A serious meeting is being called in the conference room of a police station in Jia Hu.
The big screen at the back shows "Emergency Meeting for Dispelling Illness Wine"
A group of policemen with straight waistlines were sitting on both sides with serious faces.
In the center of the conference table, there is a box filled with disease-relieving wine, and every bottle of disease-relieving wine is wrapped in cushioning material, so be careful.
"This is all the 625 bottles of Zhuang Zi’s uncle’s disease-relieving wine," said Director Jia of Niu Shan Town seriously.
"Are you sure that Uncle Lao Zhuang has given us permission to make these exhibits?"
"Uncle Zhuang Zi wrote us a grant without saying anything." Director Jia took out a grant and gave it to a bureau in Jia Hu.
"In the afternoon, let’s go to thank an uncle Lao Zhuang. Now let’s discuss it like distributing these disease-relieving wines. Before the meeting, I will say that these disease-relieving wines may violate some regulations. If there is any problem, you will all be responsible. If you don’t want to take this responsibility, please leave."
Everyone sat there motionless.
"At present, there are a total of 15 registered policemen in the station, each of whom is guaranteed a bottle less …"
"One bottle is too little and two bottles are missing. Who is not sick at home?"
"If two bottles are too many, it is better to leave 50 more bottles and distribute them according to needs."
"How to allocate on demand? What is need? By level or by contribution? "
The meeting was still going on, and suddenly something came up.
"The director is the bureau Chen next door. He heard that we have a few bottles of wine to ask for …"
"How many bottles?"
"He said two hundred bottles …"
"Let him go!"
After saying his word, a few people’s mobile phones kept ringing one after another, and there was nothing else to talk about but asking for medicinal liquor.
"Director of the district government there …"
"Director high Lord …"
"Director Chen …"
Soon, even the director’s words rang one after another, and all kinds of demands came to the top of his head. The director’s face changed and eventually he sank into the water.
When the words rang, he never answered again.
He took a deep breath and said, "It’s just the flu. It’s over. We donate all the wine to medical institutions so that they can take it to those who need it most!"
"I’m sorry, there are too many people who need medicinal liquor now." The director got up and apologized to everyone. "I apologize to all my comrades. I’m sorry."
Then the director looked at the medicinal liquor on the table.
Strictly speaking, these medicinal wines are still illegal, right? But which is more important, life or rules?
What they protect the world knows better which is more important.
Half an hour later, an armed escort car came out of a police station, and two police cars sounded sirens before and after, and the escort went straight to the virtual city like escorting some strategic materials.
This most precious medicinal liquor should be given to those who need it most, the elderly and children.
There will never be a lack of sacrifice and greatness in this world, but greed still goes hand in hand
There was a fierce argument in Takada’s office, and even the door could not be separated.
Sherhan, a Rambo pharmaceutical company, never imagined that it would be such a result for them to enter the state market for the first time and merge with Takada, an internationally renowned virologist.
Vaccine production efficiency
Anti-viral drugs are effective
Even the imitation of medicinal liquor is effective!
Rambo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the largest pharmaceutical company in Curry State, with annual sales reaching tens of billions. They are ambitious to enter the state market, but they did not expect to encounter this kind of waterloo.
"It must be your formula effect! You have to compensate Rambo Pharmaceutical Company for the loss! "
"There must be something wrong with your production process! My formula is perfect! You have to take responsibility! "
The quarrel in it gradually stopped, and both of them realized that it was not the time to quarrel. The important thing was to stop the loss quickly!