To put it simply, this three-point reduction method is the Tao, which is very famous in the world.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Strange environment
The second meaning, three points, means that three yuan gods can be cultivated by three points of Yuan God. Generally, monks can cultivate one yuan god, which is a hundred times higher than that.
Yu Guiyuan means to be on and off at will. Yuan Shen can be scattered and gathered, and power can be combined and separated, which is a profound realm.
At present, you don’t understand the mystery when you first meet the door. If you want to learn something, you must divide and combine moderately, then divide and combine one by one. "
Xiaohua’s face was shocked and horrified when he heard this. "Who the hell do you know this?"
The mysterious and humane "world can help you solve problems". If there are not ten people, I will be one.
Now let me talk about the sword in your arms.
That’s an evil sword. The masters of all previous dynasties were killed in an accident.
The reason is very simple. This is a cursed sword and is called an ominous thing.
Although there is a divine force, it contains the spirit of killing heaven and earth, which will take away people’s souls and eat people’s lives.
Known as the sword gate three unique sword one "
Xiaohua said bitterly, "So I must be short-lived."
The mysterious man mused, "Your fate is a little strange. Life and death depend on your luck. If you can practice the method of three-point reduction, you should not be short-lived."
Xiao Hua nodded and asked, "Do you know what it means to say that I have met a better fate?"
Mysterious man criticise "cunning little still dare to my old man’s house to play tricks.
Although I don’t know who gave you the three-point return method, that person must be a rare generation in the world, and it is impossible for ordinary people to meet such an opportunity
All right, when you’re done, you go. "
Xiaohua let go of the game and bowed to the front in gratitude. "Thank you for pointing out what the younger generation has offended. Please don’t blame the older generation. Now please point out a way in which direction should the younger generation go?"
After a moment of meditation, the mysterious man sighed lightly, "I shouldn’t have told you this, but since you are doomed to this fate, I will send you another sentence. It is also a robbery to go to Qingyutan!"
Xiaohua understood somewhat indifferently, "Since I am destined to be a senior again, I will sigh, so don’t disturb the senior and the younger generation will leave."
Say that finish turned out of the Taoist temple and went straight in the direction of herring slope.
After a while, the shimmering figure in the Taoist temple turned out to be an old man with a red face and white hair and beard.
This man is wearing a striking gourd around his waist, and his clothes are a little sloppy. He is looking at the Taoist temple with fascinated eyes and shaking his head. "It’s really against my personality principle to say a lot of things after a moment of greed. Is this really because of greed?"
Ask yourself that the figure of the old man faded without leaving a trace, and disappeared together with Xiaohua’s game.
Who is this man? What’s so amazing?
He wants to give advice to Xiaohua again?
This is a wonderful place surrounded by objects.
Light here, darkness hangs over the virtual wide area.
How and where is this generated?
This is a mystery, an unsolved mystery through the ages.
No one has ever experienced it personally, and it is impossible for nature to solve the mystery.
However, there are precedents for everything, and things that are not flowing are not necessarily untrue.
Eyes someone came to this wonderful world.
Wide-area darkness gives people a sense of depression. Looking at the eternal fantasy, people will feel crazy even if they are quiet.
It’s just like a lost traveler looking at the marginal desert is bound to be at a loss to help despair.
Of course, emptiness is by no means comparable to desert
Being in such an environment, the sight is blocked, the body loses consciousness, and even the form thinking is locked in the dark, which may be eternal but absolutely lonely and cold.
Darkness occupies the eyes, the whole heart and the whole soul.
When a layer of constant darkness has occupied the original for a long time, there are still some fluctuations in thinking, and finally it becomes a dead silence
At this time, there is no meaning, life has no meaning, and eternity has no meaning.
What else is there in the dark?
Eternal darkness is like a piece of paper with no time and no projection.
When everything reaches the extreme stillness, a tiny invisible light spot, the extreme stillness and vivid theory appears at the center of the virtual world.
This is a slow process, I don’t know how many years have passed, maybe tens of thousands of years, or maybe it’s just a blink of an eye.
The operation in the time-virtual world continues step by step with the light spot getting bigger and bigger
When a faint light spot melts into a bright star, nebulae appear around it, storms appear, and stardust appears.
They follow a certain trajectory and are arranged in a certain way to form a complete star.
This scene is only followed by the emergence of several similar rotating stars in the vast space, which gradually spread throughout the world.
When a dark hole suddenly appeared among thousands of stars with obvious changes, it swallowed hundreds of stars in a blink of an eye.
It’s a terrible black hole, strange and mysterious, and no one can tell its nature. How to distinguish whether it belongs to mystery or evil?
The appearance of black holes changed the single operation of stars, directly affected the wide-area world, and injected new impetus into this changing poor place again.
Once this was an eternal and silent place.
Now it is changing, full of danger and mystery.
This transformation is really hard to shape but really doubtful.
Looking at this scene, the water mark is very confused.
If the former eternal darkness is hell, what is this situation?
Weak water kills the soul and keeps it away!
Water dream mark will come to this dark and cold world only after he has died.
But at this time, she couldn’t help but wonder if she was really dead.