But a lock of hair was cut off

There is nothing wrong.
The child looks like a bloody clothes man turned pale at this time.
"Who are you?"
"Do you know what you did?"
"You’ve offended Black Wind, Blood Evil Spirit and Bones at the same time!"
The other side growled while repeatedly retreating.
A smile came in the gale.
"Waste is waste. What has happened to it yet?"
"Do you know what happened?"
"I’ll spare your life if you can guess."
In the gale, the alto asks about Wei’s worries.
Wei You’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.
Not without guessing.
But the other party said, "spare his life."
This sentence is certainly not nonsense. Look at the’ heavenly sword gate’ and you will know that the other person is still alive.
And’ heavenly sword gate’?
Of course not.
I wonder if adults can deal with this guy.
Think of this who sorrow fuels salute again.
"Black wind, blood evil spirit and white bones should all be destroyed."
"Well, that’s good."
People in the wind seemed to nod their heads.
"This is impossible!"
"Absolutely impossible!"
The dwarf shouted that he seemed to want the sound to tear the lie-
"Black wind, bloody evil spirit, and white bones have 20 fighters, and the strong who master the’ extreme power’ can’t be destroyed like this!"
"What’s worse, I received a message from the master a day ago!"
Looking at the incredible dwarf, there was pity in his eyes
This kind of thing is too easy to forge.
And you are only alive because you need to draw us out.
You too …
Who worried smile.
I used to be the bait, but I didn’t expect the other person to be the bait.
What was that?
Did the bait and bait fight and finally mix together to become bait?
In the gale, people grunted softly, and the wind immediately penetrated the dwarf’s head. After the other party opened their mouths and closed them, they fell to the ground without interest.
"You look a little smart, so guess what she is here?"
"Guess the dialogue …"
"I allow you to live with one more person."
The wind middleman pointed to the grazing sword Ming after continued
Who worry more respectful.
He bowed again before he replied.
"The Heavenly Sword Gate should have been attacked twice. It seems that the first time was the Black Wind, the Blood Evil Evil Hall and the White Bone Hall. In fact, the pavilion had already dealt a heavy blow to the Heavenly Sword Gate to cope with the ensuing black wind, the Blood Evil Hall and the White Bone Hall, and it was very hypocritical to have to choose the broken arm to survive."
"Of course, this is also your order."
"The real situation should be that you let Mu Jian Ming join the black wind, blood evil spirit and white bones three halls to monitor their every move, and then you can make your hands free to clean up the black wind, blood evil spirit and white bones three halls that are not easy to be exposed due to the fight with’ Tianjianmen’."

Even the true ancestor, who once brought great crisis to the world sea, is no match, which makes Lu Chen feel stupid.

