-mom! Tall pine angrily scolded him in the heart, but he had long thought that the coquettish wind was fluttering, and he hadn’t waited for his hand to let the little one take the lead. He also had an eyeliner in the hotel, and then he secretly made a small vault. Be careful!

Tall pine heart is scold face is happy to be raw and said, "no problem! No problem! It happened that the guest department was not serious about economics and engineering, and I just wanted to fire her … Miss NO FENG フウカ Piaopiao usually works hard, and I just want to find a chance to promote her. Now my husband said that of course I will do it! "
"well! Go! " The wave is faint.
Tall pine and lead the way to the office in front.
The waves were stunned and didn’t wake up from their dreams. When the wind fluttered in front of them, they patted their shoulders and kissed them seriously and said, "Little girl, work hard and organize well, and you won’t be mistreated!"
Then he winked at the naughty wind in distress situation, then sank his face and strode forward. The stalwart figure walked along the long corridor with firm steps.
A Yu quietly watched the waves do these things and suddenly said, "What am I an exception?"
The waves are pulling well. When I heard the question of Ayu, my hand stopped. I looked at Ayu’s eyes and suddenly smiled and said, "Maybe it’s because you make me feel good!" "
The waves don’t know anything in their hearts, except for Ayu, who always hates her. Maybe it’s because Ayu’s body makes him feel good!
The waves stopped looking at Ayu’s eyes and said, "I won’t give you Sakura Yamazaki for the time being, but I will still give you the credit. When you wait for me before dark, I will give you Sakura so that you can get the credit. Just have a good rest here. You will be fine after waking up and feeling physically injured."
After he finished, he walked to the door.
When the waves just reached the door and were about to go out, Hou Ayu suddenly said, "I should hate you? Still love you? "
The waves slowly turned around and looked at Ayu.
She is also looking at the waves with a hazy eye.
The waves were clear and deep, eyes were fixed on Ayu, and suddenly the corners of her mouth showed a symbolic evil smile and said, "Whatever!"
Say that finish turned and walked out of the room backhand door.
The waves went to the lobby on the first floor and saw that the wind was fluttering and he was still on duty. He could just flirt with one of her smiles and go over and say hello, "Hey, pretty girl!"
The wind is fluttering and looking down at things. When I heard the news, I looked up and saw that it was the waves and smiled and said, "Did you get another game so soon?"
The waves laughed and said, "Modern times are fast food times, and everything has to be done quickly and slowly."
The wind fluttered and smiled and said, "It seems that everything can be fast. Can’t this be fast?"
The waves laughed. "I’m looking for simplicity, not doing this when I’m in a fake mill-I want to be a dragon, a tiger, a tiger, and a wind!"
"Good theory!" The wind fluttered and applauded and praised, "It really is the killer of flowers and waves!"
As soon as the eyes of the waves turned to see, four people suddenly reached out and touched a handful of Xi Xi with a smile.
"Die!" The wind fluttered, his face flushed, and he stole a look, only to be relieved when no one saw it. "Do you want the boss to fire me during class?"
The waves laughed. "He doesn’t dare!" There is no doubt in his tone.
The wind fluttered and took a look at the waves and said, "What did you say? Do you know our boss? "
The waves smiled and said, "Is your boss called Gao Da Song?"
The wind fluttered and said, "Yes, how do you know?"
The waves laughed. "Not only do I know his name is Gao Dashong, but I also know that if Gao Dashong knows I’m here, he will come running to meet me. Do you believe it or not?"
"brag!" The wind is fluttering and laughing. "You just blow it. Let the boss hear that you are asked to be blown out by the security guard. You won’t blow it!"
The waves took the paper on the counter and wrote two words on the pen, saying, "Why don’t you give this paper to Gao Dasong now and say I’ll see how he does it in the living room?"
The wind is fluttering and watching the waves don’t want to joke and say with a grain of salt, "are you kidding me?" If the boss doesn’t know you, I will be scolded! "
The waves waved their hands. "Go! Go! If you want me to be happy, maybe you won’t be at the counter tomorrow and will be transferred directly to the customer service department as a manager. "
The wind is fluttering and laughing. "Fine, I’ll accompany you crazy once. It’s a big deal to get scolded. It’s fun to be a manager accidentally!"
The wind waved and called another lady to help her watch her walk to her own general manager’s office.
The waves smiled, turned and walked to the living room, and sat down on the sofa for a temporary break.
He knew that this tall pine was the boss of Mei Hotel on the surface, but it was actually a small leader in the "Star Gang" and "White Tiger Hall", and his position in front of Chen Ping, the owner of the "White Tiger Hall" of the waves could not be compared at all. He asked him to run over with a piece of paper "White Tiger Hall" in the past.
Sure enough, in less than three minutes, a chubby middle-aged man came running with a big sweat, his eyes swept away and he looked nervous. He came over and said, "Hello, I’m Gao Gaosong, and you are …"
The waves got up leisurely and said coldly, "This is no place to talk!"
"Yes, yes!" Gao Gaosong rushed to nod and said, "Would you please come with me to my office and discuss it in detail?"
The waves turned cold and snorted and said, "Lead the way ahead."
Tall and loose, seeing the wave style, was sent by the headquarters to check his accounts, and he was too scared to breathe. He quickly bowed in front and led the way to the office.