"In the blink of an eye, Ringo is so big." Big Liu looked at Su Lin and laughed.

"Yeah, I’m getting old." Jane sighed.
"Mother is not old and young." Big Liu smiled. "Is the old lady still young and a mother?"
"It’s a talking game! It’s hard to take care of the children when you leave, so you won’t see me off, "Jane said."
"Don’t work hard, mother and brother walk slowly." Big Liu said.
"You don’t have to make yourself nervous. Just eat and drink well. Don’t you know that you have lost weight these days?" Jane clap big Liu hand way
Big Liu should be sent away Jane’s mother is still not at ease to see the children, so don’t say it’s emperors, that is, ordinary relatives have to raise their own children carefully sometimes. No, 786.
Su Lin was about to meet him as soon as he got out of Lingfeng Mansion. Jane said, "Mother, let’s ride together. It’s a cold day, and riding a horse blows your face."
Su Lin went to help her carriage as soon as she sighed.
Jane, the carriage, said sadly, "You’ve been running around a lot these days and people have lost weight."
"This should be our family boys less. I am the only one in this room. Although Gao Feng and Feng Ling are also two brothers, they are busy and have many things in their own homes. They still want me to run. After this year, I will be fifteen. There is no fatigue. I am an adult and my mother will be at ease." Surin said.
"You are really big. You will be as big as your father. After that, your mother and I will depend on you." Jane laughed.
"That’s natural. It’s a pity that there’s nothing to share with my sister, but I’m sure I can take care of my mother." Su Lin picked his eyebrows and smiled with a sense of confidence and a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.
"It’s so good that you don’t have to worry about your sister’s place. No one in Su’s family can share her worries. She usually solves everything, and you can’t help me. Sometimes I wonder if I have a baby in my stomach, but I can’t understand it." Jane shook her head.
"Elder sister is a true chicken! Mother in the afterlife’s belly is also blessed. Let’s Sue home is also blessed. "Surin laughed.
"Your mouth is getting sweeter." Jane laughed.
The mother and the handmaiden reached the door laughing and holding Jane’s car. Surin had already jumped by herself.
After returning to the office, Jane said, "Go back for dinner and take a rest early. It is inevitable that the day after tomorrow will be your grandmother’s birthday. Now it is no less than the people who come to congratulate you. You and a brother are both tired." Jane said.
"Send mother back to say again" Su Lindao.
The next morning, Sue’s family got busy. There were many things to prepare new clothes for Mrs. Su to try on.
The old lady Sue gets angry at Su Wen when she is impatient, and it’s also a shame when she is old.
"Have a good life? I don’t know what is the situation in Sue’s house now. Are you afraid of nothing? "
"Mother’s seventieth birthday even son don’t give you hold empress can allow? Look at this, but the empress sent a letter a few days earlier saying that the whole life this year was neglected by the empress, or she wouldn’t go to the North Desert and must give you a birthday. "Su Wen took out a channel.
Speaking of Su Miansu, the old lady snorted, but she no longer said anything.
She usually has a white hair, and Mammy Wang is busy dressing her. It’s good for her to wear indigo Shou Ziwen’s beige embroidered with a peach skirt. The belt is a blessing and green double pattern with indigo wishful forehead. It’s very rich for an old lady to wear jewelry in a regular bun.
"Looking at the old lady is ten years younger in this dress!" Youshi laughed
"Yes," Jane echoed.
"You can talk! But this dress is good! " Sue the old lady laughed
"The old lady has such a good eye that she didn’t think about where this dress came from?" Suman asked with a smile
Mrs. Su paused, "Is it a cotton girl?"
"It is the empress you cotton wench called palace needle and thread out delicate? Can you wear ordinary clothes for your birthday? Out of the three bodies, your son just changed his clothes. "Suman laughed.

"Don’t tell them the results here for the time being until I find out that they sent the money to the place, and then tell them it’s not too late." Sit by the window and look at the harmony outside the window. Who knows if this harmony is undercurrent?

