This makes Shao Xuetong feel flattered and moved, makes Shao Xuetong feel respected and grateful, and makes Shao Xuetong feel like a woman-it turns out that it can be so comfortable slowly!

It’s a manly gesture that the waves are rough. He’s not with her * * He’s raping her, abusing her, satisfying her sadism, satisfying her vanity. Now it’s different. The waves are gentle, her center is a manly gesture. He just caresses her, comforts her, warms her and satisfies her vanity as a woman.
Even the waves themselves are not white. What is so gentle tonight to make up for it? Is it guilt? Or oneself originally also like this gentle * *?
Compensation for what? Is it to compensate yourself for being too rude to Shao Xuetong before? Too calculating for her?
Sorry about what? Will it hurt Shao Xuetong if you feel sorry for yourself? Or have you hurt Shao Xuetong?
Do you like tenderness? I don’t know He hasn’t been so gentle with a woman for a long time! Didn’t he always like to abuse girls? Didn’t he always get pleasure and satisfaction from abusing girls? Although it is mild abuse and abuse, although it makes girls like it more, there is no denying that he did not violently abuse them just to make girls like it, but to satisfy his own animal desires
After tonight, he is still the former one. Tonight, he will be gentle!
He moved very gently, pushed in deeply and pulled out slowly. Every movement was slow and thorough, and he enjoyed the package and wetness brought by this * * contact.
When he felt tired because of the prolonged delay, he changed Shao Xuetong’s noodles.
Shao Xuetong came by herself on the waves, and she moved very gently. She sat down deeply and got up slowly, and each one was thorough. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the strong face, the male strength, the hardness and the heat.
They changed several postures and did it gently. Sometimes they kissed each other once in a while, kissed each other’s eyes, kissed each other’s lips, kissed each other’s nose and even kissed each other’s private parts-they didn’t feel dirty!
They give to each other and ask for each other’s bodies and ask for each other’s bodies. Everything is so natural and harmonious, just like a gentle breeze and drizzle, just like spring!
Yes, it’s spring, breeze and drizzle! They all have a strong sense of spring, and there is a breeze blowing in their hearts. They are gentle as drizzle but moist. Their bodies are the land nourished by each other, and their bodies are the drizzle that moistens each other’s land.
Originally gentle * * can be so beautiful!
It’s been almost an hour, right? It seems that the sky is about to dawn, and the night outside is getting gray, and the lights in the room are not as good as before. It’s too fast and too slow!
He felt that it was almost time, so he gently put her down on the bed and entered her normal body at a normal speed, gently pushing in and pulling out.
Hmm! Coming! Coming!
He still didn’t speed up and maintain the normal speed until * * came. Instead, he stopped moving and enjoyed sowing seeds and enjoying the warmth in the depths of the countryside. After the depths of the countryside were moistened by dew, they suddenly contracted urgently. What is it like? Like a little mouth, gently suck and suck!
Go to sleep like this, don’t scrub, go to sleep like this. He hugs her and presses her body, and soon she falls asleep. She hugs the man. Although the man presses her body heavily, it makes her feel more secure and practical. She doesn’t know that pressing her body will not bring her peace and stability. He will bring her disaster and harm.
She doesn’t know!
Therefore, she still deeply loves the man who pressed her, hugging her tightly, and the man pressed her like a blue sky, covering the earth like grass. She is the earth, and he has long been soft in her body. Although he is soft, he is still moored in her harbor. She still has him sowing seeds in her harbor, which is wet and sticky, but makes her very comfortable.
Go to sleep like this!
She fell asleep when she thought like this!
Chapter two hundred and four There are no triads in America?
It was nearly noon when the waves woke up.
Shao Xuetong, who can touch him when he is awake, is no longer in bed, and the room is quiet.
The waves looked at a room with one eye open, and Shao Xuetong was not in the room.
He knows that Shao Xuetong got up and went out, and it won’t be long before Shao Xuetong heard the death of Yang Tian. He got up lazily, dressed, washed his face and brushed his teeth, but his mind was thinking about action.
One-step plan: He has long thought about it. When the time comes, he will start work. Now that Yang Tianyi is dead, Shao Yifu Shao Xuewu will soon come from the United States. It is necessary to kill Shao Yifu before Shao Xuewu arrives and disintegrate the "Fulong Gang". Otherwise, when Shao Xuewu arrives, he will have a lot of calculation. Although he has never seen Shao Xuewu, he also knows that this little Wang is a lean figure. Although he is not afraid to have a enter the dragon with this little Wang, it is important to finish the first "Fulong Gang" first.
It’s time to kill Shao lady when it’s urgent!
The waves were thinking like this when Shao Xuetong came in when the door rang.
Shao Xuetong’s face was sad and there were tears in his eyes. After entering the room, he took a faint look at the waves and sat on the bed without saying a word.
The waves didn’t talk until they were cleaned up, so they went to the bed and sat down. They reached out and hugged Shao Xuetong and said, "Do you know all about it?"
Shao Xuetong body moved to jilt waves hand didn’t speak still don’t head to one side.
The waves’ faces sank, and they slowly drew back their hands in silence.
Neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere in the room was heavy and breathless.
The waves were silent for a while and said, "Do you think I hurt Yang Tian?"
Shao Xuetong wanted to ignore the waves and finally could not help but say, "He went with you and you came back safely, but he was killed …" Shao Xuetong was a kind girl after all, although he suspected that the waves were playing tricks or could not bear to say something that hurt the waves.
The waves said coldly, "You mean I should be killed and he should come back safely, right?"
When the waves advance and retreat, Shao Xuetong can’t help but look up and say, "That’s not what I mean. I mean …"
"all right! Good! " The waves impatiently waved and interrupted Shao Xuetong’s words. I got up from bed and turned my back on Shao Xuetong and said coldly, "I knew you were unforgettable about Yang Tian’s old feelings. You should have been me. You and Yang Tian could have been together. I should have died for Yang Tian last night."
The waves seemed angry, but Shao Xuetong got up and walked behind the waves and put his arm around the waist of the waves from behind and gently said, "Don’t be angry, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t say that about you."
Shao Xuetong couldn’t see the waves, and the corners of his mouth picked up, but he smiled proudly and said coldly, "I don’t blame you, I blame myself."
Shao Xuetong was afraid of shaking the waves and said, "You’d better be angry with me and forgive me!"
When the waves saw the fire, they turned around and took Shao Xuetong to sit on the bed and said gently, "You also know that killers like Yang Tian and I are either killing people or being killed. Today is Yang Tian’s death, and it may be my death …"
Shao Xuetong quickly covered his mouth with waves and stared in horror. "Don’t talk nonsense, you won’t die!" "