Although the feather star really doesn’t want to follow Lin Yu, but my sister didn’t have an accident with Lin Yu, then she will certainly be fine.

Anyway, he doesn’t want to be the meat in the pot of adherents
A large group of adherents angrily surrounded Lin Yu four people, but they were followed by the heads of families, especially, to drink back "blare bursts-"
"Hey hey, this sentence is a retreat." Lin Yu secretly laughed and left here more relaxed.
"Hey Lin Yu, I don’t want to stay in this smelly lizard!" Feathermoon, the figure of the tribal adherents who just disappeared, said angrily at once.
Although she doesn’t want Lin Yu to hold herself, Lin Yu is much better than this lizard.
Lizard monster is very humanized with a bad smile. "The master and hostess want you to hug her, haha!"
Feathermoon was flushed with anger, but she didn’t say anything and obediently asked Lin Yu to take her from the lizard monster.
Feather star immediately ran towards feathermoon and cried, "Sister Woo, I will never see you again …"
"But you are really my good brother."
Feathermoon’s voice was full of Naiyu stars, but he didn’t hear the irony and immediately burst into tears. "Of course, you are my good sister!"
Lin Yu snorted and didn’t say anything. It’s their family business, so let them solve it themselves.
"Lin Yu, what kind of patriarch would let us go?" Feathermoon ignored the feather star and asked curiously toward Lin Yu, "Why were you so relieved just now?"
Lin Yu whispered, "That guy must be following us. He won’t appear until we get to the exit you mentioned."
Feathermoon was stunned. "What?"
Lin Yu looked at feathermoon with disdain. "What question did he ask me just now? Think about it yourself. If you are not too stupid, you will definitely guess something."
Feathermoon seriously think back just now that especially the heads of families asked Lin Yu how to get here. "He wants to go out? !”
Lin Yu smiled slightly. "It’s not too stupid. You want to leave in a place like you."
Feathermoon doesn’t know much about these places, but all she sees are barren land, poor plants, trees and some lower animals.
If you live here in feathermoon and think about your offspring, will you become a savage who will shout "Woo-hoo-hoo"?
It’s scary to think about it …
But feathermoon, think about what Lin Yu said just now … He called me stupid? Not too stupid? Damn it!
Just as feathermoon wanted to get mad, Yu Xing suddenly shouted and scolded, "What a broken place! Why can’t my vitality work at all!"
Feather star now wants to regain his strength. Although he looks more than ten years old, he is not stupid.
Sister must have reached an agreement with this Lin Yu now. Lin Yu is not convenient to start work here. Feather Star believes that Lin Yu will kill him at the first opportunity.
The feather star wants to restore strength as soon as possible, that is, he can kill Lin Yu.
Because the feather star knows that Lin Yuke makes the magic vitality secret, he and Lin Yu are already immortal. Chapter 88 Zhao Jiafu.
Lin Yu could feel the feather star’s murder to himself, but he secretly sneered and ignored the ego to kill him.
A heartless thing like this betrays his sister. Lin Yu doesn’t think he will keep a secret.
Yu Yuyue Lin Yu also doesn’t know what to do. Although this woman is ruthless with magic, it’s not too long to understand that she is not a vicious person.
Although she tried to kill herself several times, she didn’t really succeed after all, and it seems that she is not going to continue to kill herself
Lin Yu always feels that she is particularly soft on women, which is not good.
Listen to the feather star grumble feathermoon grumpily said, "This is the first floor of parallel folding. If there is no vitality, you will give up and wait until we go out."
Feather star murmured a few words in a low voice, but Lin Yu and feathermoon were too lazy to pay attention to him.
"That guy is following us. Should we continue to walk to the exit?" Feathermoon is now like Lin Yu.
Lin Yu laughed. "What not? We are definitely going back. If the guy wants to go out, we can take him out, but do you really know where the exit is? "
Feathermoon eyebrows a pick "cheat you? Judging from the terrain here, it should be parallel to the first floor. The Blackstone tribe is not far from the exit. We can reach the exit by going south for fifty Wan Li. "
"Fifty Wan Li is not far away?" Lin Yu with black line "why don’t you come by yourself? It’s inconvenient to hold someone. "