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Ye Ping heard that he was busy stopping, but he didn’t look back. He turned his back on Ye Han and said faintly, "Brother Han, you’d better let me go. I don’t want to make it difficult for someone I love deeply. I know that you are married now and you love your wife very much, don’t you?"

Heard Ye Ping this Ye Han immediately one leng for a long time don’t know what to say, but at the moment his eyes have already lost the figure of Ye Ping, so he couldn’t help thinking, "what? What emotional pain will never get rid of? Is it my Ye Han who is too delusional? […]

"Dad, be careful" Tengqingshan couldn’t help saying that he could see that this kind of fight is likely to lead to death.

"Rest assured to see your dad tidy up that guy" TengYongFan smiled. "Brother Fan, don’t be careless." Mother Yuan Lan also looked at her husband anxiously. Teng Yongfan nodded and immediately greeted many people around him. "Teng Guzhuang, Teng Yongfan, Li Jiazhuang and Li Liang, please enter the war circle" Lang Dao, a silver-haired old […]

Zhuojiang pulled Zhu Lizhen, and two people leaned against the glass wall of a shop and set Ye Chuchu naturally in front of them.

Just now, I laughed at Zhu Lizhen’s rogue youth. "Isn’t it quite severe? Dare to provoke the uncle, this is the consequence! " Say that finish a wave in front of a few gangsters immediately jumped out and waved a steel pipe to hit Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei. Liu Xiaolei rushed right against the […]