"Well, maybe you really need my help. Anyway, God knows. Now let’s go home first. We’ve been out for a long time." Just now, the street was still full of people, but there were only a few stars left. So we stepped up and walked back …

Chapter 19 Pretending to be a boyfriend
"I said Suo Na hasn’t arrived yet? The carriage has been walking for a long time … "I asked Suo Na in the middle speed of the carriage. She ran to the general’s office early this morning and called me up, saying that I started earlier. The air was fresher. I finally got up and ate some breakfast in a hurry and was taken away by her. When I left, Luo Yali also told me to be careful to make Suo Na laugh, saying that the two of us were too much like where will you go. I shouted’ It’s not your fault …’
"What’s your hurry? It’s only five magic hours before you start. It will take about half a magic hour to enter the city." Sona said with a cool look that she heard from her mouth that her family lived in the capital’ Dhaka City’, which is the capital of the entire Lida Empire. The king’s palace is also inside.
"But, Suo Na, how is your family?" I looked at her tentatively and asked her, but she looked at me puzzled and asked, "Why do you ask?"
"Well, if your family is easy to talk to, I won’t have to be so nervous then," I said
"Ha ha, look, don’t be afraid that my family has always been easy-going." Suo Na Gherardini looked at me and said, look at her eyes, it will definitely be bad.
"You said you pulled me to this is why? It’s said that when your bodyguard didn’t see half a thief coming to attack you all the way? " I said
"Why? I’m not happy. Anyway, if I call you here, I’m sure you’ll know when the time comes. "Suo Na looked at me and joked, making me feel uncomfortable." What if you don’t tell me what it is and I can’t react when the time comes? "
"Ah, anyway, you are safe! Won’t die, "Sona joked again, but I was scared out in a cold sweat and dizzy. I said it was a good thing to die. How could I promise it at the beginning … I shouted in my heart.
After about half a magic hour, the carriage finally arrived in the capital. When the coachman took out a fast card and showed it to the gatekeeper, he settled into the city. When I entered the city, I stuck my head out and looked around. At this time, pedestrians came and went in the city, and all kinds of vendors were on both sides. The excitement was no worse than that of Kadu City. I watched and praised, "Wow! It’s so lively! " There was a look of wonder in his eyes. Suo Na couldn’t help laughing when he saw me like this. "Hehe sometimes I really think you are a child."
In this way, the carriage city purposefully bypassed several streets and finally stopped in front of a gorgeous and splendid house. This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful house. Looking at it, ten people can pass through the door side by side, and two golden lions are placed in front of it. It looks like the real thing. The whole thing looks like the word’ beautiful’! I was led by Suo Na to look at this house full of gold.
"Hey, don’t be stupefied. Come in with me." Suo Na said, and took my hand and walked to the gate. The gatekeepers in front of the door rushed to meet one of them when they saw their young lady coming back. "Miss, why didn’t you say it first?" Please come in, madam. I’m looking forward to you all this time! " Seeing a housekeeper, the old man respectfully ran over and said that with those who assume, we were welcomed in.
"Grandpa Steve, my parents, are they all?" Walking along the long courtyard road, Suo Na asked the old man next to him, and the old man replied respectfully, "Dudu … Master and Lady are in the main hall at this moment. Should Miss go over and greet them first?"
"Oh, well, I’ll give my parents an An Re cold first, so you can go with me." Suo Na looked at me and said, but I didn’t say a word at this moment. How did the stranger interrupt me? I was thinking about being suddenly pulled back to reality by Suo Na dialect, which made me almost unresponsive and hurriedly replied, "Ah? Oh oh … "
"I didn’t come to introduce you just now. This is a friend from my college. Come with me this time. Grandpa Steve, please lead the way quickly." Suo Na looked at me and explained to Steve that Steve was also a clever man. He would never easily ask others to offend him when he got his identity. When he saw Suo Na introducing him, he walked over and replied, "Please come with me, miss." Then he took us to the main hall. At this time, when my heart was beating so hard, Suo Na suddenly held my hand and looked at me with his eyes and said, "Don’t be afraid of me.
Steve led us to the main hall soon. At this time, a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman were sitting in the front of the main hall. As soon as the middle-aged woman saw us go in, she hurriedly ran over and hugged Suo Na and sobbed, "I look thin. My baby daughter is suffering outside again." Yes, these two people are Suo Na’s parents. Suo Na comforted her mother and said, "Mom, don’t be like this. Isn’t this good?"
"You don’t come back once a month. Do you know how much Niang misses you?" Madam pinched Suo Na’s nose grievance, and I listened to Suo Na’s introduction in my car. Her father’s name is Sophie’s night mother’s name is Lydia, and she said that she must be polite when she meets them. I bowed respectfully with my hands clasped at the right time, saying, "If I have seen my wife and master in the cold."