Because Liu Chen’s original secret blood true ancestor and mother have already represented the world’s sea power limit, but the ceiling.
I didn’t expect there to be such a fierce man in history. The ancient ancestors of Chaos were powerful, so people should be proud, but he had never seen the strong man in HarmonyOS. He was not in the same era and was sure that the strong man was stronger than himself.
It can be seen that HarmonyOS’ s person’ s staying or receiving the strength is enough to make the younger generations fold
"It sounds like my blood is boiling."
Lu Chen smiled, and he was really excited, because it was both an achievement and a pity to defeat the secret blood true ancestor.
He swallowed up the other side, gained strength, lost a lot of accumulation, but also missed the opportunity to fight alone with such a powerful man.
Now he knows that there is another strong man whose strength is far beyond the secret blood true ancestor waiting for him to challenge. How can he not be excited?
After listening to the words of the ancient ancestors of chaos, Lu Chen is also a white one. This carry-to-one difficulty limit label will die. If it is his former strength to challenge HarmonyOS, I am afraid it is indeed a failure.
Even now, the odds are still not high
Although his fighting skills have also risen, if the chaotic ancient ancestors are not exaggerating, then HarmonyOS, the strange pioneer, must have reached the comprehensive realm, and there is a big gap between himself and the secret blood true ancestors.
After listening to Wang Mu’s words before, he once analyzed that if the 34+plus sign is defined, then the common taboos are 1 magician, celestial leader, light-seeking, etc., and they are 2 arcane and fine dust, which is 3 chaotic ancient ancestors and Tianyang underground cave deficiency is 4 secret blood true ancestors and their mothers are 5.
Lu Chen felt that he was realistic enough to fight the secret blood true ancestor in those days, but he could not die, but it was still difficult to win the other side, and it should be similar to fighting his mother.
Yu Tianyang to Yin several people, although their energy level is still much higher than their own, have many passive blessings and talents of high attack, high defense and terminator. The other party is no longer their opponent.
The HarmonyOS said that the strong Liu Chen conservatively estimated that the other party’s’ plus energy level’ is also the same level as the secret blood true ancestor, and it is unlikely to win if he challenges now.
Actually, I also want to send a message to Liu Chen.
The First World War of Carry-to-Return is already halfway through. Due to the series of problems of return, respect for the virtual pioneers needs to challenge first, and HarmonyOS will eventually rank last.
【 Showing that HarmonyOS’s strong virtual pioneers are extremely strong, please respect the virtual pioneers and treat them with caution, and continue to return to World War I after they are not in a hurry to challenge the stable realm for the time being 】
The meaning of origin is very obvious, and the words have been euphemistic, which means that I can’t beat HarmonyOS, the historical powerhouse, and I have to let myself absorb the secret blood and the legacy of my true ancestors before going further to challenge.
I have a strong ability to leapfrog, but the virtual pioneer is not a vegetarian. The virtual pioneer may also be the strongest in the nine history. Why should I beat others across several energy levels?
Lu Chen also wanted to ask the ancient ancestors of chaos some words, but the other party had disappeared, and the chaos explorers also received a sign that chaos would stop and merge when the explorers returned.
The end is determined by the origin. The last one should have a special meaning. Lu Chen feels that there is not necessarily a stronger opponent than HarmonyOS in the end. It should be a unified order.
The ancient ancestors of chaos didn’t have anything to do with it. HarmonyOS is the most abnormal and outrageous in the history of the nine great dynasties.
"Dad, are you going to go directly to the headstrong? There are only two left. "
After the battle, Ping-an Lu rushed over with a full face of worship and looked at his father. It was really too brave for Lien Chan to win the six Lien Chan victories.
His strong men are also paying attention to Liu Chen and want to know Liu Chen’s decision.
However, to many people’s surprise, Lu Chen actually shook his head. "Don’t hit me first, I’ll go back and absorb my feelings."
This surprised everyone, because Lu Chen, who has always been a headstrong man, would be "unintelligent"
How can a headstrong man understand stability?
Actually, Lu Chen is really eager to move. He has thought about going straight to the past, but he can’t hold the warning of the origin. He also said that he would give himself a reward to get one first.
Lu Chen remembered that the world prize had not been distributed after the adventure of the World War II. It should be said that the settlement menu had not been played for himself.
He is a reckless man, but he also knows that this is a major event in the future. If he fails, it means that the carry will be brought to a standstill in World War I, because HarmonyOS is a dead man, and even if he wins, he can’t continue this unified war.
If HarmonyOS is the last one, it’s no problem to admit defeat by himself, because after the other side takes the lead, it will become his ninth national congress, and HarmonyOS can still complete the problem of reunification. There is still a final battle behind HarmonyOS, and he must win.
Lu Chen, who decides the fate of the heavens, has to be cautious. Besides, he feels that he is disrespectful to the historical powerhouse because he has not yet reached the strongest and best state.
After returning to the origin, Lu Chen immediately received the instructions.
[Dear Virtual Pioneer, your World Award has been settled, please check your award]
Lu Chen glanced at the world, and the comprehensive evaluation was still the same. After all, he has always been an S+and the pioneer’s imprint level has also risen, and finally he came to lv9, which is the highest theoretical imprint level at present.
He is most interested in the reward. The two fragments of the origin destiny stone mean that he can be equipped with+15!
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one Fusion
Before counting the origin, Lu Chen gave the stone fragment of destiny of origin three pieces that can be synthesized.
After synthesis, the Origin Destiny Stone is a special prop of origin level, which can strengthen+15 equipment 100%.
Most of Lu Chen’s equipment is+14 or+12, which has improved the sharpness of the front, but it has not ushered in a new wave of qualitative change.
Lu Chen thought about+15 a long time ago, but he was too cold to be a gambling dog because of the pear-painted clothes.
Now that he has a 100% enhanced success prop, it is natural to think twice and wait for the integration to be completed.
After Lu Chen returned to his room, he sat on the sofa and let the origin of the three pieces of destiny stone merge, which is different from making fragments. The speed of fusion is quickly informed and it takes 30 minutes to wait.
While Lu Chen was waiting, he hit the refrigerator, took out the painted pear clothes and reserved food for himself. He had a delicious meal and didn’t look like he had just experienced several wars.
The top ten have now turned over the sky, but Lu Chen’s family is at ease.
The battle between Lu Chen and Chaos lasted for a long time, and the arcane that was defeated by him has already merged with its origin.

"Shicheng Ben Lei Axe Zhou Jia?"

"Exactly" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Sure enough"
Li Guxin is clear.
He naturally heard about the younger generation who are expected to silver in recent years, but he didn’t expect the first breakthrough to come from the outer door Zhou Jia.
"You are talented enough to become silver, and that’s no exception."
Wanted to think, he added
"The benefits of advanced silver should be known?"
"A little heard" Zhou Jiakou
"I was just about to ask"
"These things will be clear to you later." Li Guxin brushed his beard and pulled up a chair and stool to calm down a respiratory tract.
"It is not important for the silver strong to kill people, so they will not be punished. Even if they are punished, they will never damage their lives and repair."
"Crime of murder"
He saw Zhou Jia’s eyes and nodded to continue.
"Every silver is a rare treasure in Hongze domain, and it is the most favorable weapon to resist disaster. Naturally, it cannot be lost."
"Every month, fifty source crystals, three bottles of source medicine and five copies of refined Xuanbing materials …"
Many benefits come together.
"Can protect a city from conscription corvee"
"Don’t rest until you die!"
Zhou Jia finally appeared in his eyes.
Every silver is equivalent to a top power in Hongze domain, so it is possible to recruit corvees at this point.
Silver protects the place from external interference, and the accumulation department can concentrate on developing its strength. It will naturally become a big force after decades.
This is the case with the most popular names in Xuantianmengmen today.
Even if the fall of silver depends on the previous accumulation, it can last for decades if it is not too bad to provoke it.
"Ha ha …"
See Zhou Jia move Li Guxin stroke must chuckle.
"Is there anything else to ask?"
Zhou Jia restrained his distractions and asked his most heartfelt questions.
"It’s true that the younger generation heard that Master Yanfa spent energy deducing the practice of silver realm before his death?"
Li Guxin moved slightly, and he slowly nodded with emotion for a long time.
"It does happen."
Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up
"It’s a pity that the method created by the holy monk Yanfa is called" Three Altars Asking Method ",although it is good, but it is not complete …" Li Guxin shook his head.
"This method is the secret of Xuantianmeng, and even the royal Zhao family has not got it. If you want to learn it, you have to wait for the clan to make it royal."
"How long will it take?"
"Short is three or five days long is half a month!"
Chapter 2 Play ()
martial arts arena
Two people stand opposite each other.
Li Guxin changed into a robe with white hair and flying beard, which is quite a bit of a Taoist spirit.

