"So I dare to guess that someone bought the maid" Gu Jinxi silently contemplated in his heart "but who is this person? Why would he do that? And how did my mother go to Sue’s house? "

Speaking of which, Gu Jinxi’s eye movement suddenly seemed to remind him of something and turned to look at Ye Zhenniang. "Do you remember that the old lady in Su’s family said that she was sorry for my mother, but they adopted my mother in Su’s family, which is bigger than life?"
"No, no, there must be something we don’t know." Gu Jinxi’s thin lips sipped slightly.
"Zhen Niang heard that Xie Yi, a former master of Xie Jia’s family, has been tracking down the disappearance of his wife in those years. Maybe when he wakes up …" Ye Zhenniang didn’t finish her words, but Gu Jinxi raised her hand and interrupted her words. "No, no, no, let’s ask Pinellia to prepare gifts. Let’s go to the post to visit Mr. Su."
Almost instantly, Zhenniang Ye understood Gu Jinxi’s meaning, "Miss, do you want to inform your wife together?"
"… or" Gu Jin sunseeker nodded.
After all, it is much more justified for Su Yi to visit than to go by herself. There are some things that Su Yi also needs to know that she was too well protected by her father before, and it is too simple to imagine this thing.
Ye Zhenniang lowered her head. "It’s Zhen Niang. I’m going to prepare."
Su Yi was very pleased when she learned that Gu Jinxi was going to the post to visit the old man and the old lady Su. Although she and the old lady Su are gone now, she has raised herself for the two old people Su’s family after all. She really doesn’t care. She really can’t do it these days. She is thinking about when to find an excuse to go to the post quietly and see that it seems that her daughter is still the daughter after all.
"Madam, don’t get excited. Miss Su has always been a filial piety." Sue Mammy’s face also comforted Su Yi with a smile. "You look at this young lady. You look at a child who knows nothing, but the bottom of my heart is clear." Who is good to her and who is bad to her? Those conspiracies and calculations can be bright in her heart.
Su Yi nodded. "Well, Dad, don’t Sue’s grandfather is ill. What do you think we should prepare?"
"Ginseng, velvet antler?" Looking at the warehouse inside well-preserved numerous fill Su Yi is picky.
"Wrong," Mammy Su shook her head. "Grandfather Su is sick and weak, even though he is weak. The old slave said that the young lady will be ready, so you don’t have to worry anymore."
Su Yi sip sip lip low head; I looked up at Mammy Sue for a long time. "Mammy!"
"Huh?" Sue mammy looked at her puzzled.
"I’m not very" Su Yi suddenly shrugged his head and sat next to the soft chair like a deflated ball. After that excitement, the whole person was soft and prone to lie prone. "I’ve been trying to protect me for so long, and I know it’s very me …"
Sometimes when she sees those poor people, she seems to see herself at the beginning; She will never forget knowing that she was so desperate and lonely after adoption, and even seeing those who are joking and laughing will make them laugh at themselves; How many days and nights even she can’t remember clearly, so painful, so desperate, I wish it was a dream.
Gradually accepted; I don’t know if adoption is adoption after all.
Sue mammy pouted her thin lips, but she didn’t speak after all. She patted Su Yi on the shoulder. "Madam, don’t think too much."
"…" Su Yi shook her head, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I know, I also feel so good."
"Madam, you have done a good job now." Others may not be as kind and pure as she is. "But you have to learn to be strong. Is the young lady a child after all?"
"I’m white" Su Yi lowered her head.
Even if she can’t lose her daughters, she must learn to be strong; Just like today’s Heng Wu Garden, if she is still the high-ranking Mrs. Gu Guogong, if she still has the title of "Two Death", who dares to treat her like that, how can Heng Wu Garden be reduced to that situation?
Ma shan is good at being ridden and bullied.
When Ye Zhenniang got everything ready, Gu Jinxi and Pinellia came to Tinglan, the waterside pavilion, Su Yi was already ready to finally pick two bottles of mild tonic Lu Ningdan from the warehouse; Mildly nourishing qi, Atractylodes macrocephala and Astragalus membranaceus, supplemented by Codonopsis pilosula and Ganoderma lucidum, were slowly boiled. These two bottles were still when the old lady Gu was seriously ill. She tried her best to get them from the hospital, but it was a pity that the old lady Gu did not appreciate her feelings. These two bottles of Luningdan were released like this.
Gu Jinxi’s eyes darkened when his eyes fell on the two exquisite white porcelain vases.
"This Lou Ningdan is the most gentle tonic for our government people …" Su Yi hurriedly explained.
"Well," Gu Jinxi dialed the medicine bottle and sniffed the brow, frowning slightly. "It’s not bad for Sue’s old man to be ill and recruit evil wind and cold."
Su Yi repeatedly nodded.
"It’s getting late. Let’s go back early." Gu Jinxi watched Su Yi’s eyes fall behind her. Du Ruo and Jean were well. "You have to be careful when you look at the young master’s nurse."
Du Ruo nodded, "Miss, rest assured that the slave will be optimistic."

Zhuo Qiang hurriedly found a big snakeskin bag and put the box of gold coins in it. He threw it into the sea along the bow.

