Zhuojiang pulled Zhu Lizhen, and two people leaned against the glass wall of a shop and set Ye Chuchu naturally in front of them.

Just now, I laughed at Zhu Lizhen’s rogue youth. "Isn’t it quite severe? Dare to provoke the uncle, this is the consequence! "
Say that finish a wave in front of a few gangsters immediately jumped out and waved a steel pipe to hit Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei.
Liu Xiaolei rushed right against the face, swept the front two people to the ground even with the belt, and then made several punches. Three more people should fall to the ground and quickly force the rogue boss to them.
The young man saw that Liu Xiaolei was so brave, and then he stared at himself. If the eagle was hungry, it was horrified and could not help but fall back.
Where will Liu Xiaolei give him this chance to jump and come to his front and grab him by the shoulder? By the time several gangsters around him react, the boss has been captured by others.
At this time, Ma Yuanhang has also put down a few people who came to the front to see that Liu Xiaolei has entered the uneven lines but captured the bandits, so he will no longer wave his strength to protect Zhuo Qiang and wait and see each other’s reaction.
The young man’s shoulder was gripped by Liu Xiaolei like a vice, and he couldn’t move. His shoulder was painful and he hurriedly called the people to stop.
These gangsters can’t take advantage of it at all. Anyone who is put down can’t even get up. For these two people, Han Yong is appall. If the horse stops and hears the command, he obediently goes to one side.
The young man who was grasped by Liu Xiaolei said, "Do you know who my father is?"
Zhuoqiang pulled the front Ye Chuchu aside and put Ma Yuanhang to the front like wood.
These gangsters can’t help but despise his line of work. They just hid behind people like a little puss-head, but now they can’t. They don’t know how to control such a brave hand! I really don’t know how to respect others carefully!
Zhuo Jiang doesn’t care what they think. He clapped his hands and smiled. "Don’t you network? Don’t you understand that consequence of what you said? "
He went on to say, "don’t you know that anyone who gets into trouble and then moves out of his father makes his father cry?"
He took a few steps closer and stared at the young man’s eyes and said, "Do you want to kill your father?"
The young man heard that Zhuo Qiang’s father suddenly had extreme inflation courage and was very hard-hearted. "You are far from being right with my father!"
"Are you? How far is it? " Zhuo Qiang smiled lightly. "No matter how far it is, it is only a knife distance!"
He said in a low voice, "How dare you touch my ex-girlfriend? You are so bold! You and I will be afraid of your dad? How capable is your fucking dad? Compared with an Nanguo ship? "
Only then did the young man see that this deja vu man turned out to be a fierce man who dared to hit a fishing boat with a gunboat!
Because the video on the internet was shot by a mobile phone, it is not clear that acquaintances can easily recognize him from his physical characteristics such as figure outline, but people who don’t know him may not know that the young man is him even if they see him on the street.
Look at the people around Zhuo Qiang. Isn’t that the fishing boat in the video?
Those who dare to hit a ship with a fishing boat can no longer be judged by the word brave. This is a desperate saburo!
Will such people be afraid of dad? It’s not very likely? Such a thought of youth cold sweat came.
Zhu Lizhen was stunned by this unexpected situation at this time. Two people were almost a cliff to twenty or thirty, and the one who looked absolutely inferior completely took control of the situation.
And this victory is too easy for the other side, who are usually overbearing and fierce, and are as vulnerable as local tile dogs.
It’s only been a few days. Zhuoqiang, who has always been ordinary, has changed, like a kind of difference and reappeared as a strong face.
If it weren’t for my own thoughts, the difference would be like a bird. Now she can look up at him from a distance and swallow the bitter fruit with difficulty according to this confident and powerful big boy.
"You say how can I punish you? Which hand do you touch? Tell me about it? " Zhuojiang low asked
The young man realized that the problem was serious. Is this to cut off his own arm? The best he can do is beat himself up, but now he talks about his arm!
He has seen gangsters whose arms were broken because of serious mistakes, and he was excited when he watched the bloody scene coldly, but he never thought that he would have this day!
At this time, the people in the street are far away, and no one will come to this place to find themselves. At ordinary times, the police seem to be very cooperative and disappear. Although there are many hands, the young man feels dependent as if he were trapped in an ice cave.
"No, don’t!" The young man howled in horror, and the unusually horrible sound made these gangsters feel cold all over.
What did this brother, who has been giving high orders, hear that made him so scared?
Zhuo Jiang suddenly smiled like a flower and said, "What are you afraid of? I didn’t say I really wanted to cut off your arm! Look, you scared the child! "
After that, he motioned for Liu Xiaolei to let the young man go and then turned around. When he came to Ma Yuanhang, he said a few words to him and kept coming to Zhu Lizhen’s side.
Zhu Lizhen looked at Zhuo Qiang and couldn’t believe that she looked at him. She clearly heard Zhuo Qiang talking to Ma Yuanhang just now.
"castrate him for me!"
Zhuo Qiang knows that he and Hu Yonghua will have a showdown sooner or later. Since they are always careful, it is better to pick the tube. This young man is Hu Yonghua, so it is nothing to be afraid of.
This kind of garbage that has ruined several girls has left a virgin complex for several men. If he doesn’t clean up, he will be sorry for his innocence! Of course, it was mainly because Zhuo Qiang was a virgin that he made this decision.
When Ma Yuanhang heard the order, of course, he wouldn’t really take a knife to castrate him. He calmly came to the young man who had just survived and was relieved. He stood out and headed straight for the young man’s crotch.
As soon as the young man wiped a cold sweat and secretly felt glad that he had a powerful father, he was kicked in the body when he suddenly saw Ma Yuanhang’s legs rise like a gust of wind and there was no strain.
"ah! ! ! Oooo ~ ~ ~ "A heart-wrenching scream made half the street understand his pain.
Is this killing pigs or fighting? Is it so hard?
As soon as the young man sat down on the ground with his hands clenched, he couldn’t shout out any more.
None of his hands dared to stop Zhuo Qiang and his party from talking around the young man to see the injury, and all the injuries were done to the messenger.
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Two gangsters, who were far away, talked in a low voice, "Those people at the second dock either broke their arms or lost their front teeth. I won’t forget that these evil stars don’t want me to rush forward!"
"Yes! These people don’t know that there is a small space and a cheap place to take advantage of. It is deserved to be loyal to the landlord! "