"In those days, our group of people were clinging and missing, and now there are only three people in Ying Chao." Zheng Lao sighed lightly.

"Things are different!"
"Worthy" walras sounds dull.
"If there was no struggle in those days, there would be Ying Chao now."
He straightened up and looked at the four schools, farmers and the people, and his face was far better than the outside world.
Zheng Lao nodded
This is what they are most proud of.
Zhou Jia raised his hand and pointed at a certain height.
"What is that place?"
However, it is the simple style of valley architecture and Shan Ye.
And somewhere on the mountain side, something with a faint golden light pierced the white fog high, which caused the fog to stir and be full of fantasy colors.
"There is the core of Ying Chao" walras mouth.
"It’s also a legacy. It’s also because of this fog that the perception keeps Ying Chao going."
"Do you want to go and have a look?"
"Is that okay?" Zhou Jia eyes micro he can feel the induction of the source star in that direction.
Walras nodded.
"Things there are not so fragile."
Three people stop.
In front of me is a metal door that fits perfectly.
The surface of the gate is smooth as if it were absolutely horizontal, and the simple modeling has exceeded the limits of many complicated processes.
"Golden Eagle!"
Walras drinks heavily.
There was a crack in the sound gate, and then it retreated to both sides, revealing a passage made of unknown metal.
Zhou Jia, whose road twists and turns are coated with matte, gently explored a slight change in his eyes.
So hard!
Although these technologies are currently manifested in architecture, the overall technology may have far surpassed the earth.
No wonder walras doesn’t mind bringing people over.
Even black iron masters in such places can’t cause much damage.
According to our research over the years, this relic came from a race more than a hundred years ago, which mainly developed science and technology.
"Their technology can treat something comparable to a nuclear bomb as a conventional strategic weapon and can achieve precise strikes in tens of thousands of miles."
"But it’s a pity"
"Still extinct!"
"How?" Zhou Jia’s face changed slightly.
"How to perish?"
Nuclear bomb!
Even the golden rank should be destroyed, right?
"I don’t know yet" walras interface
"According to the investigation of Golden Eagle in the past two years, there should be a kind of thing called sorrow flower, and Zheng Xiong said inaccurately that ethnic group should still have people alive."
Zheng Lao nodded
"From what we found out, it seems that this race prepared for the back road before the extinction of the ethnic group, and met a mysterious person to help."
"Maybe still alive."
"We suspect that Hongzeyu compares any Tiangong clan with this clan."
"Here we are!"
The three speakers walked into a spacious hall.
The main hall is golden.