A 618 light patrol boat slowly approached the Long Yun. Zhuo Qiang recognized the boat number as belonging to the second detachment of Nanxi Marine Police of Beihai Frontier Defense Corps. It seems that it was specially aimed at himself.
A dozen armed police armed with assault machines arrived at the Long Yun and pointed their guns at Zhuo Qiang in the dark.
"We have received information that you have guns and drugs hidden in this ship. We are ordered to search and ask you to cooperate!" A leading officer Su said
Zhuo Qiang heard it so quickly! It was only last night, and today it came to the door!
He spread his hand. "If you search, search for me one by one. Where did the fishermen get guns?"
That heavy machine gun hides on an independent closed deck, and they can’t find it unless they pry it up. Besides, this special material deck is not so easy to pry up.
Unless they are absolutely sure that the ship has guns, they will definitely not smash their fishing boats by force.
This dozen armed police, except two, continue to guard Zhuo Qiang with guns, and three of them look around in several boats.
Liu Xiaolei had already stopped working with Ye Chuchu and chatted with Ye Chuchu in a small way. Zhuoqiang was staring at all this coldly with a cigarette in his mouth.
Hu Yonghua’s power is so great that it is really a bit wrong to think that the frontier detachment has its own front.
In this case, we must find a way to get rid of this dangerous person as soon as possible, otherwise we will have to live in fear every day.
The officer watched Zhuo Qiang from time to time. He didn’t look like a ghost in his heart. He was a little unsure about today and this time.
At this time, there was another engine rumbling from far and near, and a catamaran stealth patrol boat came over.
Long Yun’s brain won’t warn when there are outsiders on board. The secret of Long Yun is the most important.
Zhuo Qiang turned to look at the patrol boat and saw that the number was the one that appeared when it collided with the ship.
How lively it is! I don’t know what this naval high-performance patrol boat is doing here, but it’s always here to search for other ships’ arms!
It was the same time that the officer, with two men, also arrived at the Long Yun, looking at these marine police strangely.
Marine police officers and naval officers said hello to each other. Although both of them are commandant ranks, the gold content of the navy is obviously higher, and the attitude of the marine police officers is a bit low.
At present, the navy is the most important service in Daxia except the Second Artillery Corps. In modern warfare, the navy is bound to be the first line. If the navy is disabled, the result of the war will be self-evident.
Two people exchanged names. Zhuo Qiang heard that the marine police officer was called Gao Shengjie and the boat officer was called Tang Jinguang.
Gao Shengjie said that he came here to get orders to search for weapons, while Tang Jinguang said that he was on a routine patrol and stopped by to see his old friends.
Although Tang Jinguang didn’t say which old friend to visit, Gao Shengjie’s old friend is this fishing boat.
How could a naval officer be friends with a fisherman? Gao Shengjie was puzzled, but when he heard Tang Jinguang say a word, he naturally became white.
"When I collided with Annan’s ship, the ship didn’t find any weapons. How could it send you to search again? Think about it, even if you have weapons, you will have thrown them into the sea long ago. You won’t be stupid enough to wait for you to search again! "
Gao Shengjie realized that this boat was the one that sank the Annan gunboat!
Look at Zhuo Qiang again. It really looks like the young fisherman in that broadcast video.
What is this!
He knows that some departments have spoken, but this ship is unarmed, and he has come to check it himself. Isn’t that nothing to find trouble?
Even if it is found that there is a weapon, it is a slap in the face! Besides, it’s even more troublesome when foreign affairs are involved.
Another point is that I really admire the fisherman who sank the Annan gunboat! A border guard is also a soldier. It is impossible for him to have a bad impression on such a warm-blooded young man.
"What a good thing this deputy team Sun found for himself today!" Gao Shengjie secretly annoyed.
"Close the team!" Gao Shengjie made a sign.
Tang Jinguang said goodbye to Gao Shengjie. When Gao Shengjie left, he also shook hands with Zhuo Qiang and apologized, saying that this was a misunderstanding and then returned to their boat with people and waved away.
Zhuo Qiang looked back at Tang Jinguang after the patrol boat left. He didn’t believe that Tang Jinguang passed by by accident, but if he did it on purpose, what was the purpose?
Tang Jinguang smiled and said, "Don’t think about it. I happened to pass by here today. When I saw your boat, I came to see our heroic fishermen in Daxia!"

As soon as the man at the door came here, he heard her words and immediately froze.

"What did I cheat you 44 Chapter 44 Lovely and stupid I also like it.
Chicken shallow shake a almost no soft legs.
It’s so sour for grandma to speak ill of people behind their backs and be caught red-handed!
"Why are you so elusive?"
Phoenix shallow turned a face of security to stare at him.
Jun Moying somehow didn’t know where he provoked her. She was fine last night. Why did it suddenly happen like this?
Is it too much and now my back is sore?
Phoenix shallow goose bumps by his strange eyes, for fear that he would say something inappropriate for children in front of Dongyang to catch a glimpse of Dongyang.
Fortunately, dongyang had the insight to see her son, so he took the initiative to go out and left her with a bright smile before he left.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
Phoenix shallow think this girl really who is bad …
I used to be a smart, virtuous and decent girl …
"What’s the matter with backache?" Jun Moying walked up to her as he spoke, and gently held out his left hand and held her in his arms, while his right hand put aside her waist and rubbed it for her.
Feng shallow "ah" screamed out "Jun Moying, what are you doing!"
She’s ticklish. This man even scratched her waist!
Before dongyang finished quitting, he heard the sudden arrival of such a red-faced scream in the temple, and immediately he fled in shame and seemed to rush out.
Jun Mo-ying looked at Feng’s shallow and dense eyes with something of koo. "Isn’t it backache?"
"Who told you that my back is sore!" Fung-shallow is going crazy.
Look at him now, and then associate him with that strange expression he just had. It’s not stupid. Of course, I’ve guessed what he meant by "backache" and I’ve made a big blush.
This fellow is so obscene and abnormal!
Not pure at all!
Jun Mo Ying squeezed her red face and phoenix eyes with great pleasure. "What’s the matter with that?" I think your opinion on me seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and you even say that I am cheating in front of the girl. "
Phoenix is shallow and talkative.
Why is this man so excited about something that sounds so serious?
Doesn’t she have a big opinion of him? Shouldn’t he reflect on it?
"You lied to me!" Feng Shao pursed her lips and gave him a discontented push. "Back to you, you told me that Dong Yang’s needlework would take more than ten years to embroider something, but I just asked Dong Yang that she learned it in seven days!"
Jun Mo Ying suddenly realized.
He picked his eyebrows and hugged her to prevent her from earning a living. "I have heard that there are professional skills in succession, even if they learn it in seven days, it will be like a little thing who doesn’t rely on this to eat."
"… words don’t say that" phoenix shallow injustice to absorb a nose "I think it reflects my clumsy in a sense"
"Not afraid …" He laughed.
Phoenix shallow he took to say something like "don’t abandon" and looked up at him eagerly.
But I don’t want a man to smile with a hook in his mouth. "Anyway, the brain is more stupid and fits you just right."
"… Jun Mo Ying, you king egg!"
The man laughed happily a few times.
Good half ring to see her eyes are red with anger is a miserable but full of resentment to stare at him, this just gathered a smile, her forehead kissed her on the back and coaxed, "I like it no matter how good and stupid I am."
"Tell me why you suddenly thought of learning this?"
This attitude of having to learn is not like killing time by chatting.
At last, the ten watch is full. Chapter 443 Where can you talk nonsense about such a thing?

