"Yin Senpi, are you still carsick?"

Knowing the language situation, Yin Senpi blushed as soon as he heard it. "I passed the appraisal of’ consistency in words and deeds’ and won’t fall or lose my hand after choosing’ balance’."
Chen Yi startled other knights also gave a snicker.
Balance is quite powerful. If you can keep balance at last, you can not only take advantage of fighting and dance gymnastics, but also support your family.
But from the magical point of view, it’s not a big deal even if people will never get there.
It’s easy for Yin Senpi to feel the waves.
"Match words with deeds" is a super belief, and few people can pass this evaluation in the choice of knights.
"All right" Chen Yi finally encouraged the sentence.
He then waved to the crowd and said, "Don’t be discouraged. We will hold other ceremonies later, about three months to six months later. In this period, everyone is willing to go home and stay."
No, everyone stayed.
Chen Yi recruited four magical knights again and asked their opinions, "Can I ask you to stay and work for a few years?"
Before signing the contract, they had to arrange it from Chen Yi, but Chen Yi’s inquiry still made the knight who had just advanced to Shenshu feel the due respect.
Yin Senpi said "good" without hesitation, and the other three people didn’t hesitate too much.
The Yinsen family can stand out from the crowd with Yinsen Lie alone. They are the knights of the family. They originally wanted to be expensive
Chen Yi encouraged and smiled, but his heart was flushed with the pleasure of capitalist exploitation.
The so-called career winners exploit others, and losers are exploited by others. Life is like a group of gay people who enjoy themselves in a circle. When you are proud that you are poking others, you must be poked by others. The only way to break this strange circle is to turn from a bend to a straight one.
On the way back, Chen Yi was still sitting in a tattered jeep, and the bus smelled of vomiting after severe fermentation, while Yin Senpi was running.
He "kept his oath" and chose "to move freely", and his running speed was not weaker than that of a car without being affected by the terrain.
Divine power can not only be used in magic, but also has more explosive power and endurance than quarrelling, and its endurance is good, so it can surpass the fighting knight in terms of combat power
Lieutenant Colonel blankly sent a group of people to the plane and then said goodbye … Yiyi mainly said goodbye to him, mainly to the knights.
The military transport plane jolted and shook the journey back to Jiangning
Yinsenpi, like an old monk seated, stood still in the center of the transport plane, regardless of the change of airflow.
And then … he threw up!
Chen Yi responded indifferently to the handkerchief wetted by the potion, then tore the silk handkerchief into strips and distributed it to the knights nearby, and taught them how to block their noses. At the same time, he strengthened his "gap" force and tried his best to block all kinds of strange smells outside.
The unique amount of vomit smell of the magical knight is enough!
This is a four-hour unique experience.
Chapter four hundred and fifty You Jiangning
Jiangning’s prosperity completely shocked the knights from the western continent.
The same traffic, the same high-rise buildings in Guangsha, the same crowded people, the same colored clothes, the same smooth roads, the same food, the same men and women falling in love, the same puppy love, the same brain-dead groups, the same mobs and evil officials … Before the ceremony, the knights seemed to be preoccupied with magical skills, but after the ceremony, these differences became the focus of discussion among the knights.
Yin Sensheng made a solemn speech in front of the largest abundant building in the street, saying, "I guess this building was built by a special stone mountain refining method to remove impurities, calcining its skeleton and then flattening it."
Yinsen Hengma, the knight of the same magical skill, retorted, "Isn’t that easy to throw down?"
"Digging hundreds of feet and stuffing half of the stone mountain into it can be regarded as An Ruo Rock."
Chen Yi was amused by the conversation between the two knights. He interrupted the tour guide Hunting Jiu and introduced, "How about we go inside the building?"
"Good" this time, there are five or six people.
Cavaliers in the western continent generally like big and solemn things, cars and appliances can be regarded as gadgets in their eyes, but spacious and flat airports and buildings hundreds of meters high can arouse their interest
The top floor of Fengpei Building is a viewing platform for the outside world. Chen Yi rushed into the hall with a group of people, took out a stack of gold bonds and handed them to the window before the receptionist called the police and asked, "Do you want 33 tickets?"
Jiangning people now know that the gold bond conductor hesitated and took out a piece of his own bond from the drawer. After comparing it, he thought it was a fake and I changed it.
With this idea, she cheerfully promised to "accept your 5 yuan".
Yin Sensheng stared at the iron fence at the ticket window and asked, "Is the iron stopped here?"
Hunting nine replied, "It’s to guard against theft. There are many metal objects here, and many iron castings."
He was the first person who came to the earth to carry materials and hunt villages, learned simple Chinese and knew more about China than Tanzanians.
Yin Sensheng didn’t believe it. "This piece of iron can prevent children. Besides, will we be greedy for this untouchable property?"