"Well," Ning Xiaoyue thought it was feasible. Although she didn’t know what Yan Liang was going to investigate, it was mysterious, but she didn’t say anything and she didn’t ask.
As night fell, Yan Liang left the restaurant, while Ning Xiaoyue got everything ready and then lay in bed and slept, waiting for the day to start.
In the dark Gancheng, teams of chariots and horses slowly left the city gate with big wooden tanks filled with oil. The officers and men checked symbolically and then successfully left the city.
Out of the city, the road is heavy and the speed is not fast because the big wooden pot is filled with oil
In front of each car, there is a rider holding a torch to illuminate the road ahead. There is this light in this dark night.
In the distance, a dark shadow flashed by the Woods beside the road, and it was almost impossible to see her shadow. It was more like a ghost in the dark night.
Yan Liang followed her to ensure that these big wooden pots were filled with silver instead of oil.
The speed of the team is really slow, and it’s easy for Yan Liang to trace it, leaving a mark for Ning Xiaoyue all the way, and then the team keeps not far from close range.
I’ve done this kind of thing before, and I’m very confident that I won’t let them feel anything.
The line of bright roads marched past the winding rocks and crossed the rushing river to the east.
Although I don’t know where their destination is in this direction, Yan Liang can’t help but have a bottom in his heart. They seem to be heading for Qicheng.
The mystery of Chicheng is still being investigated by Weiyuan, but she doesn’t know if there is any progress. She has no emperor and no one knows if she is in the punishments department, so even if he sent her news, she didn’t receive it.
It’s been more than two months since she and Weiyuan joined together. It seems that these two months are as long as two years. Yan Liang has never felt so hard.
It was getting brighter, and Daning Xiao Yue, the gate of Gancheng, rode out of the city.
From time to time, there will be a handful of obvious gravel on the roadside. It is a stone that has been crushed into powder and thrown into the roadside. This is the mark Yan Liang left for her.
Just like her, leaving marks is simple and rude.
Ning Xiaoyue’s speed is not fast, but it is not slow.
After three days’ journey, she passed through several villages and towns, and finally she came to Qiqi City.
From a distance, I saw the mighty atmosphere of the gate of Qicheng. Ning Xiaoyue’s long outlet gas turned out to be in Qicheng.
It’s different from imagination to enter Qicheng by beating a horse. Qicheng Street is not very lively. Looking around, there is no street and then seeing any signs. Ning Xiaoyue thought about this situation. She needs to go directly to the inn and wait. Yan Liang always has a way to find her.
Looking for an inn in the street, but I didn’t expect to see an incredible scene when I walked. A large group of beggars actually lined up in the street.
There are several buckets of hot porridge at the gate of a pub in the street. The rice smells like a beggar’s body.
Ning Xiaoyue can’t help but raise her hand to cover her nose, but she can’t help but be curious and move on, hoping to see clearly that there will still be such good people giving porridge to beggars in this world.
Get closer and look at the porridge giver. They are all guys. They seem to have a good attitude
However, there are so many beggars that the emperor has never seen so many beggars. Qi City is supposed to be a rich city. How can there be so many beggars?
Looking at NingXiaoYue, I couldn’t help looking around. It doesn’t matter, but I saw a familiar person at the door of a teahouse diagonally opposite the porridge pub, where I was also looking at the team of porridge beggars.
Take Ma Ning Xiao Yu he through the beggar team and walk towards the man.
"Mr. Yue, why are you here?" It was none other than Yueshan.
I was obviously surprised to see Ning Xiaoyue Yueshan. "How did you come here, Miss Ning?"
"I followed Yan Liang to you didn’t see her? And why are you here? Yourself? Or the king of Weijun? " Yueshan never leaves Weiyuan’s side. It is very likely that Weiyuan is here.
YueShan frowning slightly "yan catching head is here? Then where is she? " Looked at NingXiaoYue road when there is no Yan Liangying.
"She should have arrived early to probably handle affairs" NingXiaoYue looked into the teahouse and didn’t see Weiyuan.
YueShan nodded "miss ning now also don’t know where is yan catching head? In that case, Miss Ning will rest here first. "This teahouse has been temporarily packed.
"Well, I’m looking for a place to rest. By the way, where’s the king of Weijun?" I happened to meet her and save her from walking around. What’s more, if she had been at the beginning of the grain, she would have been able to eat this little hand-cooked meal for a long time. She missed it very much.
"Report also went to handle affairs" YueShan smiled but didn’t elaborate.
"Well, please bother Mr. Yue." I glanced back at those beggars who were dirty and so many were really disgusting.
The beggar who gives porridge here in Qiqi City is very noisy. A street in the west of the city is as lively as this one, but it is lively here.
This lane is very long, but at this moment it is full of carriages, and each carriage is filled with big wooden tanks, which are the ones transported from Gancheng.
At a back door in carriage lane, a strong man unloaded the big wooden pot from the car and carried it into the slightly wide back door.
When a car is unloaded, it is a car. Everything is in order, as if it has been done several times.
In the clear sky, this lane is long and dark, and it seems that there are not many people hiding in it.
However, just behind a courtyard wall in the lane, a person can see everything outside clearly by just poking a small hole against the wall.
There is still a local dog lying in the yard. Although it is not dead, it is obvious that it will not wake up for a while, let alone bark.
A few yards apart, another figure also hid behind the courtyard wall. He did the same thing as Yan Liang, although they didn’t find each other in their attention.
Watching the constant unloading from the carriage, they are doing it, and the monitoring here is also 111, sad
According to the way those guys had a little trouble carrying the big wooden pot, it was full of silver.
These dozens of cars are full and have a lot of handwriting.

Wu Yu’s physique with black flame is different from that of ordinary people, and it is already very fast to break through the realm, while Zhang Yang’s physique is just incomplete, but it breaks through faster than her, which makes Wu Yu have to be surprised!

When fighters break through the realm, if someone disturbs the heaven and earth, it is easy for fighters to be possessed and their tendons are broken.
Wu Yu got up and kept retreating. He was afraid that his absorption of fire yuan would disrupt Zhang Yang’s breakthrough rhythm. He was more than 20 meters away from the latter and watched quietly by the cave wall.
Zhang quickly adjusted his mind to reach the peak, then closed his eyes and crossed his legs, sitting with his hands flat on his knees and entering the visual stage.
Master Cheng Wu has stopped printing. It turns out that the samurai’s ability to absorb yuan energy is very weak. It needs printing to stimulate the influx of heaven and earth yuan energy.
Now he has a strong body and a high level of understanding of the devouring ability of the spirit-eating tactic. Whether the seal has already affected the strength of his absorbing energy.
Zhang Yang’s body keeps making a muffled sound, and his abdomen is expanding, and black droplets are constantly falling from the square into Yuanneng Lake and the sea is filled with thick black Yuanneng silk thread.
It’s very different for a martial artist to break through a star warrior’s breakthrough, because a martial artist warms up the five zang-organs and every breakthrough is a baptism of the five zang-organs, which is especially suitable for a warrior. It will benefit a lot if he can correspond to the dirty.
Around Zhang Yang, the number of fire elements can increase and keep pouring into other bodies. It’s just that the fire red element can turn black with the passage of time. It’s a negative fire element!
Because of Zhang Yang’s operation, the sucking force of his body is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more yin fire elements can penetrate from gas, and soon it will turn from gaseous to liquid black ribbons!
Thousands of Daoyuan NengHua black ribbon keeps pouring into Zhang Yangti Chapter 113 Break through Samsung Martial Arts.
Chapter 113 Break through Samsung jack
Half an hour after the breakthrough, Zhang Yang’s body has been submerged by the fire energy of Yin, turning into a black whirlpool like a black hole that devours everything crazily!
"Gurgling …"
The fire element around Zhang Yang can be coarsened, and the black liquid ribbon of fingers can be coarsened. Thousands of ribbons flow in the semi-environment, making a strange and mysterious sound of water flow []
At this time, the vast caves are also full of light black fire elements, which can make Wu Yu, who is far away from Zhang Yang, feel refreshed by absorbing a lot of fire elements.
Wu Yu was surprised by Zhang’s breakthrough scene. "What is the achievement method for a fool to practice? This kind of yuan can absorb more than the same level of martial artists! I said that the more star-rated he is, the simpler it is to kill a martial artist. It turns out that when he breaks through, he needs yuan energy more than ten times that of an ordinary martial artist with the same star level! "
Zhangyang dantian slowly expands the black droplets, like rain, and the sound is loud, so that the lake and the sea can boil! The area is constantly expanding …
At the same time, his five zang-organs also emit bright black light, and the black impurities are squeezed out by the five zang-organs and flow through the meridians, and discharged from his pores.
In particular, the black light at the heart is the brightest, which makes Zhang Yang feel a little dazzling and the heart belongs to fire!
At present, he is the fire energy, Mushatokoro’s five zang-organs and one heart, which is the strongest when it is nourished and baptized by the fire energy, but the impurity in the heart is also the most exaggerated, which makes Zhang Yangyou feel heartbroken!
Zhang endured the pain and the teeth creaked. "Shit! It’ s terrible, it’ s like a knife in the heart. If it takes a long time and I don’ t break through to two stars, I’ ll hang up first! "
Suddenly, a black flame emerged from the depths of Zhang Yang’s heart and burst into a cold breath, which then spread and became bigger and flooded his heart!
Black fire tempered his heart, just like when he broke through the martial arts master that day
On that day, Zhang Yang’s heart was the strongest and his qi and blood were more than ten times smoother than before, and his body’s self-healing ability was naturally much higher, so he would be worried about the war in the future.
Although Zhang Yang did not break through the martial arts realm when he broke through the second star, the scene was big at that time, but this time it was different because he had determined his own fire energy attribute, and the breakthrough was very accurate and fast
The master of martial arts does not absorb the complicated energy of heaven and earth, but focuses on the energy of fire.
This time, Zhang Yang broke through the star rating quickly, and most of the time he baptized the five internal organs.
After about two hours, his abdomen stopped expanding, and the black yuanneng lake and sea stopped boiling. Thanks to the calm outside world, Yuanneng slowly disappeared …
At this time, Zhang’s momentum is even better than before, and the cold breath has also increased a little, which has changed his whole temperament!
"Two-star warrior!" See Zhang Yangxin excited.
After breaking through the two-star warrior, Zhang Yang’s black flame has not finished refining his heart, but it burns more vigorously and accelerates the refining speed!
Suddenly, the black hair burst into flames, and the meridians of Zhang Yang’s body burst into black flames, and his five internal organs were even more black!
"What’s the matter?" See Zhang Yangxin frightened and don’t know why.
At this time, his body was full of black fire and cold breath, and small black sparks were drilled in his pores, which instantly burned his clothes to ashes!
"Ghost flame! How can it still appear? " In the distance, Zhang Yang broke through Wu Yu’s exclamation exit.
Seeing that heaven and earth can weaken, Wu Yu thinks that Zhang Yang’s breakthrough is near the end, but he doesn’t want to break through. Heaven and earth can become more and more again! But Zhang Yang rushed out of the flame contained in her body outside!
At this time, Wu Yu’s mind remembered the charm sound of Magic Ji. "Xiao Yu, I am very energetic. It is not a small amount. The more he fights, the more vital energy he will be more quickly integrated into his veins, which will make him repair sharply. The more two-star breakthrough this time is, the better it will be!" You can thank me! "
"Give me back my tenth soul, and I will thank you." Wu Yubai Zhang suddenly broke through the reason again, and the cold voice sounded from his mind.
"That’s forget it. Soon you are me. I am your lunar remnant and I am shota! Hee hee … "Magic JiYin disappeared in the depths of Wu Yu’s mind.
See Zhang once again break through Wu Yu some joy, but think of the magic Kyi words uncertain future, she showed concern.
Just as Moji said, her ten-one essence is quite huge. On that day, she entered Zhang Yang’s body, but some of it melted into his blood, but it was enough for the samurai to break through the martial arts.
This time, a part of the essence of Zhang Yang’s demon Ji once again penetrated from the hidden place of his veins and bones, and his blood rose, and the remnants of Taiyin became more complete and the purity of Yin was higher.
As soon as the blood vessels get huge and pure black fire energy, Zhangyang Dantian expands again. Yuanneng Lake and the sea have not subsided yet, but it seems to be boiling again. The meridians of Zhangyang body are ready to move, which is a sign of a breakthrough to Samsung Martial Arts!
When the situation broke through the second star, there was a hole again to calm the heavens and the earth, and the fire element could explode more powerfully than before and flood into Zhangyang body …

