Dongyang leng leng and then eyes a bright a few invisible nodded.

At the same time, the eyes of Ryukyu and Moon are also slightly folded.
"Shallow princess empress, if you are really a slave in Fengyang Palace, you should not have too much communication with them now. It would be cruel to implicate them in death together when something happens." The eunuch said in a gloating tone.
"I know the palace!" Phoenix shallow thrust his thin figure straight out and aloof.
The eunuch followed her away with satisfaction, and told the handlers to search for the so-called "evidence" here.
A thin figure walked briskly at the gate of the palace, getting more and more anxious until it was almost running.
When the guard at the palace gate saw her, he immediately respectfully said, "Hey, isn’t this aunt pity?"
Flow if look panic nodded "give me the door I want to go out"
The man slightly asked, "It’s so late. Where is Aunt Ruo going?"
"Never mind so much!" If you frown, you seem to realize that you are too impatient and quickly add, "Does the Queen Mother have to get your permission to send me out of the palace to do things?"
"No, no, no, of course not!" The man smiled obsequiously, but in his heart, he was cold-snorted. Why is it that no matter how noble it is, it is still a slave?
"Come to the door!"
As soon as the palace gate was hit, the man wanted to say a few words goodbye to pity, but who knew that pity ran all the way out and stunned the man.
What exactly did the queen mother tell you that this close-fitting maid-in-waiting had to do? No matter how important it is, you shouldn’t run in such a hurry …
If you have been running and running, you don’t know how long it has been running. Your legs have already been soft, and finally you finally stopped in front of a scarlet door.
I looked up and saw the word "Gu Fu" and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
When Gu Quan came out to see her, the whole person was a little dazed.
Fengming Palace maid-in-waiting pity If he knew that she was always cold and indifferent and famous, was it really her who was in a mess with red cheeks and panting?
"Gu Daren"
If pity is a little embarrassed by him, he has no time to take care of these quick interruptions. "I have something to ask you for help."
By her bite Gu Quan hurriedly don’t eye "help generous pity if aunt have something though commanded"
If pity is not polite, he said directly, "Something has happened to the little princess. Can you trouble Lord Gu to find a way to inform the emperor?"
"Something happened to the shallow princess?" Gu Quan one leng.
"yes! Someone went to the queen mother to report that the shallow princess empress was sent by Xique to Xifeng Central Palace and there was evidence of her collaboration with the enemy and treason. Now the queen mother is trying this matter … "
"Is it collaboration, treason, aunt looking for the emperor?"
Pity if I didn’t expect his tone to be cold, I frowned. "Gu’s adult, won’t you help?"
Gu Quan but light way "is not the officer refused to help but the emperor went to Wutai Mountain to worship ancestors don’t want to officer such a small thing to disturb the emperor 89 Chapter 89 Violators kill forgive!
"This is no small matter!" If the flow is as straight as looking at his eyes because of anger, there is a flash of firmness in the beautiful eyes. "It is no small matter that the emperor has a shallow princess empress!" What’s more, it’s up to the emperor to judge whether it’s disturbing or not. How can Lord Gu make a decision on behalf of the emperor? "
"Isn’t aunt pity coming to ask the officer for help?" Gu Quan raised his eyebrows. "Should the official decide whether to help or not?"
Flow if short of breath mercilessly gouged out his one eye.
What did this man say just now? "I don’t think it’s worth asking for help." What if it was all a lie for a long time?
"Gu adults don’t help!" Flow if grind said that and turned to leave.
I don’t know if Zhang Jin will promise if I can try Zhang Fu …
"Aunt, stay!" If you are about to step out of the door, there will be a flash of light in Gu Quan’s eyes.
"Don’t you understand that my aunt is not a queen mother? Are you willing to take such a big risk to help the shallow princess?"
Flow if the size of a meal did not turn around "whether shallow princess empress is fine or not, it is up to the emperor to come back and judge. I don’t want to see a good person so …"
Behind the words she didn’t say to Gu Quan but some understand slightly narrowed his eyes color deeply staring at her back, "officer".
Paused, pity if you are ready to leave again and added, "The official is willing to help aunt pity, but don’t go back to the palace for the time being. If the queen mother knows that you tipped them off, she will not let you go."
"Don’t I know if I don’t go back to the Queen Mother?" Flow if smiled early in the morning when she decided to help shallow princess has been ready to bear all the consequences.
"If I go back, maybe I can plead for mercy when I press the key, otherwise no one in the palace will really help her."
Although she begged for love, she probably didn’t