"Dad, be careful" Tengqingshan couldn’t help saying that he could see that this kind of fight is likely to lead to death.

"Rest assured to see your dad tidy up that guy" TengYongFan smiled.
"Brother Fan, don’t be careless." Mother Yuan Lan also looked at her husband anxiously.
Teng Yongfan nodded and immediately greeted many people around him.
"Teng Guzhuang, Teng Yongfan, Li Jiazhuang and Li Liang, please enter the war circle" Lang Dao, a silver-haired old man with crutches.
"Afan gave me a good beating of that Li Liang" family master’ Teng Yongxiang’ couldn’t help but say.
Teng Yongfan smiled and entered the war circle.
"Ha ha Teng Yongfan has long wanted to fight with you, but you have been camping in your Tengjiazhuang all day while the iron is hot. Today, I will let you see my Li Liang Iron Fist." The great Hu Menghan’ Li Liang’ laughed and suddenly took off his clothes and threw it and strode into the circle of war.
Li Liangshen’s hair is very developed, his chest is dark and his chest hair is very thick.
"Well, let me see your iron fist." Teng Yongfan smiled and threw a cloth to reveal his lean body. Teng Yongfan’s shoulder and back were extremely muscular, and his back and shoulders seemed to have a pair of wings hidden on his face. His thick arms were comparable to teenagers’ thighs.
Teng Qingshan’s eyes lit up. "Although Dad rarely starts work, his arms have reached a terrible level while the iron is hot for years."
Have more confidence in my father Teng Qingshan.
It is a two-person battle that requires improvisation in addition to strength.
"Two," said the silver-haired old man on crutches.
"please" and "please!"
Father Teng Yongfan and the Li Liang surrendered at the same time and then both retreated slightly to observe their opponents carefully.
"Li Liang, didn’t you say let me see your iron fist?" Teng Yongfan laughed and strode forward to be overbearing.
"Hum" Li Liang sneer at a flash from the side near the fists has been gaining momentum when near TengYongFan moment right fist mercilessly toward TengYongFan JianWo position.
"Ha ha ….." See TengYongFan casually with a wave of his left hand will Li Liang that one punch to swing aside conveniently TengYongFan is a straight punch.
Li Liang’s left hand has long been blocked.
"Peng!" As dull as beating a drum.
Teng Yongfan hit Li Liang’s left hand with a straight punch, and the speed hardly changed, and then hit Li Liang’s chest.
"Hey!" Broken bones, Li Liang felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then the whole person flew up and fell out of the circle directly.
There was silence!
No one thought that Li Jiazhuang’s instructor’ Li Liang’ was beaten by Teng Yongfan in one round, and his strength was not the same.
"Brother Fan is good!"
"Brother Fan!"
There was a cheer on Tengjiazhuang’s side, and everyone shouted and was very excited.
Li Liang!’
Many talents in Li Jiazhuang woke up and rushed over.
"Don’t worry," Teng Yongfan said, "I finally collected three components, and this Li Liang still won’t die." Then Teng Yongfan smiled and went to his wife, Yuan Lan, and his son, Teng Qingshan, and picked up Teng Qingshan’s pet tunnel. "How’s your dad?"
"awesome!" Tengqingshan smiled and gave a thumbs-up
The scene of a child giving a thumbs-up made many people in Tengjiazhuang laugh. Obviously, Tengyongfan’s overwhelming victory made Tengjiazhuang people very happy.
And many people in Li Jiazhuang are dumbfounded. This Teng Yongfan is too strong. They have seen with their own eyes that their master’ Li Liang’ can lift 700 kilograms of boulders. The arm strength is so strong, but there is no resistance in front of Teng Yongfan. How strong is Teng Yongfan?
"Not the kui is a Tengjiazhuang patriarch who is always a good boy" Watching Li Jiazhuang patriarch’ Li Huojun’ laughed.
"Ha ha" TengYunLong is satisfiedly smiled.
Teng Yongfan is naturally proud of his son-in-law and proud brother.
"Jinfu is ready." Li Huojun took a hint of pride. Li Jiazhuang’s third appearance was called Li Jinfu.

"Zhou Qing Di, what are you yelling about? Don’t. You’re trapped in heaven. Now you’re still in my hand. I won’t believe your story."