But do you know what I think of you when I know that you are the queen of Nanxia? "

"I don’t want to know!"
Yue Qin Song squinted at Su Ling, but he kept flashing the corner of his eyes, and Su Ling caught it accurately!
Even though Yueqin Song said so, he didn’t say anything else!
Seeing this, Su Ling took one look at Shinohara Snow and then said, "Yue Tai, if you are an ordinary people, then you can do it today, and everyone here, including me, will definitely sit up and take notice of you!
But as you said, you were born too noble in the previous dynasty. Even if you endured humiliation, don’t you feel sick yourself? "
"Su Ling, don’t challenge the palace bottom line!"
On hearing Su Ling’s words before she came to China, Yueqin Song attacked him, and suddenly his blurred eyes were radiant with dangerous light!
However, it’s no use crying over spilt milk, but instead of worrying, Su Ling chuckled, "Yue Tai, if you want to kill me, you have several chances to do it in the chaotic scene just now!
But you didn’t! I know you are more concerned about the treasure of the former Phoenix family! But if you have a little patience, you might as well hear me out!
It’s not wrong that you want to recover the former dynasty. It’s not wrong that you want Li Xia Fei Mian! But you never seem to think about why you did it.
Your former dynasty was destroyed. Were you caused by the ambitions of various governors? Haven’t you ever considered that the real reason why your former power will be attacked by groups is that your life is running out!
Including yourself, you are too, but you are alive! You want to continue to recover the former dynasty, but you haven’t worked harder than you tried to protect yourself for a while!
There’s nothing wrong with living, but you’ve let yourself live or live better. You don’t hesitate to send your own son away to separate your flesh and blood!
Finally, I returned the throne of Nanxia Kingdom and completely rewritten Shinohara’s life!
In your eyes, wealth and status are far more important than your family!
You are afraid that you will be displaced after your country is destroyed! All of you, your excellent appearance attracted Xia Fei Mian!
That’s why you keep stressing that you don’t owe Shinohara the glory days after so many years!
But what about the moon? Just now you heard about his experience and past, and you kept saying that you were his real father, but did you really have any pity or love for him?
No, you didn’t! In your eyes, all the people here and Yubo trapped by you are just you!
You tried to achieve your own ambition in the name of recovering the former dynasty, but you know how to enjoy it but don’t know how to pay!
You are ambitious, but your means and your efforts can’t support your ambition!
I think you should have made a few promises to Yubo and them a long time ago, which will make them more desperate than clinging to you!
But in the end, I’m afraid even Yubo himself didn’t expect to be trapped by his Lord himself!
Yuetai, your real purpose is not to recover the former dynasty, otherwise you wouldn’t have waited for so many years!
What you really want is to exhaust your wealth and status, otherwise how could you come to the ghost town alone without preparation? !
I believe you have long known that many people in the former dynasty have become officials in various counties through hard work, ranging from the humerus of the court to the sesame nine!
You want to benefit these people, but before you achieve your goal, these people should all be nominal to you!
But it doesn’t matter whether you want the treasure today or whether you want to continue to use the banner of recovering the former dynasty, we people will definitely not let you get what you want!
All your officials who went deep into the hall and those who were ordered by Yubo to build cities and shops must have been safely laid on the list by now!
Similarly, you came alone, but his four countries have sent troops here!

"My brother Hao, his basketball player, and Han Rong, that bitch, are so hateful that I have to see her every day," Mann said with a face of harshness.

