After a while, on the other side, Li Qinglong looked at the ice and snow pavilion carrying a stretcher
There is a man on the stretcher. That man is Li Qinglong’s right-hand man. He is covered in blood and his hand has been broken.
"Take him in and treat him well."
"Ice Pavilion, I am at odds with you."
"Help the Lord pay attention to his health"
Say that finish a person holding the Li Qinglong into the help.
However, on the other side, I am thinking about Li Qinglong. Just wait. You still owe me, and I will get it back from you bit by bit.
Chapter 4 Hyun Mom’s Big Assault
The next day, dazzle them and come to our villa to pick us up early, and learn from them. The location is that there is a traitor inside, and that is my brother.
I glared at him and his horse hid.
Although they came to pick us up, I decided to go by car because it was too obvious.
Xin, they also agreed with me, but the man insisted on it all the time. After a while, they couldn’t compete with us and finally let us drive by ourselves.
They followed behind us.
Do you really want to be inconspicuous when you arrive at the college?
It turns out that I don’t know who announced that we were dating the kings.
The girls who came to the college didn’t believe it, but when they saw us coming to school together, they all picked up paper towels to wipe their tears. They yearned for the king’s capital, which was taken.
However, they didn’t move too much because they were angry and dissatisfied. After all, Wang chose them to agree with them.
Jewel Lee stared at me when she entered the classroom, but she didn’t say anything, but her intuition was that a killer must have moved.
Otherwise, after school, because I forgot Beauty today, I said that I could go to France for a holiday for a week before the exam ranking, which was contracted out by the school.
Although many people are rich girls, most of them have been there, but the French scenic spots are fascinating, and most of them are very happy.
After school, Hyun said that because they are members of the student union, they should first get things done at school. They told us to go home first, and we also had to go to France to see the ice group and the secret ice rock. However, Xin said that they would go shopping.
Following Xin, they walked out of the campus and a Rolls-Royce Phantom came head-on and stopped next to me.
Suddenly a driver dressed in black came from the car.
The driver came to me and asked me, "Excuse me, is this Miss Ling Zi Bing Ling?"
"Yes, and who are you?" I asked coldly
"Ice is he?" Xin Wen wo
I shook my head.
"Hello, Miss Ling, my wife wants to see you. Can you come with me?"
"Excuse me, who is your wife?"
"Madame told me that she would tell you when you arrived at your destination."
"All right, then."
The driver walked over to the door and I was about to get in. Ying shouted "ice"
"It’s okay. I’ll go there later. You can go shopping if you want."
"But …" Qi.
"Qi didn’t let’s go," Xin comforted by knowing that I must have no problem.