With the increase of yin and yang, Long Xiaoxiao’s pallor is more beautiful and attractive than her cheeks are gradually rosy, and at the same time, her body cultivation is also rising and returning to the fourth-order Warcraft level, which is equivalent to the human warrior king.

This variation of Yin and Yang was abnormal, but as soon as she entered her body, her Warcraft constitution merged without a trace of itself. Long Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but be overjoyed!
It’s a pity that the dragon girl had just been pleasantly surprised when the situation changed dramatically. She stared at the young man in front of her.
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At this time, Long Xiaoxiao’s right hand clenched Tang Jun’s face.
A little bit of poisonous gas released from the dragon girl’s hand kept flowing into her body. Tang Jun was shocked and desperately shook the dragon girl’s soft hand, but the evil thing was that the two people held her right hand together and could no longer distinguish her body. That little bit of poisonous gas continued to flow into his body.
Long Xiaoxiao was even more frightened at this time. Her body was sealed with magic gas, and she was inexplicably attracted by the yin and yang of the teenager’s body and gradually went into the teenager’s body in vitro. Within a few minutes, her magic gas was sucked away by the teenager, leaving no trace. At the same time, her body also changed a lot. Yin and yang appeared such a change that even she didn’t know whether she had made a profit or lost.
But one thing she can be sure of now is that she has lost all her magic energy and will truly become a human body from now on, and there is no trace of Warcraft left in her body.
From a snake demon to a human beauty, Long Xiaoxiao looked at the teenager in distress situation!
At this time, Tang Jun’s pounding heart finally calmed down and inhaled the toxic gas. After some refining and fusion, it turned into a crystal clear terrorist energy. At the same time, he felt that his physical strength increased greatly and seemed to have reached the peak of the middle-ranking samurai, and it was possible to advance to the high-ranking samurai level at any time.
"abnormal condition! What a pervert! "
When the little doll saw the scene in front of her, she vomitted to stick out her tongue and muttered to herself, "I can’t believe that you have five special physiques by mistake. Once the last special physique is successfully condensed by you, it is possible for both worlds of human beings and immortals to be opened by you."
"Six Qi Great Samsara?"
Tang Jun was very surprised. When he first heard this term, he was not white at all. What happened?
Aside, Long Xiaoxiao has already accepted the fact. At this time, when she heard the words of the Sun God, her face could not help but show surprise. The stronger Tang Gong is, the more she will get in the future.
Seeing that the teenager was puzzled, she smiled and explained, "The Great Cycle of Six Qi is the most powerful and amazing method in this world, but once it is put into use, it can destroy the whole world in a flash. This Great Cycle of Six Qi has appeared twice in millions of years, and it is also the only way to break the channel between human beings and immortals. Unfortunately, this Great Cycle of Six Qi has six special physiques in this world, and it is naturally earth-shattering!"
Long Xiaoxiao’s love for the teenager in front of her just now is utilitarian. At this time, her heart is really heartache. No man in this world deserves her to live for thousands of years. Now she is still a virgin. Now she is blessed with a man who can make her heartbeat.
At the thought of this Long Xiaoxiao’s face, a piece of hongyun immediately emerged, and the in the mind was even more tender. Almost without hesitation, he took out a red flashing bead from his finger and pressed it on the brow of the teenager’s forehead.
"God then!"
The little doll screamed, her face was horrified, and her eyes were bursting with fire!
When she bought this thing, she had a bloody battle with the big witch in front of her, but she still didn’t get it, but now she just gave it to the teenager she just met in front of her.
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The divine elixir is the five most precious treasures in the five underworld-every underworld has an unexpected "divine elixir" Long Xiaoxiao, who has the most horrible magical fire attribute among the five, so he gave it to the young doll in front of him in vain, except for heartache.
The deity elixir is a fate, which can be said to be the peak of the nine elixirs. If the juvenile body does not have a mutated yin and yang, it will explode and die as soon as he enters the body.
At this time, Tang Jun felt a burning pain in his forehead, and a powerful force was destroying his body everywhere, especially in his mind. A spiritual and horrible flame kept burning in, and everywhere was filled with the smell of death. Fortunately, his body was chaotic and angry, and all the burned places were repaired. At the same time, chaotic gas also captured the flashing flame and wrapped it up and finally stayed deep in the teenager’s forehead.
Almost in an instant, a miracle happened. A red dot protruded from the brow of Tang Jun’s forehead. A strange pattern appeared in the center of the red dot. It looked like a maple leaf and a sea of fire, but there was no breath released. It kept a mysterious feeling and made people daydream!
"Ha ha three younger sister don’t come ill! That teenager has sucked all the light and dark bodies from Butterfly’s body, so why don’t you hand them over to Big Brother for disposal? "
There was a burst of laughter from outside the underground, and then a clear figure suddenly appeared in front of them. It was just outside watching Feng Long.
Long Xiaoxiao was surprised and changed his face. Unexpectedly, the eldest brother Feng Long has reached the level of the monarch. The peak is that he is also clear in two places. It is chilling to release terror and coercion like a real person.
She has a lot of machines in this underground palace, but the door is not so easy to hit. Now the eldest brother is busy breaking in directly. With her current root cultivation, it is fragile to throw straws against the wind.
Almost without some consideration, Long Xiaoxiao took out his biggest card, the first treasure in the snake demon world, "the golden magic armor of the gods"