Is he a basketball player with your brother Hao? Good reality …
"Let’s think about it … let’s talk about 88 days later." Zine said and turned back to class.
"Let’s just go back after school at 88 and supervise your brother Hao," Ling joked.
"Of course it’s 88." Mann is very proud.
Banzine communicated with Ling so that no one could hear what he said.
Why don’t you directly bring down the asaps group? With you should be very simple …’
No, it’s a piece of cake, but I want to play with her slowly.’
I want them to taste the pain I tasted at the beginning. I want to die, but I can’t suffer. Let them taste it. The edge of death is terrible.’
That won’t take too long? And … have you thought about the first step?’
Think about it. It’s not time yet.’
If you nee my help, just let me know, because I don’t like people who don’t cut corners.’
Ah … we’ll see’
Ling smiled at the azine after reading it.
Chapter 11-Chen Youmei
"Hello, everyone, I’m your new teacher. My name is Chen Fei. Please call me Miss Fei …" The new teacher introduced herself.
The new teacher is a standard mature beauty with big eyes, long eyelashes, red hair, brown curly hair and a plump S-shaped figure, as beautiful as an angel.
"Please give me your advice." Mr. Phil smiled kindly.
Zine always feels something is wrong. There seems to be an intangible feeling in her smile.
"Beauty teacher ~"
"teacher! Look here! "
"The teacher is so young ~! ! !”
"I wonder if I have a boyfriend."
The boys are all noisy.
"Students, please be quiet." Teacher Phil said elegantly.
All the troops are quiet.
Cut! Isn’t it just a beauty? I’ve never seen you so good … Ling was angry and despised the male students.
"We have a transfer student coming to our class today to welcome Chen Youmei," the teacher said to the door.
Caracalla …
The door pulled and a girl with a blue ponytail came in from the outside.
She wears a long ponytail from the top of her head to her waist, with dark black eyes and attractive red mouth. She is plump and tall, and she is suspected to be a beautiful woman.
"Hello, everyone. My name is Chen Youmei, so I’m here for class. Please give me more advice." Youmei said politely, "By the way, I’m Lengying’s childhood friend."
Show off what? So what if you shadow your childhood friends! ? Ling feels bad about beauty.
She feels a little familiar. Have you seen her before? This is that reaction of azine to grace.
"Graceful, go and find a seat by yourself." Teacher Phil said to Graceful.

The waves felt like a soup pill, and it was very comfortable to be rubbed in the palm of your hand.

It’s as if the Gloeggler sound of the skeleton came from deep underground. Although it’s a mess, it seems that the crooked and broken bones have been magically rearranged, and the tired muscles after two wars have been ironed and smoothed by Ayu’s magical feet.
At this moment, Ayu’s feet are irons!
Charlie can’t get out either. It seems that Amirou steel made him enjoy himself. His soul seems to be floating with his eyes half open!
The waves and Charlie both quieted down. Ayu and Ami grabbed the crossbar with both hands on their backs and tried their best to lean towards them. The lightness skill and footboard flexibility they exerted have reached a perfect level.
At this moment, the waves forgot that there was not a person but an understanding machine moving on their backs. The comfort was like a slow stream flowing through every vein and blood vessel in the body. At this moment, the waves wanted to sleep.
When the waves looked up with their eyes half open, there was a table in front of him. The desktop was a big fish tank …
The hair on the body of the waves suddenly stood up in an instant, and it felt like a sharp bayonet stimulated every nerve in his body. In less than a second, his mind recovered his keen judgment and all parts of his body recovered his agility!
He saw from the glass of the fish tank that she was holding a sharp dagger in her hand and stabbed him hard!
Although it’s not true from the aquarium glass, the sharp dagger in the glass reflection is flashing blue light-this can’t be wrong!
-If he didn’t look up at this time, if the table in front of him didn’t reflect the fish tank glass …
The waves dare not think about it or not-a cold and cruel force suddenly broke out!
He drank a lot, supported himself with both hands and suddenly went to the top.
She is absolutely sure to succeed in this blow, and she is immersed in the joy of victory. She can’t stand being lifted by the waves without preventing the waves from suddenly leaping.
However, she is a specially trained killer. Although she was shocked, she reached out and grabbed the overhead crossbar. Her legs shrank and she was not lifted by the waves. She jumped nimbly and steadily and calmly stared at the waves opposite.
The waves rolled over the bed quickly and steadily, and the opposite side of Ayu was not in a hurry. It was a kind of cold and firm eyes staring at Ayu.
-although these moves are slow, it takes no more than five seconds from the discovery of the waves being killed to the steady cold confrontation with Ayu!
Charlie is also a master of the masters. As soon as he heard the waves binge drinking and warning, he immediately reacted and turned over like the waves. Ami’s assassination was also unsuccessful.
However, Charlie was still slow and was scratched by Ami’s dagger neck. Bright red blood flowed from his dark skin.
Charlie stretched out his hand and touched his neck and saw that his hands were bloody. "Who are they?"
Ami’s chubby cheeks and a pair of small eyes stared at him with cold and cruel light. Less than three steps ago, Charlie coldly scolded "Ge!"
The waves suddenly smiled and stared at Ayu in front of them with cold eyes. "They are Japanese!"
The waves didn’t understand why Ami didn’t speak until now. It turned out that she was Japanese and couldn’t speak Chinese, so Ayu always said it.
Judging from her expression and skill, Ayu is also a Japanese and a master of Chinese Ninjutsu!
-the waves learned a lot from the old A body. You can judge the kung fu that the other person has learned from one stroke and a half, even a look and movement!
She also smiled, still smiling, still smiling like a flower, still raising a thin eyebrow with a smile. "Mr. Waves is really amazing, no wonder he can kill several masters of our Black Dragon Club!"
The waves stared sideways at Ayu with no smile in her eyes, but her face was full of smiles and said, "It turns out that the Japanese Black Dragon will send assassins to be the two of you?" Disrespect! Disrespectful! "
She laughed. "A master is not worthy, but it is more than enough to kill you!"
The waves suddenly stopped talking and meditated.
She laughed. "Is Mr. Waves afraid of death? Still have something to explain? "
The waves shook their heads seriously and said, "No! I was thinking about whether to rape you two Japanese women first, then kill them and then rape them, or to invite all the brothers to come over and let everyone have fun together for three days and three nights before sending you back to Tokyo! "
A Yu’s face suddenly turned pale as a paper smile and became stiff, saying, "You really deserve your name, your heart is cold and cruel!" "
The waves sneered, "Who is cruel and cruel?"! When a friend comes, there is good wine. If the enemy comes, he will be greeted with a shotgun! "
She clapped her hands and called Ami to stop the massage.
At the sight of Amy climbing into Charlie’s bed, the side eye of the waves got up with both hands and went to the ceiling bar. As soon as she grabbed her feet, she got up and stepped on Charlie’s feet one after another.

