The big fellow is burly, and here is a narrow alley. When his hands are displayed, he will be blocked, and there are some sharp knife methods that can’t be used.

And although they can’t fix it, they are good at converging attack and fighting, and they can easily kill people with a dagger in their hands.
Third hand?
This group of people are habitual criminals in ghost hutong, stealing students all the year round, and fishing is also an instant event.
Zhou Yi crooned his face in the dark alley, rain or shine.
He stepped forward to meet the two men and ran into the past. His whole body showed a bluish black color similar to that of metal.
Pure sun iron cloth shirt!
Bergamot-Jia Ye smiled.
The figure staggered, Zhou Yi adjusted her hat, and quickly went to the corner to blink and disappear. Only three bodies stayed.
A figure fell from a height and turned over the ground. The body climbed the wall and disappeared before the arrival of the yamen arrest.
A moment later
Hublot ju Hou Zhai
"Little owner that person is very strong and diabolical"
"Three hands and six hands were cut in half by him, and when they were half dead, they couldn’t even pronounce the sound. The other two were shocked to death by the palm of their hands."
"There is a high probability of refining the marrow!"
Men in black sink their mouths
"If my brother Wu speaks and wins."
"Well" dialect nodded slowly.
"Then wait, wait until you become a master of true qi."
Men in black should be devoting themselves to
Out of sight of hublot dialect, several men in black flashed and jumped into a quiet courtyard in a short time.
Fall on one knee in the middle of the courtyard.
"It’s a saint!"
"What’s up?"
"hublot met a spirit named Necromancer yesterday, and the dialect attaches great importance to being big." The black man hung his head.
"In addition, the Buddha who was pregnant with the necromancer killed two blood-changing palms. I don’t know where it came from?"
Baifengyuan sound qi
"Are you sure?"
"OK" black dress person nodded.
"I have seen Elder Zhang display bergamot."
"Wait a minute!" Bai Fengyue’s figure suddenly appeared in the presence, and her gauze eyes were wide open.
"Did you just say Necromancer?"
"… yes"
Chapter 42 Retreat
"This thing … is unusual!"
There are two pieces of "Rouzhi" in front of me, and Zhou Yi’s face is pan-distressed and rubbed his eyebrows for the time being.
First, hublot’s eccentric attitude, eager eyes and dark alleys are unusual for several abrupt thieves.
If it’s coincidence
What a coincidence!
Whether it is for safety or not, Zhou Yi is not going to go to hublot again. After all, he is not afraid of ten thousand and is afraid of one thousand.
Even ganoderma lucidum Dan needs to find another way.
Shook his head Zhou Yi slow mouth.
"Ganoderma lucidum Dan has been living in hublot. If it appears outside, it will even arouse suspicion or put it on hold for a while."
Anyway, there is still a lot of money left on hand to support the consumption of Huanglong powder for a while
"I can’t be bullied if I am poor and rich!"