Chen Qi is also interested in auditioning for his beginner’s sword array, so he put the first general change-the mirror stops water gently. Every sword wire is like a bowstring being struck by a demon and immediately bounces out, just like these dozens of birds-shaped monty dramas.

Although Chen Qi is relying on the demon dragon’s yellow power, he knows the sea and seven thoughts, but he also has to bear several changes in swordsmanship. Even if the change is poor, there is also a limit to change. It is already complicated that a trick contains dozens of changes, but it is extremely complicated when each sword light changes independently by hundreds. Every two swords cooperate with each other, there will be more changes. When the number of swords increases, the changes are almost exhausted.
Chen Qi has been supporting for a moment, so he missed 70 flaws. The more he tried to make up for all kinds of flaws that disrupted the rhythm, the more and more he robbed Peter to pay Paul. The little thief felt that he was in a hurry, but those demon birds were obviously unable to break Chen Qi’s all changes. Many flaws could not be seen. It was because of his tough body and mana that he slammed into the sword array.
Because the attacking method of these bird-shaped demons is too rough, it also gives Chen Qi a lot of opportunities to adjust the sword array to stop these demons one by one. With the attack, more and more bird-shaped monty came, and Chen Qi’s mind was clear anyway. Later, Chen Qi also learned the trick of manipulating the red-violet sword array, and he won’t be busy repairing the flaws of the sword array. Anyway, many flaws of the sword array can’t be seen by these monty. He can tell whether those flaws are necessary or not, but he might as well ignore them.
If someone looks from a distance, they will see many birds and demons flying around and killing them mercilessly. The center of the killing is like a silk thread, and the number of swords is like a fish dragon. These swords are still green, but then they gradually mature.
Chen Qi suddenly felt the first strong wind rushing at him. At this time, the Taoist mind was calm and didn’t want to pinch a method tactic with a backhand. He took a vigorous beast to appear and shocked the attacking demon bird. At the same time, Chen Qi manipulated the red-violet sword array and finally generated the first killing potential. Seven red-violet sword lights went to a ground to detain the head and broke through layers of protection. Almost all of them attacked Chen Qi’s bird-shaped monty and strangled the bones.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Double swords
A blow succeeded Chen Qi’s spirit, and a sudden vibration of the red-violet sword array made him have a bit of a composition. He promoted the second change-tight encirclement
There are three bird-shaped demons who have deliberately exposed their flaws and attacked Chen Qi’s sword. They even turned to build three traps and trapped the three bird-shaped demons. The red-violet sword was strangled and died together. They killed four bird-shaped monty in a row, and Chen Qi put all the vitality of the consumed JingXie into one of the red-violet swords. This sword gently vibrated and sounded, and the King Kong curse immediately broke through 45 heavy mouths.
"It’s a pity that, after all, the Vajrayana curse is inferior to the real five-order instrument, but the number of good sacrifices and refining is enough to make up for the lack of sharpness and sharpness of these red-violet swords."
Chen Qi sacrificed this four-headed bird-shaped monster JingXie vitality again and refined it with a slight stroke in the imaginary red-violet sword to detain the other monster. This time, he would not swallow JingXie vitality with this red-violet sword, because the demon dragon’s yellow realm is only at this level, so the power of the spell is limited.
Chen Qi is going to kill the quartet. Suddenly, there are a pair of bright eyes behind him, and the corners of his mouth are smiling. He drinks hundreds of red-violet swords, which are wider in scope and faster than Chen Qi’s sword array. He has come back from a distance and circled hundreds of bird-shaped demons.
This time, Gu Guiling was not very polite to kill in an instant. Every sword silk crossed, there was a bird demon falling. Chen Qi was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that there was such a sharp sword technique. Gu Guiling also set a number of killing potentials in his own sword array. He always transported a small number of swords to stop most bird-shaped demons and then used force to kill a small number of them. Every moment, he had to face the enemy with the least number, and he also tried his best to kill the demons.
Hundreds of bird-shaped demons circled by Gu Guiling were killed in half an hour, and one after another, red-violet floated, and Gu Guiling didn’t devour these JingXie vitality, but transferred the red-violet sword array and circled hundreds of bird-shaped demons in.
Chen Qi can’t help but let his own red-violet sword array go out and learn to take care of the turtle spirit. The means is that his swordsmanship has never been introduced before. Although he can barely fuel this large array with Dao Xin Tong, he is as superb as taking care of the turtle spirit.
Several times, I tried to circle a small group of bird-shaped monty, but Chen Qi still learned to show his own red-violet sword array, and specially picked out the fish that escaped through the net. At that time, he also let him kill more than ten monty in a row and condensed out two full 45-fold banned red-violet swords.
The biggest weakness of the yellow demon dragon is that it is not long after its birth. Mana cultivation can’t catch up with the realm. However, the power of King Kong’s curse can be increased through continuous swallowing, and it doesn’t need hard work and hard work. When Chen Qi condenses out the third root, there are 45 heavy King Kong’s curse, and the power of his sword array has also surged several times.
Although the sword silk transformed by King Kong’s curse spirit is far from the peerless swordsmanship, these red-violet swords are not lost to the ordinary fourth-order swordsmanship. These bird-shaped monty’s mana is high and low, but the highest is just a series of refinement. Although the body is tough, it still can’t bear the red-violet sword silk’s sharpness, and it often leads to the first two points.
In atrix, Gu Gui Ling did not forget to give Chen Qiyi a glowing smile. After the demons fought back, Gu Gui Ling’s swordsmanship seems to have increased again. After killing nearly a thousand bird-shaped demons in a row, Gu Gui Ling roared. All the floating net fire red-violet and red-violet swords were swallowed and absorbed by him for several times, and then erupted again. The power of the red-violet sword array has suddenly increased by nearly ten times.
At this time, those bird-shaped monty knew that they had hit the iron plate, and they didn’t know where they were hiding. Suddenly, the leader screamed sharply. These bird-shaped monty flew together and looked at the turtle spirit with a light smile. "Give me the skills to help me break through where I have to go first!"
Gu Guiling’s red-violet sword array suddenly surged and encircled most of the bird-shaped monty. Although Chen Qi didn’t do such a thing, he also encircled dozens of bird-shaped monties. The little thief secretly thought, "I can sacrifice and refine seven forty-five banned red-violet swords this time, which is enough for me to give Brother Gu a red-violet sword array and ponder it carefully before slowly gaining power. It’s not too late for the demon dragon to devour too much JingXie vitality and get out of control again."