Thanks to the experience of the severe ideological education baptism of Gange, 612 people ate it quickly. Compared with the little witch, it was really something, but it was not finished before six o’clock. The squad leader arranged the team and stood by.

Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and looked at it at exactly six o’clock. He said to Zhang Dabiao, "Instructor Zhang, let’s go!"
Zhang Dabiao rushed to Taiwan after receiving the order, and the 612 brothers ordered, "Listen to the order to dress! Then the squad leader leads the car. Twelve teams, twelve cars, one team and one car, all of them cheer up! Don’t let people laugh at our loyalty hall! I’m telling you, I won’t ask anyone to be ashamed of loyalty hall! Give me the car if you don’t talk nonsense! "
Before leaving, Huang Hao gave a lecture to 612 recruits. Looking at the unyielding eyes of 612 people, Huang Hao turned around and smiled and said to Brother Gan, "Xiao Gan, I now find the pleasure of training those recruits 20 years ago. It’s so fucking cool, but I just observed a group of recruits. It’s good to beat a top one!"
"Ha ha Huang Shu, then you give me a good beating. After three months, I will wait for you to give me back 612 tough guys!" Dry elder brother also replied with a smile
"Ha ha, you just wait and see, Xiao Gan. Don’t be afraid to guarantee that after three months, no one will recognize the bear. I will pay you back 612 deaths and you will die!" Hao Huang replied.
At this time, Huang Hao waist did not hear the voice on the phone, "Report that a small team of Huang instructors has boarded the bus!"
"The second squad boarded the bus!"
"Twelve teams have boarded the bus!"
Little Hao Hao looked up at the dry elder brother and nodded at him. Little Hao Hao picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered, "All teams listen to orders! Set out now! "
"Roger that!"
"Roger that!"
"Grandpa, let’s go and drive!" Dry elder brother said with a smile
"Good car! At this time, a journey is endless, and I don’t know the ending. I wonder whether I will be successful or ruined … "Hu Debiao looked at the long motorcade, and the 612 Han people looked at the rolling mountain road ahead and said with emotion that Hu Debiao was going to retire, but the idea of the red-topped gang was too great and attractive. He really hoped that he could see that day coming, so he took out all his possessions.
"Oh, don’t worry, Tiger, whether you are successful or ruined. I believe that if we keep going this way and stick to our beliefs, after a hundred years, someone will always remember that we remembered the loyalty hall, or a college orphan who was saved by us, or a lonely old man who gave her several barrels of landscape, or our loyalty hall brothers. At that time, they were no longer ashamed to see people because their father and grandfather were gangsters. They could proudly say to their playmates,’ My father is loyalty hall, he is a great hero!’ If so, it’s worth it if we die! "Dry elder brother looked at Hu Debiao field several people said affectionately.
"yes! Worth it! Take the brothers’ car! " Hu Debiao felt deeply after listening to Brother Gan’s words, which made him more determined. He walked this road with great pride and said to several people.
When I came to the city, there were not many pedestrians and vehicles. Otherwise, what else would people do with such a long queue? Brother Gan looked out of the window and more and more pedestrians said to Zhang Dabiao, "Brother Zhang told all the teams to pull the curtains, and people wanted to see a group of strong men in camouflage and riot! When the high-profile is high-profile, the low-profile should be low-key! "
"Each team attention! Attention all teams! Draw all the curtains! Speed through downtown as soon as possible! " Hao Huang picked up the walkie-talkie after listening to the words of dry elder brother and ordered
At this time, I saw twelve luxury buses quickly pull the curtains to death, but I couldn’t see the situation inside except the driver. After seeing it in the rearview mirror, Brother Gan turned to Hu Debiao and asked, "Mr. Biao, what do you think of the Harbor University of Science and Technology? I won’t go to them this time. Don’t be a terrorist and call the police! "
"Ha ha won’t I said to him, company security training to ideological education class to borrow a classroom, their principal high horse to our old professor! Besides, even if they call the police, the port city can’t beat us! " Hu Debiao replied that he and Qin Zhonghao couldn’t be more iron. They once wore a pair of pants, which was a life-threatening brother. He is the boss of the harbor police. It’s nothing if he doesn’t make any big things!
"Ha ha to our professor? Good thing! I didn’t expect this tall horse to be quite good at doing things! " Dry elder brother said with a smile
"Ha ha, that person is ok. Officialdom is mixed. Which one can’t handle affairs? It seems that the level is not low. CPC! Professor Yu, you can pick whatever you want. If it’s not a special academician, it’s not a big problem! " Hu Debiao replied
Harbour University of Science and Technology can be called the second highest institution in the harbour. The first institution in the harbour is Harbour University. However, Harbour University has a poor reputation. Because the harbour city wants to promote its image as a city, it has invested heavily in the construction of Harbour University as a propaganda film for harbour education. However, Harbour University of Science and Technology is not so lucky, just like a stepmother who has developed by her own hard work, but now it has become a certain climate.
When I came to the entrance of the Harbor University of Science and Technology, the security guard saw that such a long motorcade didn’t receive any reception activities, so he stopped the car. The security guard just wanted to give the security guard some color. Can’t you see the license plate number? People will know that this is the harbor boss Biao Ye’s car without this wink. How can you be a security guard? However, let the dry brother stop it and say with a smile, "Don’t be rude and win the battle with one soldier at a time. That’s a true story!" Then turned to Hu Debiao and said, "Mr. Biao called the headmaster Gao Ma and said that I was stopped at the school gate … Chapter seventy-five Loyalty Hall Junwei."
Chapter seventy-five Hu Debiao, the military power of Loyalty Hall, dialed the phone for a while and then a middle-aged man came over there. "How did Mr. Biao arrive?"
"Ha ha, President Gao, I’m at the school gate. The security guard said not to let me in …" Hu Debiao said with a smile.
"ah? It’s all at the door. I was just about to make a phone call to ask you. Wait, I’m coming! " Shi Gaoma has never been to school so early. Last night, he specifically told the driver to pick himself up at six o’clock this morning. Although one of his university presidents has nothing to do with Hu Debiao, it’s best for people on the road not to mess with Hu Debiao. Sometimes he speaks better than the mayor of the harbor. He still doesn’t offend the saying,’ Kid is difficult’. If he entangles himself, it will be in trouble! Besides, it’s not a big deal, even if there are so many classrooms in the school, it’s better to sell him a favor. Besides, people donated 1 million to the school. In any case, they have to borrow it!
Gao Ma hurried to the school gate and saw a security guard blocking the front of the Hood Puma car. Suddenly, he was so angry that the little security guard didn’t look at him, so he quickly went over and glared at the little security guard and scolded, "Don’t let this be my treat!"
Then ignore him. When Hu Debiao got into the car, he walked over to shake hands with Hu Debiao and apologized. "Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Biao. I’m sorry. You don’t mind if this little security guard doesn’t know Taishan soon after he arrived!"
"Ha ha, you, President Gao, have come to meet me personally. Thank you for coming! How can I mind! " Hu Debiao said with a smile
"Ha ha, that’s good … that’s good. You see, let them go in first. Let’s stop here and talk in my office …" Gao Ma suggested with a smile.
"Ha ha, President Gao, I won’t go in the past. When this thing is over, I’ll set a table for you to talk about. I still have things to do now …" Hu Debiao refused to talk to you as a mixed society and a university president.
"good! Ok! Then you are busy with Mr. Biao’s big classroom. I have already prepared it for you for a while. Let the Director of Education take you there … "Gao Ma knew that Hu Debiao wouldn’t go, so he greeted me.
"Ha ha, that will trouble you. President Gao and I will talk back …" Hu Debiao said the car and then took the whole team to the playground of Harbour University of Science and Technology.
Gao Ma watched the long motorcade passing by and then turned to look at the little security guard with his head down and asked, "What’s the matter with you, young man? Don’t you know that car?"
"Principal, I didn’t receive the notice that there would be any important guests visiting. I also thought they were making trouble …" The little security guard said that he had just arrived for a few days and wanted to behave well, but he didn’t expect to do something wrong with his kindness.
"Hey, you are still too young. Remember that the team behind this car came and let it go directly!" High horse staring at this just 19 years old naive simple guy also don’t have the heart to scold him finally ordered
"I know the headmaster …" The little security guard replied in a low voice like a child who did something wrong.
The motorcade stopped at the playground of Harbor University of Science and Technology. Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and saw that it was not seven o’clock. The normal class hour was exactly seven o’clock, so he said to Huang Hao, "Tell them to queue up in an hour and run twenty laps around the playground for me!"
Hao Huang took out the walkie-talkie after listening to the words of dry elder brother and ordered, "Each team has a car close immediately! The squad leader led the team to run around the playground for twenty laps! "
Huang Haogang said twelve luxury bus doors at the same time and came to see a lively young man jumping out of the car to form a square, where Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao commanded the speed!
Not long after, the twelve parades were all ready, and the podium of the Huang Hao playground ordered, "The children all buckled the camouflage and gave me spirit! Don’t fucking run away like a puppet army! Did you see the face? All college students are arrogant. Don’t let them look down on you. Your masculinity tells them that you also have strengths! If anyone’s mother loses face in front of this group of students in Zhongyitang, see how I can clean him up! " Xiao Hao said and pointed to the college students watching the scene of bustle on Taiwan Road.
"yes! Never discredit Zhongyitang! " Six hundred and twelve people shouted together.

