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Wu Yu’s physique with black flame is different from that of ordinary people, and it is already very fast to break through the realm, while Zhang Yang’s physique is just incomplete, but it breaks through faster than her, which makes Wu Yu have to be surprised!

When fighters break through the realm, if someone disturbs the heaven and earth, it is easy for fighters to be possessed and their tendons are broken. Wu Yu got up and kept retreating. He was afraid that his absorption of fire yuan would disrupt Zhang Yang’s breakthrough rhythm. He was more than 20 meters away […]

The waves felt like a soup pill, and it was very comfortable to be rubbed in the palm of your hand.

It’s as if the Gloeggler sound of the skeleton came from deep underground. Although it’s a mess, it seems that the crooked and broken bones have been magically rearranged, and the tired muscles after two wars have been ironed and smoothed by Ayu’s magical feet. At this moment, Ayu’s feet are irons! Charlie can’t get […]

Zhuo Qiang hurriedly found a big snakeskin bag and put the box of gold coins in it. He threw it into the sea along the bow.

A 618 light patrol boat slowly approached the Long Yun. Zhuo Qiang recognized the boat number as belonging to the second detachment of Nanxi Marine Police of Beihai Frontier Defense Corps. It seems that it was specially aimed at himself. A dozen armed police armed with assault machines arrived at the Long Yun and pointed […]

-mom! Tall pine angrily scolded him in the heart, but he had long thought that the coquettish wind was fluttering, and he hadn’t waited for his hand to let the little one take the lead. He also had an eyeliner in the hotel, and then he secretly made a small vault. Be careful!

Tall pine heart is scold face is happy to be raw and said, "no problem! No problem! It happened that the guest department was not serious about economics and engineering, and I just wanted to fire her … Miss NO FENG フウカ Piaopiao usually works hard, and I just want to find a chance to […]