Chen Qi’s words are to feed the red-violet sword silk and deliberately divide the demon dragon’s body, but there are still some fears that this demon dragon will suddenly bite itself, although it can cope with it, it is also difficult to control itself.
Chen Qi Jian Guang, for example, although he is a beginner, he has experienced such a dangerous killing as Gu Gui Ling. There are also quite a few people who have entered the country with half a column of incense. Kung Fu has already killed dozens of bird-shaped monty in his own circle and practiced six 45-fold forbidden red-violet swords again.
Chen Qi’s heart is carefree to manipulate the demon dragon and the yellow earth, and the red-violet sword silk is standing by and watching Gu Guiling slaughter those monties.
Gu Guiling’s sword is like a sword with God’s help. It’s like Jiang Hai’s sword moving in a clear wave, the sword changing color in heaven and earth, and the trace of ghosts and gods. All of them demonstrate to Chen Qi that the fencing is extremely impressive. Although it is a short moment, it also feels very beneficial, which makes him give birth to the idea of changing fencing.
Gu Guiling killed most of the monty, and then he was about to kill the remaining demons together with a blow. Suddenly, the world was dark, and Chen Qi also called "Brother Gu, let’s go …" But after a while, Gu Guiling found that the sudden change of heaven and earth was not a foreign virtual.
After all, Gu Guiling is the younger brother of Qingcheng Mountain. After the earthquake, he became white. He was put into a abode of fairies by some powerful avatar. His heart secretly worried, "I don’t know what happened to Brother Chen, but I must get him back and get away together."
Chen Qi is farther away than Gu Gui’s spirit body, so he can see very clearly that some iron monster beasts suddenly appeared in the virtual space. These monsters suddenly combined to form a mass full of poor suction. He swallowed Gu Gui’s spirit first, but when he tried to dodge, he was also taken in by the strange swallowing suction from these monster beasts.
Chen Qi doesn’t know that these monty are called Star Armored Beasts. It is also quite rare in the monty outside the territory. There will be a group of monty anywhere. They also have a natural magical power, which is to embed the star shuttle. The more the number of self-contained star armored beasts in the general living instrument, the higher the monty is cultivated in the ethnic group, and the greater the power of the star shuttle will be, which is comparable to the real magic weapon.
Chen Qi was swallowed alive by this group of stars and armored beasts. He felt that there was rage everywhere, and he couldn’t distinguish between the southeast and northwest. Chen Qi could also release the red-violet sword array and protect himself from the wind and rain. He could even feel that he could easily penetrate more than ten strange monsters when he released the red-violet sword.
Chen Qiyi thought of his own situation, so he was not busy refining these monster beasts into supplies, but slowly transported them to dare King Kong curse to control these demons to know the sea and manipulate my consciousness. I don’t know how long it took Chen Qiyi to suddenly feel that hundreds of monsters shaped like iron plates and with tentacles combined to form a small star shuttle.
Chen Qi’s heart moved forcibly to break through, because he was outside the shuttle composed of tens of thousands of stars and armored beasts, and this rush actually rushed out.
When Chen Qi harnessed hundreds of stars and armored beasts to form a star shuttle and flew for hundreds of miles, he turned his head and looked back and forth, and his heart was shocked beyond words. Chen Qi could see that a monster beast with hundreds of miles long was standing in front of him. Compared with this huge monster beast, he was just a drop in the ocean, such as the bright moon.
This monster beast is made up of tens of thousands of star armored beasts, and this group of star armored beasts makes up the star shuttle to fight against a very strong enemy.
Opposite the star shuttle is the mysterious heavenly palace, which is no smaller than the star shuttle composed of tens of thousands of stars and armored beasts. It is also Fiona Fang. I don’t know how many weights there are in hundreds of miles, but it is also extremely deserted. Looking at the number of palaces, it seems that there are few creatures in it.
Even Chen Qike sensed that there was a double murder in that heavenly palace, which seemed to run through the universe. There was a firm but gentle wave. Chen Qike naturally knew that there was no one in this heavenly palace, but it was obvious that there was one star shuttle composed of tens of thousands of stars and armored beasts.
This personal sword is one thousand times more than Gu Guiling’s spirit of the earth than that moment. Chen Qi almost has such a firm but gentle cross over everything in this world.
That sword is almost irresistible.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven It is not to the sad place that a man has tears without flicking.
A moment is like eternity!
What’s more, when the fighting broke out at that moment, Chen Qitian was about to destroy the universe, and the world collapsed immediately. There was no such thing as a magnificent shock wave and a huge shuttle, which caused the collapse and wanton destruction.
Although Chen Qi has just polluted hundreds of stars with the curse of King Kong, it has formed a small star shuttle, which can be manipulated and can fly. Chen Qi has finally escaped a little, but the collapse wave caused by the explosion of double firm but gentle waves and tens of thousands of star armored beasts in that heavenly palace has moved widely, and Chen Qi’s heart can almost float from outside Wan Li in the blink of an eye. Every time when he has escaped from his birth, there will be scattered firm but gentle waves and collapse around him, so Chen Qi has to fight hard to continue to flee.
He is like a small fish in the sea being attacked by stormy waves and hunted by strange fish of all ages. It seems that every moment of life is involuntary. It depends on whether God can give him luck to get him back as much as possible. Every time Chen Qi avoids fatal danger and continues to breathe in the future, there will be a second wave of crisis that will make him exhausted and even more embarrassed than a Sangguquan.
"These big shots are afraid to wave me, this little fish in the pond. They are afraid of me and it’s just the aftermath. It’s so powerful …"
Chen Qi doesn’t know how many times he fled. When he felt that the four-part tactic was too dirty, the black light method, the King Kong curse and the Buddhist mana department were almost exhausted, and even the nursing strength was squeezed. It was impossible to avoid a crisis any more. Suddenly, a familiar sound came behind him with a surprise and cried, "Teacher Chen Qi …"
Then he felt that it was the highest peak of Wuqi Mountain when he opened his eyes again.
"Brother Gu Guiling, did you save me?"
Gu Guiling is even more embarrassed than Chen Qi when he first met him. I don’t know how many times, but his eyes are laughing and his mouth is very happy. Chen Qi can feel that Gu Guiling is wrapped in a great joy. When Chen Qi asks him, Gu Guiling Root has no meaning to answer.
At seven o’clock, Chen showed his shock and shouted, "Brother Gu Guiling, have you condensed the elixir?"