"We’ll wait for you if you don’t have a few years to finish your work in the golden age," said Bai Jie.

"Good" wind Yang nodded heavily.
Bai Jie didn’t stay as a fox spirit, and most of them stayed. Their three martial arts heroes now have the responsibility and righteousness to keep the sculpture of Wu Soul and guard it day and night.
After Berger left, Michelle woke up, too. At the moment when she opened her eyes, the wind blew and saw the wooden and dull face. She lay in bed and looked at the face.
There is no greater sorrow than the death of her heart. This time, Michelle was really hurt. Maybe outsiders think that Wu Hua has amnesia. This is understandable, but the parties can’t accept such a thing. The man they love remembers many things in the past but forgets himself. This seems to imply that there is no meaning in his heart. A crazy girl can’t accept what true love is crazy.
"Cher, if you feel uncomfortable, cry." The wind raised some sadness.
"He forgot how he could forget me." Michelle didn’t cry, not even a drop of tears. She just stared at the ceiling and looked dull and dull.
"Bai Jie said that after his death, Yuan’s soul force dissipated, and most of his memories were precipitated. He hasn’t sent them out yet. It’s normal that he didn’t remember us when he entered Feiyun Gate. If you want to cheer up, he still needs our efforts to get back his memories!" The wind blows over the comfort.
But at this time, Euchel’s heart is broken and it is so easy to heal. Her face is still so sad and sad that it makes people feel distressed and murmured, "How can he forget me?"
The wind Yang shook his head and sighed for a while, sitting beside Eucher, saying, "Let’s talk about Cher."
Euchel’s facial expression was dull and she looked back at Feng Yang. Her mouth moved but she didn’t speak.
"Do you think I am a very failed eldest brother?" Feng Yang gave a wry smile.
Youcher looked back at the wind Yang again and still didn’t speak, but this time she looked at the wind Yang for a long time.
"I grew up in a small family. At that time, I didn’t have the potential or strength. My mother didn’t know why that small family was a person, and I was naturally a humble person in that family. I had never seen my father being laughed at by all since I was a child. At that time, I vowed to be somebody and let my mother live a good life."
"At that time, I liked a girl in my family. The girl was the eldest grandparent of the family. The woman was beautiful and the background was so high. I liked her, but when I learned my identity, she didn’t hesitate to distance herself from me. She said that being with me would make others laugh and her identity would be degraded. She said that I was a bastard, so I was not qualified to be friends with her. Don’t say that I was close."
"So I hold my breath and swear that I will trample on those who look down on me, and then I will go to the patriarch successor selection contest."
"But I was still too simple and naive at that time. The naive family successor was a turning point in my life, but it was indeed a turning point in my life."
"My chief selection contest was a blockbuster, and everyone was surprised by its outstanding strength. Then when I had to reinterpret everything, the chief sent someone to kill me."
"My mother tried to protect me and let me escape, but I was killed by those arrogant people. I fled back to Fengyang and was naive. That girl would help me, but I didn’t expect that she betrayed me and almost died."
Speaking of this, Feng Yang’s eyes were red and tears swirled in his eyes. "At that time, I was unable to avenge my mother and could escape to Feiyun Gate. I went crazy and practiced and occupied all my childhood."
Feng Yang suddenly smiled as if remembering something beautiful. "Fortunately, I met you and got to know you. At that time, I took a fancy to Xia Ying at first sight, but she always had flowers to win snow in her heart. Although she broke up with flowers to win snow and came together with me after many things."
"But within a few days of the good day, she disappeared inexplicably. I don’t know if it is because I still can’t win the snow or because I can’t stand the pressure of public opinion. I wonder if I am grateful and have no feelings."
"Come to Fang Fang with me. I killed his father and brother and all her relatives. She took revenge and followed me all the time, but then she saved herself and almost died. Now she can still live on drugs for several years. If she can’t find something when it is stipulated, she will die."
"There are so many brothers and sisters. I, the elder brother, didn’t bring you any help, but I kept paying you. I didn’t protect Wu Hua, and I didn’t protect many people, but I always brought you trouble."
Feng Yang’s face hung with a smile and he burst into tears. He wiped his eyes. "Am I really a failure?"
You Xueer looked at Feng Yang and cried. She also sobbed. "Brother Yang, don’t say that. If we say that the only thing that makes me happy except meeting Wu Hua in this life is knowing Brother Yang. You have been helping us since I met you. Every time we are in trouble, you always stand up like a big brother. We bear all the pain for us in front of us. We shelter from the wind and rain and let us grow up."
You Xueer sobbed a few times. "Brother Yang, you have done enough for us. Sometimes I feel that your generation is all others, and brother Yang, we are all grown up. You should also put some heavy burdens on yourself and live well."
"For so many years, I haven’t seen you find a sister-in-law for us except when I met you and Xia Ying for a few days."
"I know that Tang Ning, Xi Yu and Cai Er all love you and really love you. They can all do what you do, and you will die. Brother Yang, you are a competent eldest brother. I have seen a good eldest brother, but we are all reluctant to give you up, but we feel sorry for you. Let go. You have to live by yourself. Don’t let us be your burden."
Feng Yang is a little angry. "What nonsense are you talking about? You are all my brothers and sisters. Since you will call me Brother Yang, I won’t go to the splendor alone. I want to enjoy it and suffer together. Life is such a mess. No matter what happens, it’s not a matter."
"Brother Yang, I find that you are really good at comforting people. You have a very attractive appeal. You can always laugh or stare. All emotions can affect us. Now I probably know why so many tianjiao girls are obsessed with you."
"Then I really want to hear good things. It sounds comfortable." Feng Yang smiled.
"What about you? When you play with humor, you are serious, cold, affectionate and righteous, and there is another kind that will naturally make people feel down-to-earth and appealing. Maybe one day I will change my mind and love you." Euchel smiled at the wind and she also smiled through tears. That smile was as holy and noble as the only violet in the middle of the lake.
"Love me?" Feng Yang is a little afraid of smiling. "Please give me a break. I don’t want to wait for Wu Hua to regain my memory and wave at me with a rough rolling pin with one arm all day."
"Can a stick scare you?"
"I’m not afraid to hit me. I’m afraid he’ll blow me up while I’m asleep. You know he’ll do that."
"Fuck you," Euchel laughs like a blooming violet, which makes people fascinated. Maybe such a girl will always impress her.
"Ah, but he’s," said Euchel, without saying anything here. Her eyes were red again.
"Don’t worry, no prostitutes can fuck their clients." Feng Yang laughed. "Where there is a will, there is a way. Have confidence."
"Hey, I haven’t found that your color is really detrimental to the image in your heart and mine." Euchel took a white look at Feng Yang with Jiaochen.
"I didn’t sleep steadily after I deliberately saved myself." Feng Yang laughed.
"Well, I want to go out for a walk alone." Euchel got out of bed, but because she was a little weak, she threw herself into Feng Yang’s arms.
"La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
[… Chapter five hundred and seventy-three] I am a failure [Chapter III]]
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four Pack to force state [Chapter IV]]

