At present, the scene is really unreal, and suddenly it becomes light and lively. Younger seems to have turned into Yunziluo. Isn’t Yunziluo just as beautiful as spring flowers in front of Younger years ago?

"In those days, Violet and I had this tea vine, and now I’m back. The tea vine collapsed and no one was seen! Violet, violet, what about you? You? "
Meng Yuanchao was thinking like a flood, and suddenly he heard a sound of gold and iron, which interrupted his train of thought. When he looked up, he saw Lu Simei trapped in the four tigers in southern Yunnan again.
Jiao Lei, the eldest of the four tigers in southern Yunnan, is a martial arts expert. When he felt bad, he immediately shouted, "Don’t run around with this smelly girl!" Jiao, Jiao Feng and Jiao Yun Quran provinces cried and followed the eldest brother to stop, each occupying a good position. In this way, although they gave up the pursuit of Lv Simei, they became an encirclement. If Lv Simei wants to break through, it will not be as easy as just now.
Lv Simei laughed. "Fool! Fool! Do you still want to surround me? But it’s my turn to beat the mad dog! " It turned out that Jiao Boss’s tactics were changed correctly, but it was already a step late. Others were better. His three younger brothers followed Lv Simei around and turned dizzy into a spent force.
Lv Simei’s disadvantage is that her skill is a little poor. Now that the four tigers in southern Yunnan have become a spent force, where will she be afraid of them?
Lv Simei turned around and cried with a smile, rolled up a piece of silver long knives and short knives like a rainbow, and showed a group of tricks to kill the four tigers in southern Yunnan!
See Lv Simei figure in all directions. Two people are long and one is short. The Lancet refers to the guide of playing east and west, circling and flying north, playing faster and faster. Later, I saw that the knife was gone, and two white lights were rolling around like mercury pouring down flowers and rain! Meng Yuanchao couldn’t help but applaud "Younger’s good knife method!"
Lv Simei giggled. "Brother Meng, I said you don’t have to intervene. Look, this is not my boasting!" I couldn’t laugh enough. I heard a scream with a stroke of the knife. The old three-jiao wind in the four tigers in southern Yunnan cut off the three-jiao of her left hand and five fingers. I was busy calling the soft whip. Lv Simei stepped on the tip of the whip and shouted, "Give up!" The long Dao sticks to the soft whip to cut Rao, which is the focus. Immediately withdraw the whip, shrink your hand and dodge quickly. The right arm also cuts the blade red-handed and draws a wound more than five inches long.
Lv Simei’s exhibition of the cutting technique is really agile, like a dragon flying like a tiger, and then he turned around and just met the old four Jiao Yun’s judge pen. Lv Simei sneered, "Come and be indecent, and let you see my constructio n Kung Fu!" The short knife with the handle reversed just hit the soft hemp hole in Jiao Yun’s flank. Jiao Yun shook it like a piece of wood for two times and fell down.
Jiao Lei grabbed Jiao Yun by the waist with a long hand and shouted, "Bitch girl, I will fight for you!" He said he wanted to fight for the soles of his feet, but he ran away like oil. He was already injured and anxious, and of course he ran away with their eldest brother.
Lv Simei waved a knife and chased after him. "Where are you going?" Meng Yuanchao laughed and said, "Let him go."
Lv Simei said, "If a mad dog doesn’t hit him, he will bite again."
Jiao Lei’s flying skill is not enough for Lv Simei. Now she is carrying a person with her arms. Of course, she can’t run, but she just ran over the rockery where Yunziluo was hiding and gave it to Lv Simei.
Lu Simei was about to brandish a knife when she heard a voice saying, "Little girl, don’t show off!"
When people came to see a rockery opposite, two people suddenly jumped. One of them rushed at Lv Simei and the other went to meet Jiao Lei to help him solve Jiao Yun’s acupoint.
The two men jumped into the garden and crossed the rockery. Meng Yuanchao was surprised when he saw their skill.
Pouncing on Lv Simei, the man’s face was yellow and thin, and the moonlight was like a zombie. Lv Simei cut it with a knife and listened to the "zither". The long knife actually gave him a finger to play.
Meng Yuanchao quickly shouted, "Sister, back off!" Lv Simei, a "thin-chested and clever cloud-turning", fell out ten feet away and Meng Yuanchao greeted him and shouted, "Who’s coming?"
The two weirdos each slowly raised a palm and said coldly, "Meng Xia, you are not a famous person in the Jianghu, so you must know that we are evil, right?"