Tao Ze waved his hand, and his arm clicked, making a crunchy sound. Ordinary people passed through seven floors at an incredible angle. He picked up the box very skillfully and lifted his foot and walked into the door.

Slow pace, smiling
It is naturally a different idea to kill a green snake with a sense of Goethe’s slave body
But with the passage of time, the green snake … is Li Yuan, but she hates it now.
It is necessary to intrigue.
Although Ann is, she is tired.
Because my mistress has already arranged everything properly.
Most of the time, just hit the thugs.
Less time?
Notify the police and the danger Committee to wash the floor
It’s like today is special
Li Yuan, carrying two boxes, could feel that his predecessors were following him, but I meant to step on the bluestone pavement and bypass the stone pillar of the street. Li Yuan put a box behind the Qin family’s military face.
Since the Qin big princess lived there, the former Red Little Xia has become the most loyal guard there.
"You have worked hard"
Tao Ze smiled and handed over a box.
Red little knight-errant lead this fuels took the box around two military has jumped out from the side will follow people down to unload the body.
"Come every day."
"Is it too much trouble?"
"And it’s all that cannon fodder."
Red little chivalrous man leading the high muttered.
Then novel way
"notify the danger Committee"
"Come to dinner before you go."
"It’s good that the porridge is cold."
When the Red Little Heroes dispersed, Li Yuan walked out of the courtyard with the remaining boxes.
Put two boxes in the courtyard stone table and Li Yuan shouted.
"mistress Qin dajie has dinner."
"Come! Coming! "
The face became mellow, and Qin Huan ran out and sat directly on the side of the stone table.
Look at the food in the box with expectation.
Tao Ze put the food one by one with a smile on his face.
The whole courtyard belongs to Qin Huan-erh, which makes Tao Ze feel that it is a good seedling to practice martial arts by eating a small body and qi and blood all the time.
It’s the Qin family in the sea!

"Cut the crap!"

Medusa promised Su Wei that no one would know that she had come back from the dead.
Obviously, he still has cards in this awakening country.
There’s nothing to talk about. Medusa’s feet are dexterous and trampling on the soil. The whole person is already in the wings of quarrelling and blessing and rushing to the eternal night sage.
The reincarnation will arrive soon …
When they have limited time, how can they chat with the enemy?
Yun Yun also held a sword and waved several firm but gentle strokes. She didn’t listen to those players saying that villains would die if they talked too much.
Although they are not villains, if they are in the enemy camp, who knows what mysterious means he is hiding?
It is talk.an excellent thing not to give him a chance to speak.
Xiao Yuanshan’s palm strength was eliminated, but he didn’t take it at all. Instead, he roared a true qi again. Although far from quarrelling, he was so blazing and explosive, but he was better than the whole person. People are the true qi and people are the true qi.
"Wow … you are the ultimate card in the world? It’s where the Lord dares to provoke loneliness. "
The figure of the sage king in the eternal night suddenly dissipated.
When he was revealed again, he had avoided three people and appeared outside the door.
He looked forward for a while and then nodded, "It turns out that it’s not only you but also more than 3,000 elite troops … It seems that we lost you. Every time you came before, more than 100 people misled us to form inertia. You sent more than 100 people at most at a time, and I’m afraid those half-awakened people were just bait. Either they were absent by the so-called roots or they were well hidden in the awakening country. Their minds were so deep that they were paved the way after the Second World War."
Three people have come back.
After Yun Yun entered the restricted world, it is already a Samsung emperor to study hard and practice hard and then rise to two levels.
This progress was in the past, and she hardly dared to think about it.
Now, in the face of the enemy who doesn’t know the depth, she left her hand for half of it, which is Yunlan’s secret skill.
Medusa ate a flat in the hands of Wu Ji Jun before, but now she can’t see Wu Ji Jun, but it’s enough to kill his boss. Her heart is angry and she has to make moves and efforts.
Already on the verge of metamorphosis, quarrelling and roaring like a whirlwind swept around, destroying everything around and bearing the brunt of it. In the eyes of the Saint, it seems that the side air flow is even more violent, and the thunder bombing is so powerful that it almost shakes the earth.
This kind of power has made Yun Yun also frightened to hear that the strength of the Queen of the Snake Terran is close to Douzong, but now it seems that she is only a layer of lightweight film to dissipate energy and pierce this film, and the follow-up is Xintiandi.
Now that Su Zhangmen has karma, are you afraid of breaking this little shackles? It seems that her future achievements are limitless.
And Xiao Yuanshan was silent.
Move as fast as thunder and lightning, walk as you like, and move extremely quickly. It contains several back-hand energy dissipation, which makes the sage of Eternal Night stagnate for a moment, and then immediately it can attack and kill like a storm.
Can face a three-person attack
However, the demeanor of the sage always seems to be like a leisurely pace, and the figure is illusory and flickering.
I can’t believe that these three people have avoided all their attacks as if they were things, and they can still give a complete message.
Strong and weak are actually points.
Medusa shouted, "Will you run away if you are a master?"
"challenging the solitary"
Eternal night sage hummed, "But loneliness means you can stand loneliness without flashing?"

