Besides, the Guizhen Sect has long been wary of the Yin-Ming Road, and I don’t know how many dharma masters there are.

Therefore, in order to prevent the evil way from deliberately guiding the right path, when Jiang Xiaochai received the news, Qing Chen simply pulled Youlong again
So it is not clear that the three great masters can ensure the danger even if they encounter a dharma, not to mention that Jiang Xiaochai and Youlong have their cards.
There are three great masters leading the way, and many martial brothers naturally have the courage to follow them to see how much they have contributed. It is even rare to see such a rare scene.
When Qingwei three people won the list of people, they also heard about the soul cave, so they also had a goal
The great masters of the nether world naturally have their worries about clearing the dust, but it is said that there are also many Taoist priests of the nether world who are separated from the soul cave, and they are willing to help them in the past.
"Away from the Soul Cave is located in the northern Huangqi Liangshan Mountain. It is said that it was a hospital in Yinming Road in those days, but it is reasonable to find their traces there."
On the way to Qingweifei Dun, Cui Ying and Hailan Road flyover said that it was the result of catching up with some common sense.
Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be completely blind again and I won’t know anything.
Cui Ying heard that "it is difficult to retreat even if the Taoist priest Jiang is staring at me and deliberately avoids my right path."
"That’s right, the great master of the underworld is just asking him to be cruel and leave others alone, but he is afraid that they can’t afford to lose a large number of hands."
It’s not easy to train a master of Jing, even if Tianzi grows up from the mundane world, it won’t be short-lived. If there are not many opportunities, I’m afraid I’ll return to the basic realm now.
Road flyover Hailan frowned and said, "It is said that the Northern Wilderness has already become a" three-no-care zone ",and most of them are vicious people fleeing there, fearing that it will not be calm except the shadowy road."
Qing Wei and Cui Ying also couldn’t help but say, "Yes, it is said that there are some experts who are tough and loose, and they are afraid that they will collude with Yin Ming Dao."
"Those people don’t care whether you return to the truth or whether you really want to make moves. They are afraid of leaving no room for others than those in the magic way."
After the three glances, they were a little wary. Qingwei was not complacent because of being on the list.
At the end of the day, it’s just a fluke. I really want to beat him one-on-one even if I’m not afraid of a hundred times.
The exiles in the northern wilderness may win too much even though their strength is better than that of the Taoist priests, but they are afraid of biting and decisive.
And the strength of the three people may be said to be not weak, but if it is careless, it may be capsized in the gutter.
After all, it’s not without great masters who fell into the northern wilderness in vain. Anyone who is still careless is a fool.
Qingwei’s own strength does not mean sweeping the same order, but it can be considered to be comprehensive.
Road flyover Hailan, Cui Ying, and his wife are slightly weak. Therefore, Cui Ying simply asked Road flyover Hailan to make a sacrifice of confusing bells, and it was a big deal to erase the mark in the future and return it to Mrs. Acacia.
Although the confusing bell has been damaged by the five elements god Leibo, it is still much better than some ordinary horoscopes.
Everyone in the unexpected scene will inevitably be affected. After all, no one will be fine. Put a condensate pill in his mouth.
Although the treatment of Taoist Hailan in the door has been improved after his success, he is not yet given a spiritual weapon
Before his hand, the small bowl of colored glass was still given a spiritual weapon by the sect after he was confirmed by Cui Ying.
Chapter one hundred and six Northern Wilderness
Northern wilderness!
Few people in Yuanzhou and even in ten continents are willing to set foot on the boundary, but recently they are crowded with people because of the incident of Yin and Ming Dao.
However, except for some conceited and advanced people who are solitary, most monks are companions, friends or classmates after entering the Northern Wilderness.
All the people rushed to come because Jiang Xiaochai pegged to the soul-leaving cave to prevent the ghost Taoist from escaping
Soon, Youlong, who has cleared the dust, has also entered the northern wilderness successively.
With the right path, the suspicion of the three great masters gave the people a lot of confidence, so at this time, the northern wilderness was a little more angry than before.
In the past, few ordinary people have set foot in the northern wilderness, and a large number of monks have suddenly poured in. Naturally, they will encounter those fugitives who have lived here for a long time.
Even though I was psychologically prepared before, some of the younger brothers of each faction boasted that they had good strength, and suddenly they were still not in a hurry to get injured in the northern wilderness, but they lost their lives.
Qingwei and his party flew for a few days and finally arrived at the edge of the northern wilderness, but the gas machine here could not help but make people frown.
"The vitality in the northern wilderness is quite strong, but it is difficult to be affected by the long-term living here in the silence of various miasma and evil spirits."
After listening to Qing Wei’s words, Cui Ying also felt a little uncomfortable. "We don’t have to stay here for a long time, but it is said that we have to go deep into the soul cave and I don’t know what’s going on inside."
Qing Wei looked up to see the other side, but many monks got together to form a city general place and couldn’t help saying
"It looks lively over there. Why don’t we go over there and ask for some news?"
After three people flicker in the past, they find that someone really started a business on the edge of the northern wilderness.
There are selling some northern wilderness specialty Lingcao, selling all kinds of symbols and selling spirit beasts.
However, what attracted Qingwei’s attention most was that there was a three-story building in a very conspicuous small courtyard with the three characters "Six Habitats".
Qingwei couldn’t help wondering, "Is this a shop for Liubiju?"
Liubiju is the Crystal Palace of the Dragon in the Ten Kingdoms, and it is said that the strength and financial resources of the Chamber of Commerce are strong, and the connections are extremely wide, and there is a law body behind it.
Cui Ying was also surprised. "I didn’t expect all the people from Liubiju to join in the fun, and I’m afraid that people will not be weak when I look at the specifications of this portable shop."
Those who are qualified to carry portable shops will live in six places, and few people will have landscape repairs, so their strength will not be weak.
The small courtyard in front of us is much more exquisite than those mini shops with one house on the basis.
Therefore, Qingwei three people can easily infer the strength of these six people.
Road flyover Qingwei and Hailan and his wife just arrived at the entrance of Liubiju when they met a girl with a big smile in front of them. "Welcome three distinguished guests to Liubiju, please ~"
While welcoming the three girls into the yard, she asked with a smile, "I don’t know what the three seniors need from the younger generation."
Qing Wei said to the girl while watching the monks coming and going in and out of the small courtyard, "Being original is to know about the situation of the northern wilderness before. It would be better if there was a relatively safe road map leading to the soul cave."