearance is covered by heavy powder makeup. On the other hand, the princess in her mouth is beautiful and demure, with a touch of sadness and exquisiteness in her brow.
"Isn’t it enough that my sister now has the exclusive pet of Wang Ye?"
Feng shallow a look will know that she is not a talking, isn’t it? The concubines pointed at her nose and scolded her, and she looked weak and didn’t fight back or scold her back.
Te disappointing!
"Who is with your sister? My sister is the Qingquan Gongxifei Empress. Who are you to be my sister?" The concubines look disdainful and sarcastic, and they are even more sarcastic. "Do you look at the report who can really look at you? Isn’t it just a widow who lives alone? She really takes herself seriously! "
The wife continued to bow her head, and her face became red with fear, shame and annoyance. Even her eyes were red as a rabbit.
Yes, it is a rabbit!
Feng Shao thinks this woman is really wronged. She can be scolded like this in the palace. How can she live in the palace for a long time?
Which unlucky prince is so cheap to spoil his concubine and kill his wife, and the little wife rides the first wife’s head like this?
"Emperor, try this vinegar fish." Qi Fei’s chopsticks put a piece of fish in Jun Moying’s mouth. "It’s a perennial hot spring and it’s more delicious than eating those meats on weekdays."
Li Detong’s eyelids jumped.
Just now, when the emperor came out of Longyin Palace, he also went straight to Yaohua Palace. I didn’t expect to finally come to Empress Yee. He couldn’t help thinking that the emperor’s mind was getting more and more elusive.
But looking at the emperor now, it seems that he wants to have a good meal. The words "I am not happy" are written on his face! Especially when princess yee picked up the piece of vinegar fish, the emperor’s eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Li Detong smiled with malicious intent. It seems that not everyone can give this vinegar fish to the emperor!
"I don’t eat fish today!"
Your ink shadow suddenly stretched out chopsticks to block the yee princess.
When did Princess Yee stop eating fish?
"Damn male and female servants"
Of course, she saw that the man was in a bad mood now, and he didn’t shuffle when couples spend as usual. "What does the emperor want to eat?"
Your ink shadow eyes light a slight setting just outside the mouth suddenly and hurriedly ran into a person.
"Empress Qi and Empress Qi are auspicious." Xiao An bowed respectfully and then looked at the emperor. "Report to the emperor and ask for an audience with the king."
Jun Mo Ying got up almost immediately and turned back to Qi Fei. "I have business to deal with and I won’t accompany you."
Say before yee princess answered, she strode out and was finally dispersed by the cold wind.
Li Detong hurried to follow, but some gloated that if you don’t love it, you won’t come. You have to force yourself!
Princess yee almost bit the chopsticks tightly in her hand with a mouthful of silver teeth, and she stuck the plate of vinegar fish all over, one by one as if she were angry.
The excitement in the imperial garden is almost gone.
It’s not so much watching as watching a little wife bully a big wife.
I can’t move in one place for a long time, and my limbs are a little stiff with cold. I sighed and rubbed my hands and prepared to leave.
"Don’t come to this palace if you have nothing to do later. It’s a disgrace to the sovereign!" Concubine that compartment also like a barrage of swearing "don’t I don’t know what you’re thinking, you will have the queen mother to support you when you enter the palace? Tell you that the queen mother just wants to marry her family into the palace. Will she care if you have the name Princess Duan? "
"Don’t you say that about aunt!"
From the end, the princess was scolded for her temper, and finally she had a little reaction. Feng Shao turned around and paused.
That concubine seems to have been yelled at by her this sentence, but after a moment of stupidity, overwhelming anger swept through.
"I said, what can you do with me? Hum, pay attention to your current identity, and don’t even think about complaining to the queen mother! If I am reprimanded by the queen mother, the report will certainly protect me, and it’s not the end of the palace when the time comes. What can you get from this nominal princess? "
"That’s enough! I put up with you for so long. Why do you have to push your luck again and again? It’s not enough to bully me. How dare you drag your aunt’s head? "
Yo, watch it!
I didn’t expect this princess to look weak and bully, but it’s really good that people are not allowed to slander her aunt at all!
Phoenix shallow although still don’t know them, but the in the mind has been biased.
Just when she was in high spirits, "something to watch" really came.
That concubine is estimated to have never been so provoked. She is the daughter of Shangfu Ji Pansi. Her family is a favored office girl, and her sister Ji Panxi is in this palace. Empress Xi Duan Wang has always cared for her. If it weren’t for the imperial decree of the Queen Mother, she would have become the real princess of Duan Wangfu. Where would there be such an eyesore in front of her?