The deputy head of the army is a big man, although he doesn’t wear a magic pattern, but his body reveals a kind of powerful coercion.

Surdak can clearly feel the strong breath handed me by Marquis Bakr before him.
There is a deep scar on his face, which is a bit involved in the pouch of his left eye, like being scratched by some kind of claws of Warcraft.
Marquis of Lu Se put his hand on Surdak’s shoulder and patted it before they made a formal introduction.
After a casual chat, he said what he had come for.
Listen to the Marquis of Lu Se talking about the Marquis of Barker, the three-turn blade master, and then say with great certainty.
"As far as I know, at present, there are three advanced three-turn swordsmen in Bena province, but there are more than 20 swordsmen who have reached the peak of two-turn swordsmen, such as the Lu Se Marquis, the quintus swordsmen …"
Then the Marquis Barker looked at Surdak and questioned
"Are you sure you are a three-turn blade master?"
"Yes!" Surdak is very positive about this.
Marquis Bakr stared at Surdak in disbelief and asked, "To tell the truth, I’m a little surprised that you can damage this place intact. You may not know much about the meaning of the title of Three-turn Blade Master. The blade master who assassinated you may be the strong one at the peak of the Second Turn."
"He has mastered swordsmanship, and the knight sword in his hand is like a sword mountain …" Surdak said.
Marquis Bakr interrupted Surdak’s words and asked aggressively, "Are you sure that’s the field?"
"Yes," Surdak admitted again.
Marquis Barker shook his head slightly and then took a look at Marquis Lu Se before explaining
"Even if you want to get out of the field in a Sheft Steinberg, it’s definitely not an easy task. You can get away from this assassination. I can guess that the assassin is just a great swordsman at the peak of his career, so there are many people who agree with his status."
"I’m a little embarrassed to say my cards. I’m sure that’s the three-turn blade master …" Surdak said with great certainty.
Marquis Barker nodded.
"There are only three blade masters in Bena province, but that doesn’t mean that there are three blade masters in the Green Empire. As far as I know, the leader of a mysterious bandit group has been wandering in the western part of the empire, but he chose the opposite of the empire and his wanted order to accumulate a table. You can make a little note when you return to Warsaw."
Marquis of Lu Se and Surdak walked out of the office of Deputy Chief of Army Bakr and left a few people in the military building.
Even the lobby lounge on the first floor has become deserted.
The Marquis of Lu Se loosened his necktie and said to Surdak, "Come on, let’s go home!"
Go to the military gate, the young assistant has prepared the carriage. Marquis Lu Se and Surdak boarded the magic caravan with the Lu Se family emblem and sailed all the way to Marquis House in Lu Se.
In the evening, Benacheng Street is a little more lively than during the day. Obviously, no one wants to go out in the scorching sun.
A group of cavalry in Bena Lord Street are marching out of the city in a long line. They look like a Lord army that has just finished a plane war and is preparing to go home. Although it is exhausted, every soldier’s face is full of joy.
"They came back from Oheim, where the cavalry rebelled. Two weeks ago, it was a complete suppression of the rebels’ conditional surrender. However, the plane lords of Oheim were miserable this time. It is estimated that it will take ten years to recover Oheim’s economy."
Lu Se marquis eyes fell out of the window to see the knights of the ensign to sur tak explained.
"You’ve come back just in time. If the road is delayed for a few days, I’m afraid I will go to Bahrain with the legion. Now Duke Newman has returned to Bena City, and some small-scale wars have not been completely calmed down, so Lu Se legion needs to solve them …" Marquis of Lu Se said to Surdak with a face of ease.
"Bahrain plane?" Surdak has never heard of it. It is estimated that it should be almost the same as the dry cloth plane. It is a small plane with few resources.
Surdak also learned that the Chester swordsmen are still sitting on the Bailin plane, and the quintus swordsmen have entered the plane through the delivery door. The Marquis of Lu Se will lead the main force of the Lu Se Legion through that delivery door in recent days.
It seems that Duke Newman really believes in the Marquis of Lu Se, and the Marquis of Lu Se can only participate in the plane war when Bena Army returns …
Surdak went to the office of Marquis of Lu Se in the army, and his entourage hurried back to Marquis of Lu Se to inform them so that Lady Marianne could prepare dinner when she had enough time.
The magic caravan marched in front of the gate of Marquis House in Lu Se and soon stopped at the steps of the vestibule garden.
Surdak took the lead in jumping out of the carriage this time, and then he saw the steps. Then the servants saw Hathaway and Beatrice behind Lady Marian, and they were accompanied by a maid holding a child with one hand.
Mrs. Mabel and her three daughters are good, and Mrs. Marianne is standing side by side with them, along with Mrs. Sissy.