Meng Yuanchao looked intently at the fact that he was practicing the "night eye" kung fu, and the faint moonlight was also the score. He saw that the palms of these two weirdos were red if painted and black as ink.
Knowing that the newcomer is a little pale and double evil spirit, Rao is Meng Yuanchao’s high skill and daring, and he can’t help secretly being surprised.
It turns out that "Dian Cang Shuang Sha" is the two most powerful figures of Dian Cang School in Yunnan. One is called Bu Tiandiao, and the other is called Duan Qiushi and the four tigers in southern Yunnan. On the contrary, the four tigers in southern Yunnan are the same in appearance, but the two brothers Bu and Duan are completely different in appearance.
Bu Tiandiao is an abandoned baby picked up by his master Diancang Mountain. It is said that it was born by a savage mating with a female ape in the mountain. I don’t know if it is true or not, but his appearance is really three points like a monkey with a sharp mouth and a thin face. At first glance, it looks like a sick man who just got up from his sickbed and suddenly attacked Lv Simei. This is the man.
Duan Qiushi was the first famous family in Dali. Duan’s ancestors used to be the king of Dali in the Song Dynasty. Although Dali has long been extinct, Duan’s family has always been the largest landlord in western Yunnan for hundreds of years. Duan Qiushi is as graceful as a jade. Who will not say that he is a good man in troubled times when he meets him? But somehow, he just cynically fled into the mountains to worship Diancang people, and later became a formidable devil in Wulin. It is said that he came to another name because of cynicism, so he abandoned his original name and changed it to his present name. In the past ten years, he has made a big name in the Jianghu. Everyone knows that Diancang Sect has a Duan Qiushi, whose original name is rarely known.
Bu Tiandiao and Duan Qiushi, the two disciples, have different looks and origins, but they have one thing in common, that is, they are both ruthless and both practice poisonous palm kung fu. The Dian Cang Sect is between good and evil sects. These two disciples are particularly eccentric, but they love and hate by themselves.
Meng Yuanchao’s master, Lv Shoukun, touched these two men one year when he was collecting herbs in Cangshan. At that time, their poisonous palms were not yet completed, and they fought several times to scare Lv Shoukun away, but Lv Shoukun was also seriously ill when he came back with Duan Qiushi’s palm.
According to Lv Shoukun, if Bu Tiandiao practiced his name "Black Sand Palm" to perfection, there would be a monument to crack the stone with his palm alone. It is said that Bu Tiandiao practiced his name "Red Sand Palm" even worse than his senior brother’s "Black Sand Palm". Bu Tiandiao was a period of fierce external skill, and Lu Shoukun was defeated by Duan Qiushi because he slightly underestimated his enemy.
Meng Yuanchao was secretly surprised when he remembered the master’s words. He thought to himself, "Dian Cang’s double evil hands have been practiced, and I’m afraid I can’t cope with it. So I can’t let Younger take the risk."
Mind is not Lv Simei is a sneer and said, "Who is my way? It turned out to be my dad’s two defeated soldiers. "
Bu Tiandiao sneered and said, "It’s a pity that your father died too early!" That is to say, Lu Simei is not worthy to be their opponent. Lu Simei just ate a small loss from Bu Tiandiao and said angrily, "How dare you underestimate me!" "
Meng Yuanchao hurriedly said, "Younger, you have won a game, and this game should be given to me." Then he made a customary meeting ceremony in Wulin, caressing the knife and saying, "My family teacher died unfortunately, but there are still me. Two people want to report to the teacher and Qiu Xiaoke is unwilling to pick it up for him."
Duan Qiushi laughed. "Meng Daxia is welcome. Meng Daxia has already got the mantle of a teacher. Who doesn’t know? Who doesn’t know? To tell you the truth, we wouldn’t have come if we hadn’t known you were here! "
Meng Yuanchao said, "Well, then please give me your advice!"
Lv Simei cried, "It’s not fair to fight one of the two! Brother, I-"
Meng Yuanchao busy way "Younger this game I can’t let you in".
BuTianDiao nu way "how about you? If you are not afraid of death, then come! "
Lv Simei brushed out her sword and said, "Brother, you heard that this is a challenge to me!"
Meng Yuanchao laughed. "Younger, you have already won the four tigers in southern Yunnan. I didn’t argue with you just now. Now I am dealing with two people. Why do you argue with me? By the way, go to you AE’s house and see if he has come back. "