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"Don’t tell them the results here for the time being until I find out that they sent the money to the place, and then tell them it’s not too late." Sit by the window and look at the harmony outside the window. Who knows if this harmony is undercurrent?

"Well," Ning Xiaoyue thought it was feasible. Although she didn’t know what Yan Liang was going to investigate, it was mysterious, but she didn’t say anything and she didn’t ask. As night fell, Yan Liang left the restaurant, while Ning Xiaoyue got everything ready and then lay in bed and slept, waiting for the day […]

Thanks to the experience of the severe ideological education baptism of Gange, 612 people ate it quickly. Compared with the little witch, it was really something, but it was not finished before six o’clock. The squad leader arranged the team and stood by.

Brother Gan took out his mobile phone and looked at it at exactly six o’clock. He said to Zhang Dabiao, "Instructor Zhang, let’s go!" Zhang Dabiao rushed to Taiwan after receiving the order, and the 612 brothers ordered, "Listen to the order to dress! Then the squad leader leads the car. Twelve teams, twelve cars, […]

"Well, maybe you really need my help. Anyway, God knows. Now let’s go home first. We’ve been out for a long time." Just now, the street was still full of people, but there were only a few stars left. So we stepped up and walked back …

Chapter 19 Pretending to be a boyfriend chapter "I said Suo Na hasn’t arrived yet? The carriage has been walking for a long time … "I asked Suo Na in the middle speed of the carriage. She ran to the general’s office early this morning and called me up, saying that I started earlier. The […]

This makes Shao Xuetong feel flattered and moved, makes Shao Xuetong feel respected and grateful, and makes Shao Xuetong feel like a woman-it turns out that it can be so comfortable slowly!

It’s a manly gesture that the waves are rough. He’s not with her * * He’s raping her, abusing her, satisfying her sadism, satisfying her vanity. Now it’s different. The waves are gentle, her center is a manly gesture. He just caresses her, comforts her, warms her and satisfies her vanity as a woman. Even […]