After reading it for a while, I decided to finish my work first. As soon as I took out my work notes, I said, "Continue to ask a question. Where is the main meeting place of your organization?"

These are small problems. He will practice his hand.
Liu Xinyu said sullenly.
Chen Yi kept asking and kept looking back.
Anyway, he often listens to scrolls and has nearly one.
It is no problem to ask two days and two nights for each 3-minute time zone.
The more leisurely Chen Yi is, the heavier Liu Xinyu’s mood is.
More and more, she feels numb, and the expression and movement of the other party make her feel more and more ashamed.
Several shameful things may happen when the facts are tried all night.
Among them, the physiological reaction becomes more and more difficult to pass.
The special burning feeling caused by the friction between the chest and the thigh side rope almost consumes nearly half of Liu Xinyu’s energy, making it more and more difficult for her to resist and entertain foolish ideas.
At noon the next day, when the sun shone through the garage window, she was finally in a difficult situation
Chen Yi really doesn’t seem to care about the garage exposure.
She recalled that the process of being kidnapped was not only strange, but also did not leave a trace.
Conceited and agile first, Liu Xinyu regretted that if he had been more cautious and left a step back, that would be all.
Chen Yi’s trial paused.
That’s him drinking water. Liu Xinyu can know without opening his eyes.
Liu Xinyu twisted and struggled for two times and gave up. "Don’t ask what you want to know, I’ll tell you."
After I don’t know how many repeated inquiries, Chen Yi’s face didn’t change at all. He grabbed the rope in front of the cast iron table and tightened and relaxed, then said, "Really?"
Liu Xinyu’s whole person is flush.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Replace identity
"I’ll tell you everything I want to know." Liu Xinyu seemed to really give up.
One day, unfamiliar skills make professional players lose confidence. Chen Yi doesn’t recognize that he has such a strong talent.
He is drinking energy to reply to the potion and admiring Liu Xinyu’s twisting posture.
Is the cast iron table water, sweat or something?
Chen Yi raises his eyebrows and instantly pours a bottle of energy recovery potion.
The effect of constantly starting the listening scroll seems to add some extra burden. Of course, it is not much in proportion. The reason why he keeps drinking potions is mainly because of thirst.
The tender meat on Liu Xinyu’s chest is showing more and more. However, it may be deliberately hidden in a torn blouse. The looming state of cleavage pink red beans is more attractive.
"Give me saliva and tell you everything you want to know." Liu Xinyu said that it was intermittent, but it was pitiful to help the eyes.
Chen Yiduan put the cup by her mouth.
Liu Xinyu’s teeth were biting and drinking, and a lot of water flowed out. The light-colored clothes on her chest were immediately wet and stuck to her chest, which almost showed everything.
"It’s hard to wipe it for me."

So there was Wei Zhongxian, the nine-year-old

And it is precisely because of this kind of staying out of it, this kind of indifference, this kind of self-centered concept of joy.
It makes him have a different view of the current situation and people’s hearts.
Zhu Guang found himself not mistaken after testing Zhu Youxiao for more than a month.
He revealed his intention to beat about the bush.
He is going to send Zhu Youjian to the throne if he is really wrong and the carpenter emperor is not so careless.
According to the ambition of Emperor Chongzhen, he will certainly be able to make him willing to support his plan.
Nazhi Zhu Youxiao saw through Zhu Guangmu at a glance, but he really didn’t care.
Let go of the chisel and ask, "If I give you the court, will you take care of me?"
Zhu Guangwen one leng saw that he had been staring at himself and seriously said, "Being original is now a Taoist and will be a Taoist."
The move also don’t say what day Li Min is their own practice, "
"I don’t care what day Li Min is practicing." Zhu Youjian waved his hand and said, "If you can get those courtiers to leave me alone."
"Don’t worry!" Zhu Guangyi hand smiling way
Then discuss with him how to build this miniature palace and adjust the refining channel to make it have feng shui instruments.
Zhu Youjian is also enthusiastic about his debate and discussion.
Wei Zhongxian can white his mind and coax his heart, but he doesn’t know carpentry.
This made him feel that although he was loyal, he was a handmaiden and he was not alone.
Can make it impossible to pay.
But this new Daoguang mage and a real person are different.
Not only can he get along with himself in vain, but he is also very comfortable
More importantly, he really knows carpenters, not only giving himself a lot of woodworking skills that he has already lost.
There are many magical theories that make him want to stop.
The two men worked until dark to build a model palace that would take several days to build.
Zhu Youxiao couldn’t help but smile from his heart. He kept Zhu Guang after dinner.
Zhu guang got up and said goodbye to him.
"I will worship the real Buddhist in a few days and hope that the Buddhist can help me." Zhu Youxiao looked at him.
"Being original will be worthy of your trust!" Zhu guang kotow should way then turned away.
"That’s right!" Zhu Youxiao suddenly stopped him. "It’s a good time to have a sperm-nourishing and blood-enriching pill. Buddhist might as well practice more."
"Being original and obeying orders!" Zhu guang turned to answer.
"Congratulations, Long live the grandfather who has got another talent!" Wei Zhongxian looked at Zhu Guangli laughing Yanyan way
"It’s really good!" Zhu Youxiao looked at just build a palace model heart way
"I just don’t know if our Buddhist adult can’t stand that group of poor abuse in the future.
Has become a magic road flyover "Wei Zhongxian while qu his face lightly sighed.
Taoist Shen Ji was originally an alchemist and a chemist in Zhu Youxiao.
It was later influenced by the Donglin Party that insinuated and put in a good word for the Donglin Party of Wei Zhongxian Ophthalmology.
Whether Wei Zhongxian or Zhu Youxiao are dissatisfied with this matter.
Zhu Youxiao alienated him from the beginning, and then Wei Zhongxian secretly killed him.
"Then you can watch him for me. He wants to plead for Li Min, and then focus on Li Min." Zhu Youxiao also didn’t answer, "The people in the Hall of Supreme Harmony are not Li Min. Don’t let him get confused."
"Long live the ye say" Wei Zhongxian immediately devoting to should.
Before he lowered his head and showed a happy expression, he listened to Zhu Youxiao’s way, "But do as he tells you if Buddhist needs anything on weekdays."
Wei Zhongxian a’ previously no one can get long live the ye so believe?
Could it be that this noble-minded real person really has this heart? ’
However, he replied in a low voice, "handmaiden, obey the order!"
"Well, I’m tired, so you can go back."
Zhu Youxiao waved back Wei Zhongxian and looked straight at the palace model in front of him.
Suddenly his left hand pointed like a knife and cut the palm of his right hand.
Drops of blood fall into the model and disappear.
Only when he was pale did he falter, and the blood took out a bottle from his arms.
Pour out a few pills of Dan medicine, suddenly pale, a little rosy on your cheeks, shaking your body and stabilizing.
Zhu Youxiao waved his hand and was soaked in blood. The palace model changed into a thumb-sized yellow carved dragon square and flew into his sleeve.

