As soon as the man at the door came here, he heard her words and immediately froze.

"What did I cheat you 44 Chapter 44 Lovely and stupid I also like it.
Chicken shallow shake a almost no soft legs.
It’s so sour for grandma to speak ill of people behind their backs and be caught red-handed!
"Why are you so elusive?"
Phoenix shallow turned a face of security to stare at him.
Jun Moying somehow didn’t know where he provoked her. She was fine last night. Why did it suddenly happen like this?
Is it too much and now my back is sore?
Phoenix shallow goose bumps by his strange eyes, for fear that he would say something inappropriate for children in front of Dongyang to catch a glimpse of Dongyang.
Fortunately, dongyang had the insight to see her son, so he took the initiative to go out and left her with a bright smile before he left.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
Phoenix shallow think this girl really who is bad …
I used to be a smart, virtuous and decent girl …
"What’s the matter with backache?" Jun Moying walked up to her as he spoke, and gently held out his left hand and held her in his arms, while his right hand put aside her waist and rubbed it for her.
Feng shallow "ah" screamed out "Jun Moying, what are you doing!"
She’s ticklish. This man even scratched her waist!
Before dongyang finished quitting, he heard the sudden arrival of such a red-faced scream in the temple, and immediately he fled in shame and seemed to rush out.
Jun Mo-ying looked at Feng’s shallow and dense eyes with something of koo. "Isn’t it backache?"
"Who told you that my back is sore!" Fung-shallow is going crazy.
Look at him now, and then associate him with that strange expression he just had. It’s not stupid. Of course, I’ve guessed what he meant by "backache" and I’ve made a big blush.
This fellow is so obscene and abnormal!
Not pure at all!
Jun Mo Ying squeezed her red face and phoenix eyes with great pleasure. "What’s the matter with that?" I think your opinion on me seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and you even say that I am cheating in front of the girl. "
Phoenix is shallow and talkative.
Why is this man so excited about something that sounds so serious?
Doesn’t she have a big opinion of him? Shouldn’t he reflect on it?
"You lied to me!" Feng Shao pursed her lips and gave him a discontented push. "Back to you, you told me that Dong Yang’s needlework would take more than ten years to embroider something, but I just asked Dong Yang that she learned it in seven days!"
Jun Mo Ying suddenly realized.
He picked his eyebrows and hugged her to prevent her from earning a living. "I have heard that there are professional skills in succession, even if they learn it in seven days, it will be like a little thing who doesn’t rely on this to eat."
"… words don’t say that" phoenix shallow injustice to absorb a nose "I think it reflects my clumsy in a sense"
"Not afraid …" He laughed.
Phoenix shallow he took to say something like "don’t abandon" and looked up at him eagerly.
But I don’t want a man to smile with a hook in his mouth. "Anyway, the brain is more stupid and fits you just right."
"… Jun Mo Ying, you king egg!"
The man laughed happily a few times.
Good half ring to see her eyes are red with anger is a miserable but full of resentment to stare at him, this just gathered a smile, her forehead kissed her on the back and coaxed, "I like it no matter how good and stupid I am."
"Tell me why you suddenly thought of learning this?"
This attitude of having to learn is not like killing time by chatting.
At last, the ten watch is full. Chapter 443 Where can you talk nonsense about such a thing?