Inexplicably withdrawing gives birth to a sense of crisis.

Isn’t this to say that An Xiaoxue, the genetic evolution environment, has become a hot potato after coming to the outside world!
But on second thought, I don’t worry about retiring.
An xiaoxue relies on genetic miracle
The genetic miracle has a strong star and two quasi-stars who want her to be unwilling, and no one can force her.
Besides, there is still a refund!
Although everyone drinks at the party, they seldom drink.
To their level, geniuses have strong self-discipline
Disperse one by one and go back to practice.
After Xu returned to his big suite, he first called An Xiaoxue to ask about the special warfare team and see if there are any taboos in genetic miracles!
Xu tui is now gradually integrated into the genetic miracle, and he knows from his heart that he is already a member of the genetic miracle.
Before making some decisions, we must also consider the position of a genetic miracle.
"I don’t know much about this. A few years ago, I wanted to practice outside the earth, but Teacher Ji said that the outside world was too messy. Let me lay a good foundation in Bluestar first, but I didn’t understand it.
Ask Teacher Ji and Teacher He. They must know, "said An Xiaoxue.
"By the way, Xiaoxue, when did you come to recruit students from other places?" Xu asked back.
"I’m lucky to go abroad for half a month at the earliest and one month at the latest. I recruited a qualified seedling this year, and I laid a foundation for her and gave it to the remote area to take it with me."
"Teacher Ji has something to ask you-is there anything particular about my choice of the special warfare team of the University of Genetic Evolution outside the country?" Xu tui first contacted Ji Guoliang, a teacher from Ji Qianli.
Extremely abrupt JiGuoLiang communication words sounded the He Yunfeng sound "Jamlom retreat special chapter how to play it’s up to you, but Ruan family Yin pen special chapter must not be added!
Not only can’t you give me another chance to give me a hard lesson, but I’ll never stop talking to them in my life! "
Xu Zheng’s feelings are together.
However, an xiaoxue visited once before, and these two seem to be looking for the business and working hard to prepare for an xiaoxue drought.
"Uh, I see, Mr. He."
"Ha ha it was our genetic miracle! I’ll give you a good thing when we meet next time! " He Yunfeng burst out laughing.
At this time, Ji Guoliang’s voice rang again.
"Jamlom back cloud wind, for the special operations group you literally play but Nguyen family absolutely can’t join after maybe there is a big trouble.
And you took Lu Guanqing away before, remember?
He is a former student of Ruan Tianzuo, and he was also released to the outside world by Ruan Tianzuo.
It seems that you don’t take that Li Jiatai special warfare regiment, and Li Jiaren is not fun. It’s up to you.
Well, if you can’t solve the problem, contact us or leave a message and hang up in advance. "
The big suite is stunned!