"Elder brother, don’t do this. Can’t I listen to you? You are so British and SHEN WOO, I will definitely follow you in the future. If you tell me to go east, I will never go west. "

Li Hao hurry up hurriedly kowtowing to Zhouyi.
Jing Ge and ivanova are laughing at the clown Li Hao.
Said a few people have been on the third floor Ivanova directly to Zhouyi three people sent to the door of the bar this just turned around.
"Third Master, I’ve already talked to Zhouyi Jingge, and Zhouyi said that he didn’t want to touch the underworld for the time being in recent years, but he asked Jingge to follow you first. Jingge is the Zhouyi brother, and Zhouyi followed him."
As soon as Zhouyi and others left the bar, Ivanova, a Russian woman, reported the progress to his boss, Master San.
"You have done a good job in Zhouyi. This person is very knowledgeable. There are so many people in their class, but few of them are willing to talk to Jingge. But he has made Jingge a material. You must remember that Zhouyi is a born gangster, and he can take Zhou Fugui’s line through him. This matter can’t wait to take it slowly. Zhouyi is willing to let Jingge follow me. Then say that he wants to touch me and say that he is still interested in us."
Words there three yes said to Ivan nova
"I am white"
Ivanova asked simply and neatly, "Does Third Master have any instructions?"
"According to reliable sources, Wang Qiu’s small head and German shepherd have escaped from the clash between the bar and Zhouyi. You’d better send someone to secretly protect Zhouyi and Jingge. If these three guys don’t retaliate against the officials, they will definitely return the favor to Zhouyi and Jingge if you can really save Zhouyi and Jingge’s life once. I’m afraid Zhou Fugui will return my favor."
Three yes continue words said
Ivanova said, "My horse sent people to protect them from the dark until the German shepherd and others fell."
"Hurry up and implement it."
Third master hung up.
Ivanova is charming and coquettish in front of her third master, but she pays attention to means and efficiency in doing things. Her trust and esteem are deep. She is really a Russian orphan who has suffered a lot since she was a child. She is only 19 years old and wants to raise a sister.
Zhouyi and other three people out of the bar, Jingge car.
"Boss, I’ll send you back first." Jingge said.
"I let you follow the word of mouth is not so good three yes mix you blame me? It’s dangerous to mix black belts. "Zhou Yi asked Jingge.
"I said that now my life is yours, and I won’t blame you." Jingge sighed. "Those of us who have no background really want to mix ourselves up and go this way."
"I want you to follow the third master, not to ask you to die. Although you are small in resistance to fighting, the attack power is too weak. You will go to my house tonight. I will take you to meet someone. You should learn fighting with him for a few months first."
Zhou Yidao: "You can do everything when you meet Master San at the end of the year. If he wants you to chop down people, you can chop down people, but don’t be strong. Since you want to get along with this person, you have to help me find out the details of this person first. Don’t stab us in the back when we fight our opponents. It’s not how many people are involved, but Together Brothers breaks the gold."
"I understand that you are very ambitious. You are now in the layout."
Jing Ge understood the meaning of Zhouyi, and his pioneering spirit of Zhouyi couldn’t help but get excited.
Jingge just drove the car out, and a truck near the bar followed the car not far away. The little bald head and the German shepherd Wang Qiu’s eyes were all bloodthirsty!
Zhouyi told Jing Ge the location of his home. Jing Ge drove slowly in the direction of Su Causeway. This small car is really a huge amount of liquor, but it’s okay. The car is still very stable.
"Jing Ge, aren’t you afraid of fines for drunk driving? I, you are such a luxury that you will soon be defeated."
Zhouyi said with a red face and Jingge said
"Hey, hey, it’s easy for someone. My car is a vice mayor. Although it’s not good, the license plate is still very tough. Even if I get caught drunk, it’s okay. No one dares to fine me or revoke my driver’s license."
Jingge laughed more or less proud of this car. It’s really cool for him to go out because it’s a municipal party Committee card.

"Before, you were at least the deputy mayor’s son. Are you unwilling to get mixed up with me now?" Zhouyi continued to make fun of Jing Ge.
"Where am I from? I just want to earn more money. The vice mayor paid me well, but I will substitute for him. At that time, a large number of people applied for this position, and I don’t know why he chose me." Jing Ge said while driving. "Now I feel very happy with you!"
Soon Jingge car arrived at the West Lake, and Su Causeway Jingge accelerated its speed. Because there were almost no cars late on this road, Wang Qiu stole a heavy truck with a small bald head and still followed the German shepherd and the small bald head with cold light shining in his hand, ready to act at any time.
Zhouyi and other three people didn’t notice that someone was following the car and chatting. After all, even if a heavy truck followed his car, it wouldn’t be a strange thing.
"Jing Ge, you stop, I want to release water."
Li Hao drank a lot of drinks when he was in Xiaolin Yin Bar. At this time, he got anxious and quickly asked to stop.
"It’s really lazy shit. Hurry up and go to the side of the road to solve it. Anyway, there is no car passing by and no one." Jing Ge stopped the car, but he didn’t say anything, but Zhouyi said a few words about Li Hao.
Jing Ge stopped the car by the roadside and Li Hao went to relieve himself. Zhouyi and Jing Ge also moved around the car and leaned against the car to blow a cool breeze by the West Lake.
"Why did they find anything when they stopped at Zhouyi?"
The small bald head of the heavy truck said that he didn’t expect them to stop just in Zhouyi, Su Causeway, so he quickly asked Wang Qiu that he now had some doubts that he was following Zhouyi and others and was found.
"Why did they stop when they found out we were talking? They must have accelerated their escape."
Wang Qiu analyzed, "No matter whether they find out that I will drive there now, you are ready to start work. Anyway, there is no one around."
So Wang Qiu drove on with a heavy car, and when there was a distance of more than 100 meters from Jing Ge’s car, he suddenly accelerated to think that Zhouyi and Jing Ge had hit him.