Zhuo Qiang hurriedly found a big snakeskin bag and put the box of gold coins in it. He threw it into the sea along the bow.

A 618 light patrol boat slowly approached the Long Yun. Zhuo Qiang recognized the boat number as belonging to the second detachment of Nanxi Marine Police of Beihai Frontier Defense Corps. It seems that it was specially aimed at himself.
A dozen armed police armed with assault machines arrived at the Long Yun and pointed their guns at Zhuo Qiang in the dark.
"We have received information that you have guns and drugs hidden in this ship. We are ordered to search and ask you to cooperate!" A leading officer Su said
Zhuo Qiang heard it so quickly! It was only last night, and today it came to the door!
He spread his hand. "If you search, search for me one by one. Where did the fishermen get guns?"
That heavy machine gun hides on an independent closed deck, and they can’t find it unless they pry it up. Besides, this special material deck is not so easy to pry up.
Unless they are absolutely sure that the ship has guns, they will definitely not smash their fishing boats by force.
This dozen armed police, except two, continue to guard Zhuo Qiang with guns, and three of them look around in several boats.
Liu Xiaolei had already stopped working with Ye Chuchu and chatted with Ye Chuchu in a small way. Zhuoqiang was staring at all this coldly with a cigarette in his mouth.
Hu Yonghua’s power is so great that it is really a bit wrong to think that the frontier detachment has its own front.
In this case, we must find a way to get rid of this dangerous person as soon as possible, otherwise we will have to live in fear every day.
The officer watched Zhuo Qiang from time to time. He didn’t look like a ghost in his heart. He was a little unsure about today and this time.
At this time, there was another engine rumbling from far and near, and a catamaran stealth patrol boat came over.
Long Yun’s brain won’t warn when there are outsiders on board. The secret of Long Yun is the most important.
Zhuo Qiang turned to look at the patrol boat and saw that the number was the one that appeared when it collided with the ship.
How lively it is! I don’t know what this naval high-performance patrol boat is doing here, but it’s always here to search for other ships’ arms!
It was the same time that the officer, with two men, also arrived at the Long Yun, looking at these marine police strangely.
Marine police officers and naval officers said hello to each other. Although both of them are commandant ranks, the gold content of the navy is obviously higher, and the attitude of the marine police officers is a bit low.
At present, the navy is the most important service in Daxia except the Second Artillery Corps. In modern warfare, the navy is bound to be the first line. If the navy is disabled, the result of the war will be self-evident.
Two people exchanged names. Zhuo Qiang heard that the marine police officer was called Gao Shengjie and the boat officer was called Tang Jinguang.
Gao Shengjie said that he came here to get orders to search for weapons, while Tang Jinguang said that he was on a routine patrol and stopped by to see his old friends.
Although Tang Jinguang didn’t say which old friend to visit, Gao Shengjie’s old friend is this fishing boat.
How could a naval officer be friends with a fisherman? Gao Shengjie was puzzled, but when he heard Tang Jinguang say a word, he naturally became white.
"When I collided with Annan’s ship, the ship didn’t find any weapons. How could it send you to search again? Think about it, even if you have weapons, you will have thrown them into the sea long ago. You won’t be stupid enough to wait for you to search again! "
Gao Shengjie realized that this boat was the one that sank the Annan gunboat!
Look at Zhuo Qiang again. It really looks like the young fisherman in that broadcast video.
What is this!
He knows that some departments have spoken, but this ship is unarmed, and he has come to check it himself. Isn’t that nothing to find trouble?
Even if it is found that there is a weapon, it is a slap in the face! Besides, it’s even more troublesome when foreign affairs are involved.
Another point is that I really admire the fisherman who sank the Annan gunboat! A border guard is also a soldier. It is impossible for him to have a bad impression on such a warm-blooded young man.
"What a good thing this deputy team Sun found for himself today!" Gao Shengjie secretly annoyed.
"Close the team!" Gao Shengjie made a sign.
Tang Jinguang said goodbye to Gao Shengjie. When Gao Shengjie left, he also shook hands with Zhuo Qiang and apologized, saying that this was a misunderstanding and then returned to their boat with people and waved away.
Zhuo Qiang looked back at Tang Jinguang after the patrol boat left. He didn’t believe that Tang Jinguang passed by by accident, but if he did it on purpose, what was the purpose?
Tang Jinguang smiled and said, "Don’t think about it. I happened to pass by here today. When I saw your boat, I came to see our heroic fishermen in Daxia!"