"So I dare to guess that someone bought the maid" Gu Jinxi silently contemplated in his heart "but who is this person? Why would he do that? And how did my mother go to Sue’s house? "

Speaking of which, Gu Jinxi’s eye movement suddenly seemed to remind him of something and turned to look at Ye Zhenniang. "Do you remember that the old lady in Su’s family said that she was sorry for my mother, but they adopted my mother in Su’s family, which is bigger than life?"
"No, no, there must be something we don’t know." Gu Jinxi’s thin lips sipped slightly.
"Zhen Niang heard that Xie Yi, a former master of Xie Jia’s family, has been tracking down the disappearance of his wife in those years. Maybe when he wakes up …" Ye Zhenniang didn’t finish her words, but Gu Jinxi raised her hand and interrupted her words. "No, no, no, let’s ask Pinellia to prepare gifts. Let’s go to the post to visit Mr. Su."
Almost instantly, Zhenniang Ye understood Gu Jinxi’s meaning, "Miss, do you want to inform your wife together?"
"… or" Gu Jin sunseeker nodded.
After all, it is much more justified for Su Yi to visit than to go by herself. There are some things that Su Yi also needs to know that she was too well protected by her father before, and it is too simple to imagine this thing.
Ye Zhenniang lowered her head. "It’s Zhen Niang. I’m going to prepare."
Su Yi was very pleased when she learned that Gu Jinxi was going to the post to visit the old man and the old lady Su. Although she and the old lady Su are gone now, she has raised herself for the two old people Su’s family after all. She really doesn’t care. She really can’t do it these days. She is thinking about when to find an excuse to go to the post quietly and see that it seems that her daughter is still the daughter after all.
"Madam, don’t get excited. Miss Su has always been a filial piety." Sue Mammy’s face also comforted Su Yi with a smile. "You look at this young lady. You look at a child who knows nothing, but the bottom of my heart is clear." Who is good to her and who is bad to her? Those conspiracies and calculations can be bright in her heart.
Su Yi nodded. "Well, Dad, don’t Sue’s grandfather is ill. What do you think we should prepare?"
"Ginseng, velvet antler?" Looking at the warehouse inside well-preserved numerous fill Su Yi is picky.
"Wrong," Mammy Su shook her head. "Grandfather Su is sick and weak, even though he is weak. The old slave said that the young lady will be ready, so you don’t have to worry anymore."
Su Yi sip sip lip low head; I looked up at Mammy Sue for a long time. "Mammy!"
"Huh?" Sue mammy looked at her puzzled.
"I’m not very" Su Yi suddenly shrugged his head and sat next to the soft chair like a deflated ball. After that excitement, the whole person was soft and prone to lie prone. "I’ve been trying to protect me for so long, and I know it’s very me …"
Sometimes when she sees those poor people, she seems to see herself at the beginning; She will never forget knowing that she was so desperate and lonely after adoption, and even seeing those who are joking and laughing will make them laugh at themselves; How many days and nights even she can’t remember clearly, so painful, so desperate, I wish it was a dream.
Gradually accepted; I don’t know if adoption is adoption after all.
Sue mammy pouted her thin lips, but she didn’t speak after all. She patted Su Yi on the shoulder. "Madam, don’t think too much."
"…" Su Yi shook her head, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I know, I also feel so good."
"Madam, you have done a good job now." Others may not be as kind and pure as she is. "But you have to learn to be strong. Is the young lady a child after all?"
"I’m white" Su Yi lowered her head.
Even if she can’t lose her daughters, she must learn to be strong; Just like today’s Heng Wu Garden, if she is still the high-ranking Mrs. Gu Guogong, if she still has the title of "Two Death", who dares to treat her like that, how can Heng Wu Garden be reduced to that situation?
Ma shan is good at being ridden and bullied.
When Ye Zhenniang got everything ready, Gu Jinxi and Pinellia came to Tinglan, the waterside pavilion, Su Yi was already ready to finally pick two bottles of mild tonic Lu Ningdan from the warehouse; Mildly nourishing qi, Atractylodes macrocephala and Astragalus membranaceus, supplemented by Codonopsis pilosula and Ganoderma lucidum, were slowly boiled. These two bottles were still when the old lady Gu was seriously ill. She tried her best to get them from the hospital, but it was a pity that the old lady Gu did not appreciate her feelings. These two bottles of Luningdan were released like this.
Gu Jinxi’s eyes darkened when his eyes fell on the two exquisite white porcelain vases.
"This Lou Ningdan is the most gentle tonic for our government people …" Su Yi hurriedly explained.
"Well," Gu Jinxi dialed the medicine bottle and sniffed the brow, frowning slightly. "It’s not bad for Sue’s old man to be ill and recruit evil wind and cold."
Su Yi repeatedly nodded.
"It’s getting late. Let’s go back early." Gu Jinxi watched Su Yi’s eyes fall behind her. Du Ruo and Jean were well. "You have to be careful when you look at the young master’s nurse."
Du Ruo nodded, "Miss, rest assured that the slave will be optimistic."