The waiter respectfully sang "Please ask Zong Mian for an audience"
A moment later
Outside the hall, they saw two people walking side by side towards the temple.
One of them, dressed in luxurious robes, dragged the floor for a long time, but his face was even uglier, and he was suspicious of the Pope with an air of dignity that could not be concealed.
And the other person …
"Why him?"
"How did he get mixed up with the Pope?"
"Is this an alternative collusion?"
"Ho … rather in collusion"
Everyone can’t help but talk about it in succession, but there is no kindness in the words.
Obviously, the Pope’s previous efforts have finally completely ruined the popularity of the church road.
And another person’s words are impressively the Lord.
Before the words of the Lord, I used to be a great master, but unfortunately, I framed the "Limit" OL, which exposed my short-sightedness and scheming …
Although he finally got over it, it was not hidden from the eye.
In that past two year, if anyone has set up the most thorough collapse,
These two old guys are undoubtedly in the first and second place, but now they are together.
The Pope’s face remained the same, and he did not move at all because the malice around him was in his own face.
Salute Alice from the beginning
"Crown ceremony confers a seat"
A moment later, when the Pope sits down,
Alice just said, "Crown I intend to continue Crown’s original feat and vigorously promote quarrelling in Galilee. This time, the scope is very wide, and I intend to cover the church, but the Pope has rejected it in such a way that it benefits the country and the people. Now the officials in the DPRK don’t understand it, and I don’t even think about the problematic quarrelling skills before Crown. How can Pope Crown reject it instead? Specially please crown to explain the people’s hearts. "
The Pope’s smell speech looks the same.
Smiling, "I don’t know that I wanted to raise quarrelling before because it helped me to raise the country in Galia. Although I taught people not to be contaminated with worldly customs, I also wanted to carry forward quarrelling because I had a better choice."
Eric asked sarcastically, "Is it a new practice again?"
"Not bad"
"Take a rest. The church can’t stand the toss."
"If you can do it again and again, you will be laughed at for being stupid."
Although they didn’t laugh
But after the Pope said this, there was a mocking smell in his air.
The pope’s angry look flashed through his eyes and he said coldly, "If I’m not completely sure, how can I act rashly?" No one knows more about quarrelling than I do. Similarly, since I think the new practice is superior to quarrelling, it can be seen that the new practice is necessarily better than quarrelling and more worthy of promotion. At present, the credibility of the church is very problematic, and I can also implement it in the church for the time being until the results are made. "
"I remember that Pope Mian said the same thing when promoting quarrelling before. No one knows quarrelling better than you."
An official named Bart looked out at the Pope and said, "But the result seems to be very unsatisfactory. Even though I was injured at first, I kept it for more than a year before I was fully recovered … thanks to the Pope’s crown, I was behind others for a whole year!"
"I also remember that Pope Mian said the same thing when he promoted the animal control law before. No one knows animal control better than you."
Another blond official, Larbert, joined the ranks and said, "I still can’t forget my son’s pitiful appearance of being torn to pieces in a dangerous hoof whining … and shouldn’t you be responsible for all this?"
The Pope said, "The church has tried its best to make up for the mistakes it made. Do you dare to say that you have not received compensation from the church? People are dead, and we can try our best to make up for it. Even if the church’s ability is as good as God, it can’t let the dead live. "
Eric said, "We can’t revive the dead, but we can stop the increase of the dead. If the church continues to put all its eggs in one basket, I’m afraid Galia will add more dead souls."
"This time, the risk is borne by the church. If I am not sure that there is nothing wrong with the new body, how can I take it out of the body?"
The Pope said, "It’s been several months since the new body was launched, but I haven’t revealed anything during this time. I’m worried that people will stop believing in the new body because of the bad name of the church …"
"Is it because this new body has matured now that the crown has taken the initiative to open its mouth?"
"It is never ripe to say that what we can do is to try and find out all the defects and loopholes in this method again and again."
Pope Gao said, "Now, after several experiments, there are 3,000 people in the church practicing new body at the same time, and there is a problem with one person. In case we find everyone in the different arts, the Lord asks him to practice and experience the problems himself. I don’t think anyone will doubt the Lord’s power in the different arts."
He was confident and smiled faintly. "And it turned out that there was no problem. That’s why I asked the Lord to come with me."
The Lord slowly stepped out.
Raise your hand slowly
Around the several candlesticks slowly floating up.
"This is my ability to subdue things. After the seventh step, my physical characteristics have changed a lot, which is more diverse and changeable. I can control the enemy’s blood and heartbeat and kill the enemy in the form, but the facts are always the same. My ability is still to subdue things, even if I break through to the seventh step, I will still subdue things."
The Lord said lightly, "But after practicing new alienation, my ability no longer exists in imperial objects."
Say it.
Around the flame suddenly burned up.
One of the candlesticks has been burned out.