"Dad, be careful" Tengqingshan couldn’t help saying that he could see that this kind of fight is likely to lead to death.

"Rest assured to see your dad tidy up that guy" TengYongFan smiled.
"Brother Fan, don’t be careless." Mother Yuan Lan also looked at her husband anxiously.
Teng Yongfan nodded and immediately greeted many people around him.
"Teng Guzhuang, Teng Yongfan, Li Jiazhuang and Li Liang, please enter the war circle" Lang Dao, a silver-haired old man with crutches.
"Afan gave me a good beating of that Li Liang" family master’ Teng Yongxiang’ couldn’t help but say.
Teng Yongfan smiled and entered the war circle.
"Ha ha Teng Yongfan has long wanted to fight with you, but you have been camping in your Tengjiazhuang all day while the iron is hot. Today, I will let you see my Li Liang Iron Fist." The great Hu Menghan’ Li Liang’ laughed and suddenly took off his clothes and threw it and strode into the circle of war.
Li Liangshen’s hair is very developed, his chest is dark and his chest hair is very thick.
"Well, let me see your iron fist." Teng Yongfan smiled and threw a cloth to reveal his lean body. Teng Yongfan’s shoulder and back were extremely muscular, and his back and shoulders seemed to have a pair of wings hidden on his face. His thick arms were comparable to teenagers’ thighs.
Teng Qingshan’s eyes lit up. "Although Dad rarely starts work, his arms have reached a terrible level while the iron is hot for years."
Have more confidence in my father Teng Qingshan.
It is a two-person battle that requires improvisation in addition to strength.
"Two," said the silver-haired old man on crutches.
"please" and "please!"
Father Teng Yongfan and the Li Liang surrendered at the same time and then both retreated slightly to observe their opponents carefully.
"Li Liang, didn’t you say let me see your iron fist?" Teng Yongfan laughed and strode forward to be overbearing.
"Hum" Li Liang sneer at a flash from the side near the fists has been gaining momentum when near TengYongFan moment right fist mercilessly toward TengYongFan JianWo position.
"Ha ha ….." See TengYongFan casually with a wave of his left hand will Li Liang that one punch to swing aside conveniently TengYongFan is a straight punch.
Li Liang’s left hand has long been blocked.
"Peng!" As dull as beating a drum.
Teng Yongfan hit Li Liang’s left hand with a straight punch, and the speed hardly changed, and then hit Li Liang’s chest.
"Hey!" Broken bones, Li Liang felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then the whole person flew up and fell out of the circle directly.
There was silence!
No one thought that Li Jiazhuang’s instructor’ Li Liang’ was beaten by Teng Yongfan in one round, and his strength was not the same.
"Brother Fan is good!"
"Brother Fan!"
There was a cheer on Tengjiazhuang’s side, and everyone shouted and was very excited.
Li Liang!’
Many talents in Li Jiazhuang woke up and rushed over.
"Don’t worry," Teng Yongfan said, "I finally collected three components, and this Li Liang still won’t die." Then Teng Yongfan smiled and went to his wife, Yuan Lan, and his son, Teng Qingshan, and picked up Teng Qingshan’s pet tunnel. "How’s your dad?"
"awesome!" Tengqingshan smiled and gave a thumbs-up
The scene of a child giving a thumbs-up made many people in Tengjiazhuang laugh. Obviously, Tengyongfan’s overwhelming victory made Tengjiazhuang people very happy.
And many people in Li Jiazhuang are dumbfounded. This Teng Yongfan is too strong. They have seen with their own eyes that their master’ Li Liang’ can lift 700 kilograms of boulders. The arm strength is so strong, but there is no resistance in front of Teng Yongfan. How strong is Teng Yongfan?
"Not the kui is a Tengjiazhuang patriarch who is always a good boy" Watching Li Jiazhuang patriarch’ Li Huojun’ laughed.
"Ha ha" TengYunLong is satisfiedly smiled.
Teng Yongfan is naturally proud of his son-in-law and proud brother.
"Jinfu is ready." Li Huojun took a hint of pride. Li Jiazhuang’s third appearance was called Li Jinfu.