Ye Ping heard that he was busy stopping, but he didn’t look back. He turned his back on Ye Han and said faintly, "Brother Han, you’d better let me go. I don’t want to make it difficult for someone I love deeply. I know that you are married now and you love your wife very much, don’t you?"

Heard Ye Ping this Ye Han immediately one leng for a long time don’t know what to say, but at the moment his eyes have already lost the figure of Ye Ping, so he couldn’t help thinking, "what? What emotional pain will never get rid of? Is it my Ye Han who is too delusional? Do you have to punish me like this? "
After a while, he couldn’t help but hum, "No, I can’t leave Ye Han’s fate to the sky. I can’t let myself suffer, let alone those who love me deeply. Since everything is necessary, there must be a happy ending."
Ye Han suddenly seems to have lost everything. This is better than when he first realized Yuan Dao. Before that, he knew that he was shouldering a century-old destiny, and he always believed that his destiny could not be changed. But now he knows that his destiny can be in his own hands.
"Pinger, don’t worry, I Ye Han will never be sorry for your infatuation with me. Since you have chosen to love me for ten years, you will do so all your life!" Want to understand all this Ye Han heart suddenly gave birth to a theory of ideas, such as oneself can’t live up to Ye Ping’s mind to himself.
"Pinger, if you wait for me, I will definitely let you stay with me and wait for me. I will go to your house to find you. I must tell you everything. I will make you white. You will not be white!" Ye Han soon made up his mind to tell sleep that he couldn’t let Ye Ping feel heartache at the moment.
From all the previous things, he has been able to know that although Ye Ping walked with a smile on her face, her heart was full of grievances. After all, it would be a great pain for a person to endure hard for ten years and eventually everything fell.
Just then, Xiaoli, who has been watching things change behind him, suddenly said, "Cold brother, there is something I don’t know if I should tell you …"
"Well, don’t say anything now. I have to find Pinger quickly!" Now Ye Han where there is mind to listen to Xiaoli? When even the interruption was turned to the exhibition, the figure suddenly ran towards the end of the alley …
[51] 【 Night Break into Leaves 】
At the gate of a mansion in starry night city, a girl dressed in white walked in from the gate. When the guard at the gate saw it, he didn’t dare to stop her. Instead, he let her go with his head down, and the gate just showed two big characters, Ye Zhai.
There is also a Ye family in the starry night city, which is not surprising. After all, there are many Ye family names in the sky, but it is unusual because most people in this city know that this Ye family is a branch of Ye family in Xingyuan City, and the owner is Ye Huai, the head of Ye family and Ye Hong’s younger brother.
Ye’s family, Xingyuan City, is famous, and this starry night city, Yejia, is not a famous family in the whole city. Many people still know this family naturally, and they all know that this is a branch of Xingyuan City, Yejia.
"I don’t know if this second uncle is getting along here. I’d better take this opportunity to visit him!" Ye Han’s figure stands at the top of a house not far from Yejia Mansion. Looking at that white shadow flashing into Yejia Mansion, he immediately knew that it was his pursuit of Ye Ping.
It’s been a while since I saw Ye Ping go in. Ye Han slowly fell to the ground from the wall. Then I looked at my arms with my child in my arms and looked up. I found that it was already deep at night. I just sighed and went to the door of the house.
Ye Han behind Xiaoli at any time with the moment is followed by today’s nature is no exception to see Ye Han toward the door, she is also busy with!
However, when Ye Han came to the door, he suddenly stopped, but Xiaoli went in independently, and immediately attracted the attention of two guards at the door. However, Xiaoli was too fast. Although you found the two guards, you didn’t stop seeing a small fox breaking into your home. The two guards were busy chasing them in.
Ye Han stupefied at the door and saw that he had been completely ignored by the two guards. Even if there was a wry smile, he would save some things if he looked at the door already guarded, so he went in.
"live!" Ye Han looked at everyone and walked slowly, but as far as he felt relieved, there was a sound behind him to stop him.
"How dare you dare to break into our Ye family at night!" The bearer is a two-person speaker, a tall young man with a three-foot long knife dressed like a peerless master, and there is another middle-aged man with a similar dress but a shorter stature beside him!
Ye Han looked at it carefully. The two men felt that they had never seen it before. They just smiled and laughed. "Who are you two? Do we still need you to manage our own turf? "
"Damn it, not only pretending to be the Ye family, but also daring to talk to the two of us. I think you are tired of living and I don’t tidy up you today!" Hearing this, the tall man was so angry that he took out his broadsword and cut it sharply toward Ye Han.
Ye Han looked at it and was in no hurry. He hummed a "carving skills" and the palm of his hand gathered a star to see the tall knife and machete in front of him. Then he flung a palm at the tall man and fought back.
When the tall man saw it, he didn’t dare to withdraw his broadsword carelessly. However, as soon as he drew the knife, he found that the figure in front of him flashed, and at the same time there was a strong Gangfeng coming behind him.
The tall man just turned around and didn’t see clearly what was attacking him, so he felt a surge of qi and blood in his body and opened his mouth. "Wow!" He spit out one mouthful blood, but when he turned around and wanted to see clearly who was attacking him, he was behind him.
The tall man didn’t see clearly who hit himself, but the short man saw clearly that the palm that attacked his brother was obviously displayed by Ye Han, but he also didn’t understand how this Ye Han really made moves.
"Dare to hurt my brother, I will fight with you today!" Short temper is not bad. Seeing that his brother was bullied, he took revenge and took out his long knife again, so he rushed at Ye Han.
"Idiot!" Ye Han looked at his heart and suddenly complained that he was not afraid of anything. This is the most terrible thing. He wanted to chase Ye Ping, but now he didn’t expect to be caught by these two brothers.
Seeing that the man’s broadsword was cut toward himself, Ye Han sent out a palm to strike the broadsword in his hand, and then he gave him a seal, which will be decided on the spot, and then he turned around and continued to walk toward Oyakebe without looking back.
Although the layout of this mansion is different from that of the Ye family in Xingyuan City, Ye Han can guess the approximate location of the meeting hall. At this time, he still knows about this house and goes to the meeting hall first. He wants to meet with his second grandfather first and then pursue Ye Ping.
However, Ye Han, who had just arrived outside the courtyard of the discussion hall, was surrounded by a group of Ye family members. Those people were all holding wooden sticks, and there was another person outside the Ye family. Looking at that person, he was about 30 years old and dressed carefully. Obviously, he was a powerful person in this family!
"How dare you dare to run wild and hurt our Ye family? Come on, arrest him quickly!" The man glanced at Ye Han briefly and then snorted.
The words sound just fell and the people around Ye Han suddenly had a move. One by one, they lit up the sticks in their hands and rushed around Ye Han. He was busy showing the protective vitality barrier to protect himself, and then he continued to rush to the hall regardless of the containment of those Ye Family members.
Those people looked at each other busy picking up the sticks in their hands and jerked them toward Ye Han. Ye Han looked at them and stopped, but those sticks fell in front of him but had already been countered.