Hearing Zhou Qing Di say this, Ah Da is really nervous. Zhou Qing Di is fierce. He knows that when Zhou Qing Di gets out of trouble, he will definitely be afraid of being killed. But he can’t consider so much now. He must first ensure his life to escape. Besides, it is better to be killed by Zhou Qingdi in the future than to be killed now.
Zhou Qing Di deliberately talking to Ah Da also creates opportunities for the police to let Ah Da relax and show his flaws.
Xiaoxiao reached his waist and held a dagger while Ah Da was talking.
This is not a dagger, but a dagger gun, which can be shot at close range. Xiao Xiao is also good at making a dagger gun.
When Zhouyi got to Xiaoxiao, Mashan realized Xiaoxiao was ready to make a move, but Xiaoxiao’s chances of success alone were not 100%, but Zhou Qingdi was Zhou Jun’s father and Zhouyi was not allowed to make any mistakes.
"Officer, you’d better agree to this gentleman’s request. The hostage is my friend’s father." Zhou Yi said to Xiaoxiao and then put his hand behind him to communicate with Xiaoxiao in sign language.
Xiaoxiao is a gesture of Zhouyi that can be clearly understood naturally behind Zhouyi.
Zhouyi sign language was given to him by his grandfather Zhou Shan when he was a child. It is a special force and an essential skill for agents. Of course, Xiaoxiao understands it.
After Zhouyi finished the sign language with Xiaoxiao, he retreated to Xiaoxiao’s oblique rear. Xiaoxiao’s opinion is that at this time, of course, Xiaoxiao can’t go to Zhouyi to sign for him. If someone approaches, it will arouse Ah Da’s vigilance, and Zhouyi will retreat, which will not cause Ah Da’s suspicion.
Xiaoxiao also put her hand behind her, and she agreed to the action plan of Zhouyi, and decided that the two men would join hands to kill Ada and rescue Zhou Qing Di.
"The gentleman please don’t behave in such a way I’ll send a helicopter? You have to promise me not to hurt the hostages. "Xiaoxiao spoke to Ah Da again.
"What are you wasting? I said I’ll give you ten minutes." Ah Da continued to growl.
"Wait for you on the helideck in ten minutes."
Xiaoxiao wanted to think, then nodded and turned as if to leave here.
When Ah Da saw Xiaoxiao agreed to his request, his heart was slightly relieved. At this time, a dagger gun magically appeared, and Xiaoxiao’s hand shot out from the dagger gun and went straight to Ah Da’s eyes.
When something shoots into his eyes quickly, his first reaction is to blink, and Ah Da is no exception. His first reaction is to blink, and his second reaction is to use a dagger to cut off Zhou Qing Di’s throat and Zhou Qing Di’s mutually assured destruction. He didn’t expect Xiao Xiao to do it at this time, regardless of the hostage’s life and death.
He shouted that his father was going to die.
But this time Zhouyi moved the cold mountain, and now a dart quickly shot at Ah Da’s wrist.
At the same time, blood splashed into Ah Da’s eyes and a dart penetrated Ah Da’s right hand wrist.
Ah Da Thief’s heart is immortal. His wrist was shot through, and he even wanted to reach for his right hand dagger with his left hand. At this juncture, a figure rushed to Ah Da and kicked him in the abdomen.
This shot was made by Chen Hu Chen Hu, whose martial arts were unfathomable, and Zhou Yi, so Ada flew out and hit the steel pipe of the small iron house as if he had been hit by a heavy car.
Ah Da immediately breathed his last and couldn’t die again.
Zhou Jun rushed into the small iron house and hugged Zhou Qing Di. At this time, his face was full of tears. Maybe he didn’t expect to see his father again in his life.
"Why are you crying? Hurry up and give you the old unlock chain."
Zhou Qingdi laughed.
Zhouyi also entered the small iron house at this time. He got the chain key from Ah Dashen to unlock Zhou Qing Di.
Zhou Qing Di’s hands and feet are fetters, which add up to at least 100 Jin of Zhouyi. There are actually ten chains while locking.
Finally, Zhou Qing Di was beaten in the shackles department. Zhou Qing Di threw those shackles and strode out of the small iron house. He was covered in injuries and remained so calm.
"The trapped dragon is out!"
Zhouyi to Zhou Qing Di walked out of the small iron house and thought of these four words. Zhou Qingdi is a trapped dragon, but now he has regained his murderous look since Chapter 63.
After Zhouyi and Xiaoxiao joined hands to save Emperor Zhou Qing, Xiaoxiao’s affection for Zhouyi increased by one point. She and Zhouyi were just like a pair of partners who had been together for many years.
This is very rare. If the special police force and Guoan want to find a suitable partner, it often takes several years to run in, train together, and even live together to cultivate enough tacit understanding and letters. However, Zhou Yi and she have known each other for a short time, and they have not trained, but when they join hands, they are as tacit as one person.
"It’s not bad if I have such a partner. Maybe my safety will be much higher when I execute it."
Xiaoxiao thought that even powerful women are eager to have men to protect and care for them. Xiaoxiao was distracted for a while.

-mom! Tall pine angrily scolded him in the heart, but he had long thought that the coquettish wind was fluttering, and he hadn’t waited for his hand to let the little one take the lead. He also had an eyeliner in the hotel, and then he secretly made a small vault. Be careful!

Tall pine heart is scold face is happy to be raw and said, "no problem! No problem! It happened that the guest department was not serious about economics and engineering, and I just wanted to fire her … Miss NO FENG フウカ Piaopiao usually works hard, and I just want to find a chance to promote her. Now my husband said that of course I will do it! "
"well! Go! " The wave is faint.
Tall pine and lead the way to the office in front.
The waves were stunned and didn’t wake up from their dreams. When the wind fluttered in front of them, they patted their shoulders and kissed them seriously and said, "Little girl, work hard and organize well, and you won’t be mistreated!"
Then he winked at the naughty wind in distress situation, then sank his face and strode forward. The stalwart figure walked along the long corridor with firm steps.
A Yu quietly watched the waves do these things and suddenly said, "What am I an exception?"
The waves are pulling well. When I heard the question of Ayu, my hand stopped. I looked at Ayu’s eyes and suddenly smiled and said, "Maybe it’s because you make me feel good!" "
The waves don’t know anything in their hearts, except for Ayu, who always hates her. Maybe it’s because Ayu’s body makes him feel good!
The waves stopped looking at Ayu’s eyes and said, "I won’t give you Sakura Yamazaki for the time being, but I will still give you the credit. When you wait for me before dark, I will give you Sakura so that you can get the credit. Just have a good rest here. You will be fine after waking up and feeling physically injured."
After he finished, he walked to the door.
When the waves just reached the door and were about to go out, Hou Ayu suddenly said, "I should hate you? Still love you? "
The waves slowly turned around and looked at Ayu.
She is also looking at the waves with a hazy eye.
The waves were clear and deep, eyes were fixed on Ayu, and suddenly the corners of her mouth showed a symbolic evil smile and said, "Whatever!"
Say that finish turned and walked out of the room backhand door.
The waves went to the lobby on the first floor and saw that the wind was fluttering and he was still on duty. He could just flirt with one of her smiles and go over and say hello, "Hey, pretty girl!"
The wind is fluttering and looking down at things. When I heard the news, I looked up and saw that it was the waves and smiled and said, "Did you get another game so soon?"
The waves laughed and said, "Modern times are fast food times, and everything has to be done quickly and slowly."
The wind fluttered and smiled and said, "It seems that everything can be fast. Can’t this be fast?"
The waves laughed. "I’m looking for simplicity, not doing this when I’m in a fake mill-I want to be a dragon, a tiger, a tiger, and a wind!"
"Good theory!" The wind fluttered and applauded and praised, "It really is the killer of flowers and waves!"
As soon as the eyes of the waves turned to see, four people suddenly reached out and touched a handful of Xi Xi with a smile.
"Die!" The wind fluttered, his face flushed, and he stole a look, only to be relieved when no one saw it. "Do you want the boss to fire me during class?"
The waves laughed. "He doesn’t dare!" There is no doubt in his tone.
The wind fluttered and took a look at the waves and said, "What did you say? Do you know our boss? "
The waves smiled and said, "Is your boss called Gao Da Song?"
The wind fluttered and said, "Yes, how do you know?"
The waves laughed. "Not only do I know his name is Gao Dashong, but I also know that if Gao Dashong knows I’m here, he will come running to meet me. Do you believe it or not?"
"brag!" The wind is fluttering and laughing. "You just blow it. Let the boss hear that you are asked to be blown out by the security guard. You won’t blow it!"
The waves took the paper on the counter and wrote two words on the pen, saying, "Why don’t you give this paper to Gao Dasong now and say I’ll see how he does it in the living room?"
The wind is fluttering and watching the waves don’t want to joke and say with a grain of salt, "are you kidding me?" If the boss doesn’t know you, I will be scolded! "
The waves waved their hands. "Go! Go! If you want me to be happy, maybe you won’t be at the counter tomorrow and will be transferred directly to the customer service department as a manager. "
The wind is fluttering and laughing. "Fine, I’ll accompany you crazy once. It’s a big deal to get scolded. It’s fun to be a manager accidentally!"
The wind waved and called another lady to help her watch her walk to her own general manager’s office.
The waves smiled, turned and walked to the living room, and sat down on the sofa for a temporary break.
He knew that this tall pine was the boss of Mei Hotel on the surface, but it was actually a small leader in the "Star Gang" and "White Tiger Hall", and his position in front of Chen Ping, the owner of the "White Tiger Hall" of the waves could not be compared at all. He asked him to run over with a piece of paper "White Tiger Hall" in the past.
Sure enough, in less than three minutes, a chubby middle-aged man came running with a big sweat, his eyes swept away and he looked nervous. He came over and said, "Hello, I’m Gao Gaosong, and you are …"
The waves got up leisurely and said coldly, "This is no place to talk!"
"Yes, yes!" Gao Gaosong rushed to nod and said, "Would you please come with me to my office and discuss it in detail?"
The waves turned cold and snorted and said, "Lead the way ahead."
Tall and loose, seeing the wave style, was sent by the headquarters to check his accounts, and he was too scared to breathe. He quickly bowed in front and led the way to the office.

