"innate realm?" Teng Qingshan was stunned.

As it is said, the innate strong can be born in the era when the aura of heaven and earth is abundant.
"what!" Teng Qinghu stared at the small piece of star-shaped steel with a piece of paper. "Does a catty of star-shaped steel require a catty of gold?"
Tengqingshan also looked at the price secretly surprised.
This star-shaped steel is actually equivalent to gold. The purchasing power of gold in this world is very amazing. One or two star-shaped steel equals one or two gold equals one hundred and twenty silver.
"Star-shaped steel is very important. A pike made of star-shaped steel needs at least 100 kilograms of star-shaped steel." The man smiled gently. "That is 100 kilograms of gold, that is, 102 thousand silver! Not very rich or powerful fighters can’t afford this silver. "
Tengqingshan gasped.
Oh, my God. A hundred and two thousand silver? Make a gun rod? The remaining money in Tengjiazhuang is about twenty-two thousand silver.
"Millennium cold iron?" Tengqingshan stared at a black stone next to the star-shaped steel, and a threatening chill was felt before it was touched.
"Well, this Millennium cold iron refining is excavated from various places, but the price is much lower than that of star steel. A kilo of Millennium cold iron needs two ounces of gold!" Next to Teng Yongfan, it is said that the price of cold iron in one thousand is 20% of star steel.
Of course, this is still not what Tengqingshan can afford.
"These materials …" Teng Qingshan was amazed at the bottom of his heart. It is not the kui that many magical materials can be bred in the era when the aura of heaven and earth is sufficient. This kind of material has a record of describing the modern society, and there is no such magical metal.
"Castle Peak, you go to other places to see if I have purchased the materials before calling you to go together," Teng Yongfan said.
"good dad"
Teng Qingshan and his cousin Qing Hu went to Vientiane Building to hang out at his counter.
"Castle Peak Castle Peak" Teng Qinghu suddenly pulled a few Teng Qingshan Teng Qingshan puzzled and looked at him "What’s the matter?" At the same time, follow Teng Qinghu’s eyes and look in the direction of the main entrance of Vientiane Building. A handsome man in a navy gown and a lovely girl in a white mink fur entered Vientiane Building together.
Behind them are guards and servants.
"It’s the daughter of the big salt merchant," Tengqinghu whispered
"It’s really her." Tengqingshan also found out that he paid more attention to the man. "Now it’s a cold winter, but the handsome young man is not cold at all and seems to be a master of uniting strength."
"Castle Peak" Teng Qinghu secretly looked at the distant low voice and said, "This darling daughter is not the same as the girls in the mountains in our village. Look at that white face … it’s tender than that brothel girl." Teng Qinghu’s words made Teng Qingshan laugh and cry.
"It depends on looking closer and peeking far, but you can’t see it when you get back to the village." Tengqingshan laughed.
How can a girl in the mountain be compared with a rich girl who reaches out with these clothes and opens her mouth to eat?
"Well, look closer." Tengqinghu really has guts. Indeed as expected, he goes over there.
"Liu Dage, you and I brag about how powerful you are. Then I ask you if this hidden dragon list has your name?" When I was near Tengqingshan, I heard that the salt merchant’s daughter was asking questions about the blue youth.
"Green jade can dive dragon list that is the whole day in kyushu which one is not the science of uniting the strength at an early age? I practice late … but I don’t care about the diving dragon list. My ambition is to be on the ground list! Being able to rank on the list is a real hero! "
Li Qingyu, the daughter of the salt merchant, covered her mouth and laughed. "Can’t you still want to be on the list of hidden dragons?"
The young man face some red "green jade you also don’t make fun of me this is ambition! And my big brother, Green Lake Island, who is a hero on the list of hidden dragons and the list of places at the same time, do you belong to Yuan Zong? Hidden dragon list, list you belong to Yuan Zong a person all have no? "
"Your master elder brother is not you." Qingyu grunted.
"All right, Qingyu, don’t be angry," the young man coaxed. "Aren’t you coming to buy the Hidden Dragon List and the Young Phoenix List? Dude, there are two hidden dragons and two young phoenixes. "
Tengqingshan clearly saw that the guy took out the four-line outfit, and at the very least, there were one or three big characters-‘Hidden Dragon List’ at the top of the finger, and then the servant behind the young man immediately paid for it. That was four hundred and twenty silver tickets.
"Four hundred and twenty?" TengQingShan heart dark surprised "four is four hundred and twenty? Why is it so expensive? "
Membership should be very cheap.
That pair of handsome men and beautiful women also walked towards his counter, while Tengqingshan came to the counter just now. The most striking thing is three, which are very thin respectively.
The first two are worth a hundred taels of silver each, while the first two are twelve taels of silver.
"What are these three?" Tengqingshan asked