In the eyes, it seems that they are still holding a bit of disdain, and the two just passed by a tent. Hector even Jinse suddenly turned around and faced Su Ling’s eyelids slightly lifted, and Su Ling turned around.

When Su Ling also looked at each other sadly, Hector even Jinse pulled one side of the mouth slightly contemptuously and said, "Su Ling, should you not fight because you love you in recent years?"
I didn’t say anything, but you pointed the finger at Gulan directly. If you still have fear in your heart, why did you emphasize it?
Haven’t you heard that Gulan did so many wrong things, but the third brother still didn’t kill her and even let her go back to Lou Yue … "
"Oh?" Su Ling Hector even jinse was chattering and suddenly raised her eyebrows. Then she suddenly asked in some obscure look, "How do you know that Gulan went back to the country?" Didn’t Gu Lan appear in Qi Chu as an orphan?
It seems that there are some things you know that seem to be more than us! As you said, Lao San didn’t kill Gulan, but you know what? "
Even if she hears the news, she will feel relieved and don’t blame herself. She is too eager for quick success!
But Su Ling’s words also succeeded in arousing Hean Jinse’s curiosity. She saw Su Ling’s red lips squirming for a while and heard Su Ling smile like a silver bell without asking. "Ha ha ha how dare he kill Gulan!
I haven’t settled the account with Gulan yet. If he kills Gulan so easily, who shall I settle the account with? Is it hard to find you? "
Su Ling said, he deliberately leaned close to Hector even jinse fundus metamorphoses, flash across the dangerous essence of mans let Hector even jinse was guilty to take a step back.
Be careful to stare at Su Ling’s eyes. Even Su Ling’s eyes are as afraid as she is. She refuses to look at them.
If this situation is not a guilty conscience, it must be a plot.
Hector even at this time seems to be some trepidation sample see Su Ling and she can’t help but slowly back.
She was so nervous that even the soles of her feet staggered for a moment.
Suddenly see Hector even Jinse so panicked Su Ling the in the mind is also a little curious!
She can’t be like this for no reason!
Then it’s probably something in the dark!
Speaking of it, it seems that she is really alive after returning to the mainland from Pearl Island!
This time, it seems that Hector even Jinse has to just hold it again. What do you think?
However, Su Ling was thinking about Hector even Jinse to see her, and she staggered against the tent wall around her.
Then she looked at Su Ling’s heavy eyebrows and gasped, and she couldn’t help being heavy.
It’s very uncomfortable. It doesn’t look like a fake, and even a cold sweat pours from her forehead.
When Su Ling looked at her, she was a little uncomfortable. He even trembled and said, "I’m … I’m sorry. Can you help me get a rest?"
Su Ling has never seen such a gesture as Hector even Jinse, especially her pale face looks as if she is very ill.
But out of vigilance Su Ling gently raised his eyebrows and then nodded noncommittally.
After all, Su Ling seems that the gap between Hector even before and after Jinse is so big, even if it is madness, this speed is too fast!
As Su Ling thought, she still kept a distance from Hector even Jinse in her alert look.
Even if she looks very sad, Su Ling just stretches out her arm to let her drag!
Good two people are surrounded by a tent, and Hector even Jinse spins and walks in disorder.
And Su Ling followed her carefully!
There’s nothing special about this tent, and it’s almost the same as him around!
But even Hector even Jinse shook hands and pulled the tent for an instant, and a smell of blood came to the nose.