"innate realm?" Teng Qingshan was stunned.

As it is said, the innate strong can be born in the era when the aura of heaven and earth is abundant.
"what!" Teng Qinghu stared at the small piece of star-shaped steel with a piece of paper. "Does a catty of star-shaped steel require a catty of gold?"
Tengqingshan also looked at the price secretly surprised.
This star-shaped steel is actually equivalent to gold. The purchasing power of gold in this world is very amazing. One or two star-shaped steel equals one or two gold equals one hundred and twenty silver.
"Star-shaped steel is very important. A pike made of star-shaped steel needs at least 100 kilograms of star-shaped steel." The man smiled gently. "That is 100 kilograms of gold, that is, 102 thousand silver! Not very rich or powerful fighters can’t afford this silver. "
Tengqingshan gasped.
Oh, my God. A hundred and two thousand silver? Make a gun rod? The remaining money in Tengjiazhuang is about twenty-two thousand silver.
"Millennium cold iron?" Tengqingshan stared at a black stone next to the star-shaped steel, and a threatening chill was felt before it was touched.
"Well, this Millennium cold iron refining is excavated from various places, but the price is much lower than that of star steel. A kilo of Millennium cold iron needs two ounces of gold!" Next to Teng Yongfan, it is said that the price of cold iron in one thousand is 20% of star steel.
Of course, this is still not what Tengqingshan can afford.
"These materials …" Teng Qingshan was amazed at the bottom of his heart. It is not the kui that many magical materials can be bred in the era when the aura of heaven and earth is sufficient. This kind of material has a record of describing the modern society, and there is no such magical metal.
"Castle Peak, you go to other places to see if I have purchased the materials before calling you to go together," Teng Yongfan said.
"good dad"
Teng Qingshan and his cousin Qing Hu went to Vientiane Building to hang out at his counter.
"Castle Peak Castle Peak" Teng Qinghu suddenly pulled a few Teng Qingshan Teng Qingshan puzzled and looked at him "What’s the matter?" At the same time, follow Teng Qinghu’s eyes and look in the direction of the main entrance of Vientiane Building. A handsome man in a navy gown and a lovely girl in a white mink fur entered Vientiane Building together.
Behind them are guards and servants.
"It’s the daughter of the big salt merchant," Tengqinghu whispered
"It’s really her." Tengqingshan also found out that he paid more attention to the man. "Now it’s a cold winter, but the handsome young man is not cold at all and seems to be a master of uniting strength."
"Castle Peak" Teng Qinghu secretly looked at the distant low voice and said, "This darling daughter is not the same as the girls in the mountains in our village. Look at that white face … it’s tender than that brothel girl." Teng Qinghu’s words made Teng Qingshan laugh and cry.
"It depends on looking closer and peeking far, but you can’t see it when you get back to the village." Tengqingshan laughed.
How can a girl in the mountain be compared with a rich girl who reaches out with these clothes and opens her mouth to eat?
"Well, look closer." Tengqinghu really has guts. Indeed as expected, he goes over there.
"Liu Dage, you and I brag about how powerful you are. Then I ask you if this hidden dragon list has your name?" When I was near Tengqingshan, I heard that the salt merchant’s daughter was asking questions about the blue youth.
"Green jade can dive dragon list that is the whole day in kyushu which one is not the science of uniting the strength at an early age? I practice late … but I don’t care about the diving dragon list. My ambition is to be on the ground list! Being able to rank on the list is a real hero! "
Li Qingyu, the daughter of the salt merchant, covered her mouth and laughed. "Can’t you still want to be on the list of hidden dragons?"
The young man face some red "green jade you also don’t make fun of me this is ambition! And my big brother, Green Lake Island, who is a hero on the list of hidden dragons and the list of places at the same time, do you belong to Yuan Zong? Hidden dragon list, list you belong to Yuan Zong a person all have no? "
"Your master elder brother is not you." Qingyu grunted.
"All right, Qingyu, don’t be angry," the young man coaxed. "Aren’t you coming to buy the Hidden Dragon List and the Young Phoenix List? Dude, there are two hidden dragons and two young phoenixes. "
Tengqingshan clearly saw that the guy took out the four-line outfit, and at the very least, there were one or three big characters-‘Hidden Dragon List’ at the top of the finger, and then the servant behind the young man immediately paid for it. That was four hundred and twenty silver tickets.
"Four hundred and twenty?" TengQingShan heart dark surprised "four is four hundred and twenty? Why is it so expensive? "
Membership should be very cheap.
That pair of handsome men and beautiful women also walked towards his counter, while Tengqingshan came to the counter just now. The most striking thing is three, which are very thin respectively.
The first two are worth a hundred taels of silver each, while the first two are twelve taels of silver.
"What are these three?" Tengqingshan asked