"oh? Are you the Chu Ruohan mentioned in the girl’s letter? It’s really a handsome man, "said Lydia, looking straight at me, but I was shocked. Do you even know my name? Also said to be a letter from Suo Na saying that this girl had plans? It seems that I really jumped into the fire pit this time, and I said in my heart
"Well, come and pay your dad’s respects." Lydia said, pulling Suo Na to Sophie Night’s side and sitting there at this time. Sophie Night kept looking at me as soon as she saw me. What seemed to be thinking? Because he hasn’t spoken since we came in, Suo Na walked over to him and said, "My daughter pays her respects to Dad." He just came to his senses and replied, "It’s good to be back …"
"Dad, this is my daughter’s letter to ChuRe cold" Suo Na said, pointing to his face.
"Oh, ha ha … it’s really handsome …" Sophie looked at me again at night and said, at this time, I can’t understand what they are talking about and show them around …
"Dad! My daughter likes him, and bringing him back this time is to give my father a certain hope that my father can marry King Redos! " When Suo Na said these words, I found myself falling down. I looked at her puzzled and hoped she would give me an explanation.
"But … but it’s really hard for King Redos to explain over there. You also know that the king has liked you since he first met you. He sent someone to the mansion a few days ago to kiss your father. I refused. This is why I came back to discuss with you." After thinking for a moment, Sophie looked at Sona and said.
"Daughter, regardless of whether she wants to be with the person she likes, her daughter has no such feelings for King Redos. Today, her daughter came to see her parents with Ruohan." Suo Na still firmly said that at this time, I was completely lost in confusion, and my head was full of question marks, but no one gave me an answer.
"In that case, it depends on King Redos’ wishes. It would be much easier if this Chu Ruo Han Gong could make him willingly give you up, but how is that possible?" Sophie night or nai said.
"Dad, please rest assured that since Wang really likes me, it is necessary to see if he likes me for this matter." Suo Na still said firmly
"What does the daughter mean?" Sophie asked Suo Na, puzzled at night, and followed the answer, "Please ask Dad to send someone to inform King Redos that if he can defeat Ruohan, I will marry him or we will talk!"
"what! Do you want to use force against the king? " Sophie jumped up after listening to the night and asked
"well! Since he likes me, let me see his business. If there is no such thing, let’s talk about it! " Suo Na confidently said that Suofei was puzzled at night. "Wang has a grudge against the intermediate magic, and even the martial arts genius is unwilling to have any conflict with him. This Chu Ruohan is definitely not his opponent!"
"Only knowing that he is good will he easily agree to come. If he is to be defeated, then he can break off his engagement with me," Sona said firmly.
"You said ChuRe cold male can beat him? This is too unrealistic! " Sophie waved her hand at night, obviously not believing that Sona Haonai said to him, "You won’t know until you win or lose! If the cold loses, it is doomed that I will marry the king in this life, and I will have something to say then … "
"In that case … it depends on you. I’ll write a letter and send it to King Redos. It’s up to him to answer or not." Sophie thought for a moment and finally Nye said, but her heart was already doomed to failure!
"Daughter, thank you, Dad. Daughter excused herself first. I want to take Ruohan for a stroll." Suo Na said, and ran to pull me and ran out, leaving Sophie to continue thinking about Lydia at night. "It seems that this girl has grown up."
"Suo Na ~ What the hell is going on here? Please don’t be such a joke! " Walking down the street, I finally woke up and asked her, but she looked at me vaguely and said, "That’s why I called you here. You should behave better then …"
"I refuse! Why call me to fight with others without telling me in advance? I can’t do it. You’d better ask for another job! " I was still angry and shouted, which attracted the puzzled eyes of the streets, but I turned around and prepared to leave, but she still held me back.
"You and I want to do this! ? I just don’t want to marry someone I don’t like. Is that wrong? If I told you first, would you still come! " At this time, I have found that she is crying behind her. I am most afraid that the girl will cry. When she cries, I am half angry and turn around to dry her tears and say, "Come on, don’t cry. I want to cry myself. I will let you sell it for nothing!"
"So … So did you promise?" Suo Na looked at me with still watery eyes and asked.
"I don’t know if I promise you, I’m sure I can win him? I just heard your father say that he is not weak at all, "I said with a sigh."
"I believe you! If you can’t win, then I can accept my fate … "Sona replied with a firm look at me, which made me laugh and cry. Why does this girl trust me so much?
"Let’s not talk about this. I can promise to fight him, but I just want to help you. There is absolutely no other meaning," I said, stroking her hair.