"Zhou Qing Di, what are you yelling about? Don’t. You’re trapped in heaven. Now you’re still in my hand. I won’t believe your story."

Hearing Zhou Qing Di say this, Ah Da is really nervous. Zhou Qing Di is fierce. He knows that when Zhou Qing Di gets out of trouble, he will definitely be afraid of being killed. But he can’t consider so much now. He must first ensure his life to escape. Besides, it is better to be killed by Zhou Qingdi in the future than to be killed now.
Zhou Qing Di deliberately talking to Ah Da also creates opportunities for the police to let Ah Da relax and show his flaws.
Xiaoxiao reached his waist and held a dagger while Ah Da was talking.
This is not a dagger, but a dagger gun, which can be shot at close range. Xiao Xiao is also good at making a dagger gun.
When Zhouyi got to Xiaoxiao, Mashan realized Xiaoxiao was ready to make a move, but Xiaoxiao’s chances of success alone were not 100%, but Zhou Qingdi was Zhou Jun’s father and Zhouyi was not allowed to make any mistakes.
"Officer, you’d better agree to this gentleman’s request. The hostage is my friend’s father." Zhou Yi said to Xiaoxiao and then put his hand behind him to communicate with Xiaoxiao in sign language.
Xiaoxiao is a gesture of Zhouyi that can be clearly understood naturally behind Zhouyi.
Zhouyi sign language was given to him by his grandfather Zhou Shan when he was a child. It is a special force and an essential skill for agents. Of course, Xiaoxiao understands it.
After Zhouyi finished the sign language with Xiaoxiao, he retreated to Xiaoxiao’s oblique rear. Xiaoxiao’s opinion is that at this time, of course, Xiaoxiao can’t go to Zhouyi to sign for him. If someone approaches, it will arouse Ah Da’s vigilance, and Zhouyi will retreat, which will not cause Ah Da’s suspicion.
Xiaoxiao also put her hand behind her, and she agreed to the action plan of Zhouyi, and decided that the two men would join hands to kill Ada and rescue Zhou Qing Di.
"The gentleman please don’t behave in such a way I’ll send a helicopter? You have to promise me not to hurt the hostages. "Xiaoxiao spoke to Ah Da again.
"What are you wasting? I said I’ll give you ten minutes." Ah Da continued to growl.
"Wait for you on the helideck in ten minutes."
Xiaoxiao wanted to think, then nodded and turned as if to leave here.
When Ah Da saw Xiaoxiao agreed to his request, his heart was slightly relieved. At this time, a dagger gun magically appeared, and Xiaoxiao’s hand shot out from the dagger gun and went straight to Ah Da’s eyes.
When something shoots into his eyes quickly, his first reaction is to blink, and Ah Da is no exception. His first reaction is to blink, and his second reaction is to use a dagger to cut off Zhou Qing Di’s throat and Zhou Qing Di’s mutually assured destruction. He didn’t expect Xiao Xiao to do it at this time, regardless of the hostage’s life and death.
He shouted that his father was going to die.
But this time Zhouyi moved the cold mountain, and now a dart quickly shot at Ah Da’s wrist.
At the same time, blood splashed into Ah Da’s eyes and a dart penetrated Ah Da’s right hand wrist.
Ah Da Thief’s heart is immortal. His wrist was shot through, and he even wanted to reach for his right hand dagger with his left hand. At this juncture, a figure rushed to Ah Da and kicked him in the abdomen.
This shot was made by Chen Hu Chen Hu, whose martial arts were unfathomable, and Zhou Yi, so Ada flew out and hit the steel pipe of the small iron house as if he had been hit by a heavy car.
Ah Da immediately breathed his last and couldn’t die again.
Zhou Jun rushed into the small iron house and hugged Zhou Qing Di. At this time, his face was full of tears. Maybe he didn’t expect to see his father again in his life.
"Why are you crying? Hurry up and give you the old unlock chain."
Zhou Qingdi laughed.
Zhouyi also entered the small iron house at this time. He got the chain key from Ah Dashen to unlock Zhou Qing Di.
Zhou Qing Di’s hands and feet are fetters, which add up to at least 100 Jin of Zhouyi. There are actually ten chains while locking.
Finally, Zhou Qing Di was beaten in the shackles department. Zhou Qing Di threw those shackles and strode out of the small iron house. He was covered in injuries and remained so calm.
"The trapped dragon is out!"
Zhouyi to Zhou Qing Di walked out of the small iron house and thought of these four words. Zhou Qingdi is a trapped dragon, but now he has regained his murderous look since Chapter 63.
After Zhouyi and Xiaoxiao joined hands to save Emperor Zhou Qing, Xiaoxiao’s affection for Zhouyi increased by one point. She and Zhouyi were just like a pair of partners who had been together for many years.
This is very rare. If the special police force and Guoan want to find a suitable partner, it often takes several years to run in, train together, and even live together to cultivate enough tacit understanding and letters. However, Zhou Yi and she have known each other for a short time, and they have not trained, but when they join hands, they are as tacit as one person.
"It’s not bad if I have such a partner. Maybe my safety will be much higher when I execute it."
Xiaoxiao thought that even powerful women are eager to have men to protect and care for them. Xiaoxiao was distracted for a while.