"Well, maybe you really need my help. Anyway, God knows. Now let’s go home first. We’ve been out for a long time." Just now, the street was still full of people, but there were only a few stars left. So we stepped up and walked back …

Chapter 19 Pretending to be a boyfriend
"I said Suo Na hasn’t arrived yet? The carriage has been walking for a long time … "I asked Suo Na in the middle speed of the carriage. She ran to the general’s office early this morning and called me up, saying that I started earlier. The air was fresher. I finally got up and ate some breakfast in a hurry and was taken away by her. When I left, Luo Yali also told me to be careful to make Suo Na laugh, saying that the two of us were too much like where will you go. I shouted’ It’s not your fault …’
"What’s your hurry? It’s only five magic hours before you start. It will take about half a magic hour to enter the city." Sona said with a cool look that she heard from her mouth that her family lived in the capital’ Dhaka City’, which is the capital of the entire Lida Empire. The king’s palace is also inside.
"But, Suo Na, how is your family?" I looked at her tentatively and asked her, but she looked at me puzzled and asked, "Why do you ask?"
"Well, if your family is easy to talk to, I won’t have to be so nervous then," I said
"Ha ha, look, don’t be afraid that my family has always been easy-going." Suo Na Gherardini looked at me and said, look at her eyes, it will definitely be bad.
"You said you pulled me to this is why? It’s said that when your bodyguard didn’t see half a thief coming to attack you all the way? " I said
"Why? I’m not happy. Anyway, if I call you here, I’m sure you’ll know when the time comes. "Suo Na looked at me and joked, making me feel uncomfortable." What if you don’t tell me what it is and I can’t react when the time comes? "
"Ah, anyway, you are safe! Won’t die, "Sona joked again, but I was scared out in a cold sweat and dizzy. I said it was a good thing to die. How could I promise it at the beginning … I shouted in my heart.
After about half a magic hour, the carriage finally arrived in the capital. When the coachman took out a fast card and showed it to the gatekeeper, he settled into the city. When I entered the city, I stuck my head out and looked around. At this time, pedestrians came and went in the city, and all kinds of vendors were on both sides. The excitement was no worse than that of Kadu City. I watched and praised, "Wow! It’s so lively! " There was a look of wonder in his eyes. Suo Na couldn’t help laughing when he saw me like this. "Hehe sometimes I really think you are a child."
In this way, the carriage city purposefully bypassed several streets and finally stopped in front of a gorgeous and splendid house. This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful house. Looking at it, ten people can pass through the door side by side, and two golden lions are placed in front of it. It looks like the real thing. The whole thing looks like the word’ beautiful’! I was led by Suo Na to look at this house full of gold.
"Hey, don’t be stupefied. Come in with me." Suo Na said, and took my hand and walked to the gate. The gatekeepers in front of the door rushed to meet one of them when they saw their young lady coming back. "Miss, why didn’t you say it first?" Please come in, madam. I’m looking forward to you all this time! " Seeing a housekeeper, the old man respectfully ran over and said that with those who assume, we were welcomed in.
"Grandpa Steve, my parents, are they all?" Walking along the long courtyard road, Suo Na asked the old man next to him, and the old man replied respectfully, "Dudu … Master and Lady are in the main hall at this moment. Should Miss go over and greet them first?"
"Oh, well, I’ll give my parents an An Re cold first, so you can go with me." Suo Na looked at me and said, but I didn’t say a word at this moment. How did the stranger interrupt me? I was thinking about being suddenly pulled back to reality by Suo Na dialect, which made me almost unresponsive and hurriedly replied, "Ah? Oh oh … "
"I didn’t come to introduce you just now. This is a friend from my college. Come with me this time. Grandpa Steve, please lead the way quickly." Suo Na looked at me and explained to Steve that Steve was also a clever man. He would never easily ask others to offend him when he got his identity. When he saw Suo Na introducing him, he walked over and replied, "Please come with me, miss." Then he took us to the main hall. At this time, when my heart was beating so hard, Suo Na suddenly held my hand and looked at me with his eyes and said, "Don’t be afraid of me.
Steve led us to the main hall soon. At this time, a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman were sitting in the front of the main hall. As soon as the middle-aged woman saw us go in, she hurriedly ran over and hugged Suo Na and sobbed, "I look thin. My baby daughter is suffering outside again." Yes, these two people are Suo Na’s parents. Suo Na comforted her mother and said, "Mom, don’t be like this. Isn’t this good?"
"You don’t come back once a month. Do you know how much Niang misses you?" Madam pinched Suo Na’s nose grievance, and I listened to Suo Na’s introduction in my car. Her father’s name is Sophie’s night mother’s name is Lydia, and she said that she must be polite when she meets them. I bowed respectfully with my hands clasped at the right time, saying, "If I have seen my wife and master in the cold."
"oh? Are you the Chu Ruohan mentioned in the girl’s letter? It’s really a handsome man, "said Lydia, looking straight at me, but I was shocked. Do you even know my name? Also said to be a letter from Suo Na saying that this girl had plans? It seems that I really jumped into the fire pit this time, and I said in my heart
"Well, come and pay your dad’s respects." Lydia said, pulling Suo Na to Sophie Night’s side and sitting there at this time. Sophie Night kept looking at me as soon as she saw me. What seemed to be thinking? Because he hasn’t spoken since we came in, Suo Na walked over to him and said, "My daughter pays her respects to Dad." He just came to his senses and replied, "It’s good to be back …"
"Dad, this is my daughter’s letter to ChuRe cold" Suo Na said, pointing to his face.
"Oh, ha ha … it’s really handsome …" Sophie looked at me again at night and said, at this time, I can’t understand what they are talking about and show them around …
"Dad! My daughter likes him, and bringing him back this time is to give my father a certain hope that my father can marry King Redos! " When Suo Na said these words, I found myself falling down. I looked at her puzzled and hoped she would give me an explanation.
"But … but it’s really hard for King Redos to explain over there. You also know that the king has liked you since he first met you. He sent someone to the mansion a few days ago to kiss your father. I refused. This is why I came back to discuss with you." After thinking for a moment, Sophie looked at Sona and said.
"Daughter, regardless of whether she wants to be with the person she likes, her daughter has no such feelings for King Redos. Today, her daughter came to see her parents with Ruohan." Suo Na still firmly said that at this time, I was completely lost in confusion, and my head was full of question marks, but no one gave me an answer.
"In that case, it depends on King Redos’ wishes. It would be much easier if this Chu Ruo Han Gong could make him willingly give you up, but how is that possible?" Sophie night or nai said.
"Dad, please rest assured that since Wang really likes me, it is necessary to see if he likes me for this matter." Suo Na still said firmly
"What does the daughter mean?" Sophie asked Suo Na, puzzled at night, and followed the answer, "Please ask Dad to send someone to inform King Redos that if he can defeat Ruohan, I will marry him or we will talk!"
"what! Do you want to use force against the king? " Sophie jumped up after listening to the night and asked
"well! Since he likes me, let me see his business. If there is no such thing, let’s talk about it! " Suo Na confidently said that Suofei was puzzled at night. "Wang has a grudge against the intermediate magic, and even the martial arts genius is unwilling to have any conflict with him. This Chu Ruohan is definitely not his opponent!"
"Only knowing that he is good will he easily agree to come. If he is to be defeated, then he can break off his engagement with me," Sona said firmly.
"You said ChuRe cold male can beat him? This is too unrealistic! " Sophie waved her hand at night, obviously not believing that Sona Haonai said to him, "You won’t know until you win or lose! If the cold loses, it is doomed that I will marry the king in this life, and I will have something to say then … "
"In that case … it depends on you. I’ll write a letter and send it to King Redos. It’s up to him to answer or not." Sophie thought for a moment and finally Nye said, but her heart was already doomed to failure!
"Daughter, thank you, Dad. Daughter excused herself first. I want to take Ruohan for a stroll." Suo Na said, and ran to pull me and ran out, leaving Sophie to continue thinking about Lydia at night. "It seems that this girl has grown up."
"Suo Na ~ What the hell is going on here? Please don’t be such a joke! " Walking down the street, I finally woke up and asked her, but she looked at me vaguely and said, "That’s why I called you here. You should behave better then …"
"I refuse! Why call me to fight with others without telling me in advance? I can’t do it. You’d better ask for another job! " I was still angry and shouted, which attracted the puzzled eyes of the streets, but I turned around and prepared to leave, but she still held me back.
"You and I want to do this! ? I just don’t want to marry someone I don’t like. Is that wrong? If I told you first, would you still come! " At this time, I have found that she is crying behind her. I am most afraid that the girl will cry. When she cries, I am half angry and turn around to dry her tears and say, "Come on, don’t cry. I want to cry myself. I will let you sell it for nothing!"
"So … So did you promise?" Suo Na looked at me with still watery eyes and asked.
"I don’t know if I promise you, I’m sure I can win him? I just heard your father say that he is not weak at all, "I said with a sigh."
"I believe you! If you can’t win, then I can accept my fate … "Sona replied with a firm look at me, which made me laugh and cry. Why does this girl trust me so much?
"Let’s not talk about this. I can promise to fight him, but I just want to help you. There is absolutely no other meaning," I said, stroking her hair.