Xu retreated slightly. "Can you feel it?"

"I can’t feel when I lose meat? You smell like two grandsons of mine, one of which was made in batches in early years …
Huh? "
Suddenly ling ding tone became nervous "this is … do you have a tricolor diamond moment?
Or touched a trichromatic rhombus? "
Xu retreated in astonishment, but his spirit and expression did not fluctuate, which was regarded as frightening progress from the principal Cai Shaochu.
"Can you … tell me?"
"indeed!" Make a retreat without denying it
"Is it still in your hand or have you touched it?" Ling ding asked
Make a retreat without saying anything.
"Can you answer me? This is very important!"
"How important is it?" Xu tui doubts
"If you hold this tricolor diamond moment now, I may let him bring you some great help.
Our life at the beginning of Ling Moment is very comfortable and has a strong auxiliary ability, "Ling Ding said.
"Work, life or fighting can help you. It’s definitely worth it." I was afraid that Xu would not agree with Ling Ding and added again.
"I do, but I’ve been telepathic. I’m a dead thing. There’s nothing!" Xu tui said
"Impossible tricolor rhombic moment in my family is more noble than I can’t die!
Even if you are swept by the strong spirit of the Terran Bank of China, you will not die and sleep, "Ling Ding said.
Xu tui’s head was running at high speed and suddenly asked, "How to wake it up?"
"If you bring it to me, I can wake it up in a special way, and then you bring you a lot of convenience," Ling Ding said.
After a few breaths of silence, Xu retreated abruptly and asked, "What good can you get from doing this?"
"Can you understand an elder’s love for his grandchildren?"
Make an instant retreat, don’t talk nonsense and turn around and go.
Ling Ding was in a hurry and cried, "I’m telling the truth! I can really wake it up and give you great help.
Especially in the interstellar space, we can help you build a fixed communication network in a certain range!
Our quantity technology is the most developed … "
Ling Ding’s tone suddenly disappeared, but Xu retreated directly out of the door of the test hall, and the communication between them was interrupted.
I thought for a moment and then turned around and went to Cai Shaochu’s private house.
I would rather believe in an alien life than believe in the star-rated strong in Huaxia District. This stupid thing will not happen in Xu Retirement.
Cai Shaochu must be told about this retreat.
It is up to him to judge whether there is any danger or not to dispose of this tripod.
Cai Shaochu, the president of the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution, is still very idle to be a strong star.
But Xu tui was surprised by Cai Shaochu’s mansion outside the country.
A six-story single-family villa
But the card hanging at the door made Xu retreat dazed and dazed by the Institute of Galaxy Spirit.
The first five floors are the institute. After Xu retired and showed his identity, he also met many researchers.
The sixth floor is Cai Shaochu’s private residence.
I was informed that Cai Shaochu was on the top floor of the big terrace, and after Xu retired and bowed slightly, I motioned for Xu to sit down and brought Xu a cup of tea.
"Come to me again so soon. There must be something to say."
Xu back also don’t hide will just LingDing communication department said to Cai Shaochu.
However, Cai Shaochu was not surprised, but looked at Xu Retreat and said, "It seems that your radiation affects the practice of telepathy, and the level of telepathy is very high. Most practitioners of gene transmutation are not as accomplished as you."
"Principal, I said that the Ling Ding thing will be bad for our Blue Star and will it harm our Huaxia District?"
Cai Shaochu smiled and shook his head with a look of indifference. "Don’t make a fuss. This fellow said this to everyone who can talk to him."
It is these years that there are fewer and fewer strong people going to him.
Speak much the same. "
Xu tui was silent for a while and suddenly said, "but I really have a tricolor rhomboid as it says!" "