Europe is pale and falls into the underground palace, or she will die!

Wang Longke went to see Europe the next day, but got a news from her that frightened him.
-Guo Yi attacked Luoyang Yanyu Tiemole and led the army to be besieged by rebels for three days and could not be rescued.
Europe knew that he was anxious to get the child ready for everything and said to him, "Go and save her, but remember to take care of yourself."
Wang Longke clenched his fists. "What about you?"
Europe chuckled, "I can’t help you now, so I might as well not make trouble."
The child holds a round face and looks at Europe next to her.
Wang Longke has been gone for half a day, and she is still here as if she could see him come back.
"Miss Gong is gone, what are you looking at!" The child’s tender voice sounded.
Europe’s beautiful face crossed a trace of tears and cried and laughed. "Yes, he’s gone."
She didn’t have it when she was with him
Before Ye Qi came, she didn’t want to admit that she didn’t want to wake up from her own dream.
Now she has to sober herself up.
She and he didn’t have much time after all.
The burden she carries does not allow her to escape for too long, and she is satisfied to have these days.
"Brother, why are you here?" Wang Yanyu looked at Wang Longke with joy.
Wang Longke’s brow was anxious. "Yan Yu, are you all right?"
Just now, he didn’t see any enemy troops along the way, and he found Yan Yu so easily
Wang Yanyu took his arm and asked, "What did brother say? How can I have anything to do when I March with Guo Linggong? The army has not yet attacked the city. "
No siege!
Europe lied to him!
Wang Longke passed behind Wang Yanyu and kept calling, and finally chased him to Qiong Qi Mountain.
Five days later
The night is as cool as the stars and the moon close and sink.
Yan Yu looked at Wang Longke alone in white, and his tall figure was reflected in the water by the lake.
"Brother, do you miss Europe girl?" Wang Yanyu explored
On that day, they went to Qiong Qi Mountain, and Shan Ye’s bodies were all over the place, but the lonely girl was not seen. The villa where she lived was burned down, and there was no trace of it.
Wang Yanyu read the worry from Wang Longke’s eyebrow eye. He seems to be very concerned about Europe.
"YanYu day will siege you go back to the barracks to have a rest."
"Brother! You don’t have to carry everything alone, even if Europe is here, she doesn’t want to see you like this, "Wang Yanyu advised.
She looked at her brother when he was sad all day, and her eyes were full of worries. If she hadn’t stopped him by accident the day before yesterday, I’m afraid he would have entered Luoyang City to find Europe.
"Yan Yu, some people always forget some things." Wang Longke looked up at the night and slowly seemed to be immersed in memories.
Wang Yanyu wondered, "Brother, have you known the girl Europe before?"
She had never heard of him before.
"Yan Yu still remembers the ice?" Wang Longke smiled and asked, and unconsciously a little soft light appeared in his eyes.
"Bingqing … is the ninth cousin?" Wang Yanyu doubts 33 Chapter 33