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"Don’t tell them the results here for the time being until I find out that they sent the money to the place, and then tell them it’s not too late." Sit by the window and look at the harmony outside the window. Who knows if this harmony is undercurrent?

"Well," Ning Xiaoyue thought it was feasible. Although she didn’t know what Yan Liang was going to investigate, it was mysterious, but she didn’t say anything and she didn’t ask. As night fell, Yan Liang left the restaurant, while Ning Xiaoyue got everything ready and then lay in bed and slept, waiting for the day […]

Wu Yu’s physique with black flame is different from that of ordinary people, and it is already very fast to break through the realm, while Zhang Yang’s physique is just incomplete, but it breaks through faster than her, which makes Wu Yu have to be surprised!

When fighters break through the realm, if someone disturbs the heaven and earth, it is easy for fighters to be possessed and their tendons are broken. Wu Yu got up and kept retreating. He was afraid that his absorption of fire yuan would disrupt Zhang Yang’s breakthrough rhythm. He was more than 20 meters away […]

"My brother Hao, his basketball player, and Han Rong, that bitch, are so hateful that I have to see her every day," Mann said with a face of harshness.

Is he a basketball player with your brother Hao? Good reality … "Let’s think about it … let’s talk about 88 days later." Zine said and turned back to class. "Let’s just go back after school at 88 and supervise your brother Hao," Ling joked. "Of course it’s 88." Mann is very proud. Banzine communicated […]

The waves felt like a soup pill, and it was very comfortable to be rubbed in the palm of your hand.

It’s as if the Gloeggler sound of the skeleton came from deep underground. Although it’s a mess, it seems that the crooked and broken bones have been magically rearranged, and the tired muscles after two wars have been ironed and smoothed by Ayu’s magical feet. At this moment, Ayu’s feet are irons! Charlie can’t get […]

Thanks to the experience of the severe ideological education baptism of Gange, 612 people ate it quickly. Compared with the little witch, it was really something, but it was not finished before six o’clock. The squad leader arranged the team and stood by.

Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and looked at it at exactly six o’clock. He said to Zhang Dabiao, "Instructor Zhang, let’s go!" Zhang Dabiao rushed to Taiwan after receiving the order, and the 612 brothers ordered, "Listen to the order to dress! Then the squad leader leads the car. Twelve teams, twelve cars, […]

Ye Ping heard that he was busy stopping, but he didn’t look back. He turned his back on Ye Han and said faintly, "Brother Han, you’d better let me go. I don’t want to make it difficult for someone I love deeply. I know that you are married now and you love your wife very much, don’t you?"

Heard Ye Ping this Ye Han immediately one leng for a long time don’t know what to say, but at the moment his eyes have already lost the figure of Ye Ping, so he couldn’t help thinking, "what? What emotional pain will never get rid of? Is it my Ye Han who is too delusional? […]

In the eyes, it seems that they are still holding a bit of disdain, and the two just passed by a tent. Hector even Jinse suddenly turned around and faced Su Ling’s eyelids slightly lifted, and Su Ling turned around.

When Su Ling also looked at each other sadly, Hector even Jinse pulled one side of the mouth slightly contemptuously and said, "Su Ling, should you not fight because you love you in recent years?" I didn’t say anything, but you pointed the finger at Gulan directly. If you still have fear in your heart, […]