Although the feather star really doesn’t want to follow Lin Yu, but my sister didn’t have an accident with Lin Yu, then she will certainly be fine.

Anyway, he doesn’t want to be the meat in the pot of adherents
A large group of adherents angrily surrounded Lin Yu four people, but they were followed by the heads of families, especially, to drink back "blare bursts-"
"Hey hey, this sentence is a retreat." Lin Yu secretly laughed and left here more relaxed.
"Hey Lin Yu, I don’t want to stay in this smelly lizard!" Feathermoon, the figure of the tribal adherents who just disappeared, said angrily at once.
Although she doesn’t want Lin Yu to hold herself, Lin Yu is much better than this lizard.
Lizard monster is very humanized with a bad smile. "The master and hostess want you to hug her, haha!"
Feathermoon was flushed with anger, but she didn’t say anything and obediently asked Lin Yu to take her from the lizard monster.
Feather star immediately ran towards feathermoon and cried, "Sister Woo, I will never see you again …"
"But you are really my good brother."
Feathermoon’s voice was full of Naiyu stars, but he didn’t hear the irony and immediately burst into tears. "Of course, you are my good sister!"
Lin Yu snorted and didn’t say anything. It’s their family business, so let them solve it themselves.
"Lin Yu, what kind of patriarch would let us go?" Feathermoon ignored the feather star and asked curiously toward Lin Yu, "Why were you so relieved just now?"
Lin Yu whispered, "That guy must be following us. He won’t appear until we get to the exit you mentioned."
Feathermoon was stunned. "What?"
Lin Yu looked at feathermoon with disdain. "What question did he ask me just now? Think about it yourself. If you are not too stupid, you will definitely guess something."
Feathermoon seriously think back just now that especially the heads of families asked Lin Yu how to get here. "He wants to go out? !”
Lin Yu smiled slightly. "It’s not too stupid. You want to leave in a place like you."
Feathermoon doesn’t know much about these places, but all she sees are barren land, poor plants, trees and some lower animals.
If you live here in feathermoon and think about your offspring, will you become a savage who will shout "Woo-hoo-hoo"?
It’s scary to think about it …
But feathermoon, think about what Lin Yu said just now … He called me stupid? Not too stupid? Damn it!
Just as feathermoon wanted to get mad, Yu Xing suddenly shouted and scolded, "What a broken place! Why can’t my vitality work at all!"
Feather star now wants to regain his strength. Although he looks more than ten years old, he is not stupid.
Sister must have reached an agreement with this Lin Yu now. Lin Yu is not convenient to start work here. Feather Star believes that Lin Yu will kill him at the first opportunity.
The feather star wants to restore strength as soon as possible, that is, he can kill Lin Yu.
Because the feather star knows that Lin Yuke makes the magic vitality secret, he and Lin Yu are already immortal. Chapter 88 Zhao Jiafu.
Lin Yu could feel the feather star’s murder to himself, but he secretly sneered and ignored the ego to kill him.
A heartless thing like this betrays his sister. Lin Yu doesn’t think he will keep a secret.
Yu Yuyue Lin Yu also doesn’t know what to do. Although this woman is ruthless with magic, it’s not too long to understand that she is not a vicious person.
Although she tried to kill herself several times, she didn’t really succeed after all, and it seems that she is not going to continue to kill herself
Lin Yu always feels that she is particularly soft on women, which is not good.
Listen to the feather star grumble feathermoon grumpily said, "This is the first floor of parallel folding. If there is no vitality, you will give up and wait until we go out."
Feather star murmured a few words in a low voice, but Lin Yu and feathermoon were too lazy to pay attention to him.
"That guy is following us. Should we continue to walk to the exit?" Feathermoon is now like Lin Yu.
Lin Yu laughed. "What not? We are definitely going back. If the guy wants to go out, we can take him out, but do you really know where the exit is? "
Feathermoon eyebrows a pick "cheat you? Judging from the terrain here, it should be parallel to the first floor. The Blackstone tribe is not far from the exit. We can reach the exit by going south for fifty Wan Li. "
"Fifty Wan Li is not far away?" Lin Yu with black line "why don’t you come by yourself? It’s inconvenient to hold someone. "

