I’m not killing people, and the main target of attack is just Xuan Ci and others. They didn’t shoot at each other, but they just broke a few tiles …

How dare you ask me for compensation for a few tiles?
But at the moment, form is stronger than people …
He frowned and said, "Don’t worry, it’s a misunderstanding. I will take all the responsibility for all the damage. You can count it and I will pay for it according to the price after one day."
Su Weiwen’s eyes lit up and he smiled with relief. "I can’t believe that Mr. Magic is also an open person. I am relieved to have you."
He paused and said, "But there’s one thing I still have to ask Mr. Phantom, who is upright and upright, that he should have such an absurd idea. I’m afraid there is something hidden behind it. I don’t know where you got this news, but I’m sure the person who told you this news is afraid of malicious intentions."
The magic machine took a deep breath and said, "This problem has been thoroughly studied because it told me that this person was dead."
"Oh … well, it seems that it really is a natural cycle of retribution."
Su Wei praised 1
The magic machine deeply looked at Sue’s only eye and mind, and she couldn’t help but be annoyed.
It’s not that he doesn’t know what Xiao Chen did. He turned a blind eye to him because his mind was the same.
But who knows that Su Wei has been busy treating the injured in Wen OL all this time, which shows that he is too narrow-minded and unreasonable.
But he doesn’t know about it. It’s impossible for Xiao Chen not to know …
He really sat by and let him lose such a big ugly face.
Even if it weren’t for Shiyan’s initiative to send someone to make peace, he might have to lose an adult as his heart. He can’t help but feel a little hatred for Xiao Chen. Unfortunately, the person is dead, otherwise he will definitely teach him a lesson.
Don’t hesitate to turn around and leave when you don’t want to say more.
Su Wei looked at Xuan Ci and said, "The abbot counted that all the repairs of the ancient temples and pagodas in Shaolin that were damaged by him were calculated later according to the highest specifications. I can send the bill to him. It happened that I was going to renovate Shaolin. I’m sorry that I spent so much money."
The magic machine flying in the distance suddenly fell towards the square and then quickly stabilized.
Faster, blink of an eye, disappeared, and the trace is how the back looks and gives a sense of embarrassment.
Chapter 25-Chapter 26 Hit the face
The magic machine is gone
Or escaped …
Sweeping monk only made two moves, but it was difficult for him to guard against them.
The strong and weak are extremely obvious.
If you call again, I’m afraid you’ll lose more than you win.
Just how much is left at the moment?
Is his heart already horrified than others may be Gu Wu finally understand the sixth step.
But only he is really white. He has already stepped on the peak of the sixth step, but he has fought back several times in the face of the old monk, which means that the old man is likely to have reached a higher level than the sixth step …
"It seems that we must find a way to understand the seventh step of different surgery."
Make up your mind
At this time, many people who are watching are gradually retreating.
Today, this world war I not only witnessed the powerful magic machine, but also witnessed the sixth step of Gu Wu’s toughness
One thing is white in everyone’s mind. Gu Wu is really going to rise this time.
The sixth step appears, plus Gu Wu’s huge base …
Ten years later, it is not impossible that Gu Wu can at least be on an equal footing with different arts and colonization.
"is this your way of hide?"