Dongyang leng leng and then eyes a bright a few invisible nodded.

At the same time, the eyes of Ryukyu and Moon are also slightly folded.
"Shallow princess empress, if you are really a slave in Fengyang Palace, you should not have too much communication with them now. It would be cruel to implicate them in death together when something happens." The eunuch said in a gloating tone.
"I know the palace!" Phoenix shallow thrust his thin figure straight out and aloof.
The eunuch followed her away with satisfaction, and told the handlers to search for the so-called "evidence" here.
A thin figure walked briskly at the gate of the palace, getting more and more anxious until it was almost running.
When the guard at the palace gate saw her, he immediately respectfully said, "Hey, isn’t this aunt pity?"
Flow if look panic nodded "give me the door I want to go out"
The man slightly asked, "It’s so late. Where is Aunt Ruo going?"
"Never mind so much!" If you frown, you seem to realize that you are too impatient and quickly add, "Does the Queen Mother have to get your permission to send me out of the palace to do things?"
"No, no, no, of course not!" The man smiled obsequiously, but in his heart, he was cold-snorted. Why is it that no matter how noble it is, it is still a slave?
"Come to the door!"
As soon as the palace gate was hit, the man wanted to say a few words goodbye to pity, but who knew that pity ran all the way out and stunned the man.
What exactly did the queen mother tell you that this close-fitting maid-in-waiting had to do? No matter how important it is, you shouldn’t run in such a hurry …
If you have been running and running, you don’t know how long it has been running. Your legs have already been soft, and finally you finally stopped in front of a scarlet door.
I looked up and saw the word "Gu Fu" and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
When Gu Quan came out to see her, the whole person was a little dazed.
Fengming Palace maid-in-waiting pity If he knew that she was always cold and indifferent and famous, was it really her who was in a mess with red cheeks and panting?
"Gu Daren"
If pity is a little embarrassed by him, he has no time to take care of these quick interruptions. "I have something to ask you for help."
By her bite Gu Quan hurriedly don’t eye "help generous pity if aunt have something though commanded"
If pity is not polite, he said directly, "Something has happened to the little princess. Can you trouble Lord Gu to find a way to inform the emperor?"
"Something happened to the shallow princess?" Gu Quan one leng.
"yes! Someone went to the queen mother to report that the shallow princess empress was sent by Xique to Xifeng Central Palace and there was evidence of her collaboration with the enemy and treason. Now the queen mother is trying this matter … "
"Is it collaboration, treason, aunt looking for the emperor?"
Pity if I didn’t expect his tone to be cold, I frowned. "Gu’s adult, won’t you help?"
Gu Quan but light way "is not the officer refused to help but the emperor went to Wutai Mountain to worship ancestors don’t want to officer such a small thing to disturb the emperor 89 Chapter 89 Violators kill forgive!
"This is no small matter!" If the flow is as straight as looking at his eyes because of anger, there is a flash of firmness in the beautiful eyes. "It is no small matter that the emperor has a shallow princess empress!" What’s more, it’s up to the emperor to judge whether it’s disturbing or not. How can Lord Gu make a decision on behalf of the emperor? "
"Isn’t aunt pity coming to ask the officer for help?" Gu Quan raised his eyebrows. "Should the official decide whether to help or not?"
Flow if short of breath mercilessly gouged out his one eye.
What did this man say just now? "I don’t think it’s worth asking for help." What if it was all a lie for a long time?
"Gu adults don’t help!" Flow if grind said that and turned to leave.
I don’t know if Zhang Jin will promise if I can try Zhang Fu …
"Aunt, stay!" If you are about to step out of the door, there will be a flash of light in Gu Quan’s eyes.
"Don’t you understand that my aunt is not a queen mother? Are you willing to take such a big risk to help the shallow princess?"
Flow if the size of a meal did not turn around "whether shallow princess empress is fine or not, it is up to the emperor to come back and judge. I don’t want to see a good person so …"
Behind the words she didn’t say to Gu Quan but some understand slightly narrowed his eyes color deeply staring at her back, "officer".
Paused, pity if you are ready to leave again and added, "The official is willing to help aunt pity, but don’t go back to the palace for the time being. If the queen mother knows that you tipped them off, she will not let you go."
"Don’t I know if I don’t go back to the Queen Mother?" Flow if smiled early in the morning when she decided to help shallow princess has been ready to bear all the consequences.
"If I go back, maybe I can plead for mercy when I press the key, otherwise no one in the palace will really help her."
Although she begged for love, she probably didn’t